Top 7 Web 3.0 Crypto Altcoins With Absurd Potential

The worst feeling in crypto is getting Tricked by hackers into giving up your Private information not fun privacy and Self-custody are more important than Ever and especially if you have your Toes dipped into cryptocurrency but Luckily there's something that keeps Your activity and identity private while You browse stream email download or even Access your browser extension wallets Wallets like metamask and that is Nordvpn what we like best about the Nordvpn app is that it's the fastest and Lets you connect up to six different Devices which means you stay protected No matter what on your computers on your Phones even on your tablets and right Now they have this special going on you Can get four months free on their Current two-year plan all you have to do Is sign up using the following URL Altcoin buzz and use the code altcoin Buzz plus it is totally risk free Because Nord offers is a 30-day Money-back guarantee and it's very easy To log in here are four simple steps Number one click on this altcoin Buzz Exclusive link and then click use coupon Code number two you need to choose the Plan you want to buy and click buy now Number three is where you set up your Account using your email ID and as you Can see the coupon code has been applied

And with that you are getting a 64 Discount and then number four once your Account is confirmed you can set up your Own VPN on Android iOS Mac OS and Windows so sign up for nordvpn today the Link and further information can be Found in the description of this video Use that guys and take back control of Your privacy it feels good to do so Web3 is kind of a loaded term it can Mean a lot of things to a lot of Different people so instead of trying to Define it I'm going to talk about three Main themes in web3 that we feel are Worth watching I don't care what you Call it call it web 15 if you want but Look we are full of alpha in today's Video and just right up front the main Themes are one modular scalable Blockchains two easy wallet user Interface to increase adoption Especially by the way through mobile Native apps and three cross chain Interoperability these are three big Themes of the future and we have not one Not two not three not four not five but Seven coins that hit on one or maybe More of these major themes and if you're Curious and want to know what they are Then stick around we are discussing Seven crucially important web 3 altcoin Projects in today's video [Music] Foreign

[Music] My name is Maddie and this is altcoin Buzz we are a crypto investment research Company best of luck as always if you Choose to invest but guys I am not an Official Financial or investment advisor So look take this video to be Informative in nature hopefully it is For you but don't consider it to be Official Financial or investment advice It's not with that being said let's Launch into our web3 coin number one it Is polka dot ticker D-o-t first a bit of background here so Web3 is bringing some pretty important Changes to web users you may already Know about these but in case you don't These represent very important ideas Like more decentralization more privacy And maybe I'm most excited about more Censorship resistant platforms that one To me is especially a big deal but all Of these are very important and they're Starting to take hold and they're Finding an audience these have all kinds Of applications just check out this huge Leak of Celsius customer data from last Week but it goes well beyond that as Well we have increasing Trends toward Authoritarianism in governments and Therefore a lot more people are a lot More excited all of a sudden about the Prospect of privacy and these concepts Are vital because the idea of you owning

Your data and your followers that's Instead of Facebook or YouTube being Able to shut down your account at a Moment's notice that kind of Novel Thinking is very important and so with That in mind we like polka dot because Dot is a leader in one of our favorite Categories the layer zero or build out Your blockchain here category and I like A few in this category dot is not the Only layer zero on our list here but Some things we like about it are the Fact that number one the crowd loan and Staking system to pledge for a pair of Chain gives lots of utility to the dot Token which means people have to stick It hold it and pledge it for their Project to get a pair of chain slot Secondly the staking percentage is high 51 are sticking it now and most of these Stickers are long-term hodlers as well So they represent Believers in the Project and we also think that the room For growth here is enormous the only Real knock on polka dot is that they Aren't growing fast enough but we think They're building well they're building Right and the returns from that are Going to be coming at one point or Another moving right along now let's Discuss modular blockchains because the Idea of having a blockchain that's easy To create and build out apps and Ecosystems is really one of the biggest

Themes of web3 and layer zeros like Polka dot are a natural project to fit This category and we like them so much That we have a second layer Zero by the Way which is the leader in this category Cosmos whose ticker is atom atom now Cosmos has more blockchain ecosystems Really than any other just some of them Include BNB coin and Beacon chain Terra Luna classic and the new Luna Cava secret and many others and their Tools for building out a blockchain have Created billions of dollars of web3 and Crypto value but right up until now There's been a big question about Cosmos And it's Adam token how does Adam Benefit from all this well unlike dot Where every project has to stake and Hold it that's just not the case for Adam that is it wasn't true in the past But things seem to be changing because Cosmos is atom 2.0 white paper if Adopted will actually bring lots of Extra utility to Adam all projects will Have to hold at least some to pay for Interchange security we did a cosmos Update video recently featuring this new Updated white paper and what it's going To mean for Adam hodlers we are very Bullish on it and if you're similarly Bullish on layer 0 protocols like Dot And maybe Adam maybe have a different Favorite than us let us know in the Comments below but we feel there is so

Much potential in this space it's not Even funny web 3 coin number three on Our list is polygon ticker Matic it's Another one of our favorites and I don't Think personally you can be bullish on Ethereum and not bullish on layer 2 Solutions for it because layer 2 is Going to stay vital to the ecosystem for A pretty long time to come even with the Merge completed and the Undisputed Leader of layer 2 is of course polygon They have their own chain that's a side Chain of eth they're making great Acquisitions like Hermes for example to Add to their zero knowledge or ZK Protocol portfolios and they use almost Every technology which is a quality L2 Needs whether ZK or snarks or Roll-Ups They are quickly becoming a fast Inexpensive home for games as well and Games are one of the fastest growing Sectors in the industry check out this Video from the other day if you haven't Watched our top four games for October 2022 and the crypto metaverse yet so Polygon continues to make great Strategic decisions and it's also Increasing its influence in the market Moving right along to web3 coin number Four we have fuse this is a project in The open source money area and fuse Network is one of our altcoin Buzz small Cap gems their goal is to enable the Creation of new tokens as easily as

Possible and they have their own stable Coin FUSD and their native token fuse F-u-s-e in their fuse Studio they even Have a no code option so that Entrepreneurs can create their own Tokens that include Fiat on-ramps and It's pretty cool again no coding is Necessary which means a business can Create a loyalty token or something else Worthy of an exchange and this opens up All kinds of options depending on what It is you want to generate and one thing That fuse has that we really like is its Mobile Wallet app because it's simple It's clean and they're trying to bring Real world utility by having a simple PayPal Style app for moving money around This is critical because like Blockchains being modular really another Big web 3 theme is mobile friendly or Mobile first utility and fuse offers That coin number five on our list Another one on the mobile theme is silo In fact they are so mobile Centric they Use phone numbers as public wallet keys Because they want to make moving crypto As easy over the phone as p people do With PayPal and venmo Silo also has a Stablecoin c USD and others by the way And they make it easy for developers to Issue tokens on their compatible evm Chain and Silo is big in the cross chain Interoperability side of the industry Both within their chain and their

Popular Silo Bridge linking a few chains With Silo really very few chains are so Heavily invested in Mobile and it also Offers a great user experience plus celo Has been around since 2017 so they Aren't some new kid on the Block either Mobile really is an underrepresented Part of the crypto economy right now but If you think Like I Do by the way that Mobile will catch up eventually then Silo is definitely worth a look there Are other crypto projects out there that Focus on mobile if you have another Favorite if you have another one that You would suggest we perhaps add to the List let us know in the comments below Maybe we'll even feature it in a future Video next up on our list and at coin Number six is one we've been talking About quite a bit lately locks so which Is bridging physical consumer goods with Digital Goods like nfts through their Blockchain and you should definitely Check out our gem report for exactly why We like Luxo as much as we do but to sum It up for you here first of all the Pedigree is fantastic the team has one Of the creators of the erc20 token Standard as its founder they also have Big Brand advisors and these include Executives from Nike Chanel and Instagram and that's great strategic Partnering for a consumer-based Blockchain like Luxo and finally the

Work that they're doing around identity Is very impressive because they're Working hard to solve the decentralized Identity issue especially for creators Who are going to use their platform and So while there are a few projects Targeting the Creator economy we think That there will probably be several Winners but certainly that Luxo is Positioning itself to be one of them all Right rounding out the list here and at Coin number seven we have ZK sync this Is another other player in the ethereum Layer 2 side of the industry which is by The way another theme we have here along With mobile and modular and easily Customized blockchains the ZK as we said Before on polygon that stands for zero Knowledge and this is one of the most Popular ways to run a layer 2 and keep It secure so the ZK Roll-Ups method is a Popular way to set up an eth layer 2. And we did a video on this subject in December and included ZK sync as one of Our favorites at that time and the good News is that you are still seriously Early when it comes to this project but The bad news is that they haven't Launched their token yet however an Airdrop is in the works you can make Yourself eligible for that airdrop by Using one of the damps in their Ecosystem wallets in test net more Information can be found on this page

We're on and that's it three Big themes and seven coins really from Large caps all the way down to such Small cap projects that they're ready to Have their token generation event so Quite a spectrum here the question is Which one of these coins do you like Most for the future of web 3. and if you Like this kind of alpha then our altcoin Buzz access group is definitely for you That's where you get all of our research Really hot off the press and you can Talk to the researchers themselves Directly and see why they prefer project Aid over Project B over what kind of Time frame check it out guys information Can be found by clicking the link in the Description of this video so best of Luck if you choose to invest but once Again Never official Financial or Investment advice be sure to like Subscribe share and hit the Bell to Receive notifications check out these Other couple of videos they are popping Up to my left to my right stay safe out There members of the altcoin buzz Army Have a great weekend and as always we do Hope to see you again soon in our next Video take care