ZTX Announces Exclusive Digital Wearables Collection with Dust Labs

A virtual world ZTX has just announced a special, one of a kind wearables collection in collaboration with Dust Labs – an innovative startup that was behind the launch of DeGods and y00ts. With the launched collection, ZTX plans to offer exclusive, branded wearables that users can access through the ZTX Avatar Builder – a web app where users can create customizable 3D avatars as their “online persona” and use it throughout the ZTX 3D virtual world.

Through the announced partnership with Dust Labs, ZTX will allow DeGods holders to claim DeGods-branded items such as hoodies and sweatpants that they can use in the Avatar Builder. The function will be featured in the ZTX virtual world and will incentivize users – it will reward community members with a number of 3D virtual assets. 

Commenting on the partnership and the launch, ZTX Co-CEO Chris Jang said that it signifies the first of many community initiatives that the company will be taking to enhance opportunities and “build advanced functionalities for creators and users over the months and years to come.” 

Dust Labs CEO Kevin Henrikson added that this collaboration is a testament to Dust Labs’  global ambitions. “We are enhancing the utility of the DeGods collection and opening new doors of opportunity and innovation for collectibles and digital assets of all kinds by offering our community members unique digital assets such as partner wearables and are creating immersive experiences for token holders that truly set our offerings apart,” he said

By customizing wearables through seamless applications and by building community traction ZTX allows digital collections to expand their digital footprints without the need to build their own  apps. After this first partner wearables collection launch ZTX says it will announce the private beta of its 3D open-world application and Genesis Home Mint – a collection of “4,000 bespoke 3D homes” that have many unique features for users – including earning income, access to future drops, games and many other.

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