XRP Price Predictions Look Unexciting for the Rest of the Year, These 5 Coins Will Bring Higher Returns

XRP is an excellent blue-chip crypto. No doubt about that. If you’re aiming for 10-15% annual returns on your investment, XRP is one of the best cryptocurrencies to go for. But with a market cap of $21.9B, XRP is heavily saturated. 

So, there is no point holding the coin for multifold returns that the crypto market is widely popular for. XRP can’t turn your meager savings into a fortune. The time is ripe for XRP investors to diversify their portfolio with cryptocurrencies that have a larger room for growth and expansion. 

XRP 1-year price overview, 9 May 2023, source: CoinMarketCap

1. AiDoge – Meme Coin with 100X Explosive Potential 

The best cryptocurrency to buy now for exponential returns is AiDoge. The meme coin is awaiting an explosive bull run on its exchange launches. The AiDoge presale has raised $4.35M within days of going live, strengthening the bullish predictions.

AiDoge taps into the brand value of Dogecoin, but that doesn’t explain why it is trending across crypto communities. Both new and seasoned investors of all scales are grabbing the token at discounted prices in anticipation of high returns later this year. According to industry analysts, AiDoge can book anywhere from 80X to 100X returns by the last quarter of 2023, according to analysts who have been following the token presale. 

A top 3 meme coin in the making 

AiDoge has the potential to become the top 3 meme coin toward the end of the year in terms of market cap. Here is why. 

To begin with, the AI token derives most of its value from an AI-based meme coin generator that converts text prompts into ready-to-publish memes within minutes. AiDoge’s recipe for success combines the three hottest trends of the internet – memes, meme coins, and AI.

Here is another interesting aspect. The meme coin encourages memers to turn their passion for memes into an excellent source of additional income. The meme-to-earn reward system, unique to the platform, is designed to drive creativity and innovation. If your meme wins the approval of platform users, you can climb the monthly leaderboard and earn rewards from the ecosystem based on the votes you get. 

This is how it works

AiDoge will publicly display the top memes created using the native meme generator on a virtual wall. Anyone can have their memes hung here for anyone to see and take inspiration from. 

The virtual wall will be an excellent place to discover the hottest new memes that belong to different niches. Memes, being an integral element of popular culture, have a larger mass appeal when compared to games. That allows the meme-to-earn platform to penetrate a larger user base than popular crypto gaming platforms. 

We can expect large traffic to the platform upon the release of the meme generator. A visitor can use different filters to navigate the virtual gallery of memes and search efficiently. In addition, he/she can cast votes for their favourite memes. The votes will decide which memes and meme creators should enter the monthly leaderboard. 

Creators of the memes that receive the highest votes in a month are rewarded with attractive $AI tokens. As the traffic to the meme generator increases, so will the competition and the prize pool. It will also motivate participants to push their creative frontiers and launch high-quality memes. 

Since the leaderboard is revised every month, newcomers have a chance to prove their worth and climb to the top of the ladder. Massive datasets of memes and crypto news train the algorithm to generate time-relevant memes. 

How to buy AiDoge for a discount?

It’s best not to wait till the token launch and exchange listings to buy AiDoge. The ongoing presale opens the best gateway to the project. It is selling for heavily discounted prices and goes through a gradual increase as the presale moves to the higher phases. Unlike popular and established meme coins, $AI has a large room for growth.

The fact that the token has a tiny initial market cap when compared to competitors also gives it a strong edge in the market. Since the fast-growing interest in the project hints at an early sell-out, you should act earlier to grab the tokens at the presale prices. 


2. Launchpad XYZ  – The Best Utility Token of 2023

If meme coins don’t excite you, you should look into $LPX – the native crypto of a large ecosystem for Web 3.0 investors. Launchpad XYZ is driven by the mission to onboard the next 10M users to Web 3.0 by helping them maximize their yields. 

The platform has a wide range of tools and solutions for people who want to enter Web 3.0, but don’t know how to go about it. The range of topics covered on the platform includes:

  • Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)
  • Fractionalized assets
  • Utility tokens
  • Web3 presales
  • Play-to-earn gaming hub
  • Metaverse experience library
  • Web3 wallet
  • Trading terminal
  • Launchpad quotient (LQ)
  • Al search

If we look at the growing number of projects that lower the industry’s entry barriers, Launchpad XYZ is at the forefront. The best part about Launchpad XYZ is that it not only gives you a closer look into Web 3.0, but also helps you take advantage of high-yield opportunities in various crypto sectors. It employs a bespoke A.l. tool called Launchpad Quotient which will ascertain emerging patterns and alert users if an asset moves into their risk profile.

The high market relevance of Launchpad XYZ makes $LPX an excellent investment this year. Similar to XRP, LPX derives its primary value from its utility. But it can fetch higher returns of up to 20X as it is an emerging token. Launchpad XYZ is now hosting the presale LPX, allowing investors and potential users to procure the tokens for a discount. The bull runs on the token listing will make it an expensive purchase later this year. 


3. yPredict – When AI Brings More Certainty to Crypto Price Predictions 

Another sizzling hot utility token has seized the market’s attention with a spectacular AI-based trading research and analysis platform. It powers the world’s first “All-in-One” AI ecosystem dedicated to investors and traders. 

yPredict’s primary user base includes traders and investors. Its relevance is underscored by the fact that crypto price predictions are getting more difficult by the day. AIs and bots are the culprits as they infiltrated the market and adulterated its price structure. Sometimes they can be manipulative too, if the flimsy projects that have come to the forefront in recent times are any sign. 

yPredict tackles the problem by allowing users to subscribe to data-driven insights, proven analytic metrics, and predictive marketplace trends on a monthly basis. The DAO-curated financial prediction methods and metrics are developed by highly qualified data scientists and AI developers. 

The key pillars of the yPredict ecosystem are its marketplace, trading tools, trading terminal, and high APY staking pools. Developers can monetize their skills without dealing with intermediaries using the platform. Traders, on the other hand, can boost their profitability using the robust AI solutions. 

$YPRED’s tiny initial market cap of $6M gives it more width for growth, when compared to established cryptocurrencies like XRP. 


4. Pepe – Crypto Sensation with Plenty of Steam Left

Next on our list is PEPE, the deflationary meme coin that has been trending across crypto communities. Created as a tribute to the Pepe the Frog internet meme, it has become the top 3 meme coin in terms of market cap. 

Pepe 1-month price overview, 9 May 2023, source: CoinMarketCap 

At one point, the market cap hit $1.6 billion, minting millionaires out of early holders and copycats. Although the current 800M market cap gives the coin less room for growth, it can give you anywhere up to 20-25% returns if the project manages to retain the momentum. 

5. SpongeBob Token  – Meme Coin That Will Outperform PEPE this Month

The latest meme coin to kindle a frenzy of explosive meme coin action, SPONGE is an excellent buy now. If you missed out on the PEPE craze, here is your next chance. 

The project drives the love for the SpongeBob SquarePants TV show and its characters into the meme coin hype, becoming a global phenomenon overnight. SPONGE’s jump to a $40M market cap is spectacular. But it can do even better. While PEPE can give you 25% returns on reaching a $1B market cap, SPONGE can give you 25X returns. 

SPONGE V3 Pool Info, 9 May 2023

SPONGE’s large share of locked liquidity rules out chances of rug pulls and adds credibility to the project. A Binance listing is due for the token any day. The best time to enter the meme coin is now as it is cooling off ahead of the upcoming tier-1 exchange listings that have yet to be announced. 


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