Top 5 Weekly Altcoins: Zilliqa ZIL, Terra LUNA and More ?

Both crypto and the stock market seem to Be almost melting down together In tandem lately there's no sugar Coating we've had a rough few days And most crypto coins are showing maybe A 10 even 20 Loss yes some have managed smaller Losses it's true But some are still bleeding in short Green candles are rare in today's chart You can see on the seven week Perspective here you have a whole bunch Of projects that are down 20 25 even 30 Plus percent but honestly we're keeping Our cool and so should you corrections Are part of the game they are part and Parcel of any cryptocurrency landscape Never financial advice but it's probably Better to hold and not panic sell Because there's still a lot of Opportunities for positivity as we've Been seeing actually recently one of the Better performers recently has been near Protocol amidst all the carnage and that Really does become the key to determine Okay given everything that's happened Where are the opportunities what are the Projects that have important stuff They're upcoming and even among a General market weakness in crypto what Individual projects are looking Particularly strong based on their Patterns and to that end we've Identified five hidden gem altcoins that

We're going to discuss they will do some Technical analysis and price predictions As well so stay tuned [Music] [Music] My name is maddie this is altcoin buzz We are a crypto investment research Company we have documented many 100x Returns on coins and tokens that are top Projects today really before anyone else Was even talking about them and if you Want to see our detailed process for Researching such projects then our new And improved altcoin buzz access group Is for you our plans start at 99 Monthly be sure to click the link below For more information friendly reminder Any kind of investment entails Corresponding risk and we're just Expressing our opinions here yes some of These strategies are the ones that we Ourselves are directly employing but be That as it may you should not consider This video to be official financial or Investment advice okay at coin number One and we teased it just a moment ago We have to discuss nir protocol it's our First one for this week and it's been in The spotlight recently because the near Token value almost doubled at one point By the way check out our very recent Price prediction and technical analysis Piece a video that we just recently Published for more detail on this

Particular subject but in essence three Events have secured this project's place Here at number one on our list firstly They raised 350 million dollars in a Funding round no small feat tiger global Actually led this particular round Zorran cole is the person behind the Crypto insiders telegram group and he Revealed some interesting news about nir So come april 20th nier will launch its Native stable coin this is going to be The usn coin and it is algorithmic and According to zoran they'll offer a 20 Apr this is going to attract money into Their ecosystem and as a result they're Going to become direct competitors with Terra luna the anchor protocol currently Offers 19.5 percent apr and furthermore zoran Also stated that coinbase will list near Token soon In turn this will allow nir and their Nfts to get listed on coinbase's nft Marketplace however the release of this Nft marketplace is still pending it's All very exciting news and it reflected Accordingly with the near token on a day Where really as we've seen everything Else seems to be down near near is up Over 10 On the day and has also performed well Over the last few weeks over the last 14 Days the token saw an approximate 20 Price increase and over the last month

That is 30 days it went up by about 54 In a year the token increased by 143.5 In value time now for our technical Analysis of the near token with more Specifics this of course as always is Based on fibonacci analysis here's the Bullish scenario so near broke the Bearish downtrend line on the lower time Frame so we're talking now four hour Candles and is trading above the support Zone of 14 if it stays above this zone And the resistance level of 17.95 Is broken that's where we could start Seeing a move towards 20 60 cents 23.80 And further north but here's the bearish Scenario which always must be considered Near has been in an uptrend channel in These last few weeks but there are some Possibilities that could spell a Downtrend failure for example to hold The support at 11.50 And then especially breaking below 9.60 Could lead to a drop towards 760 and Further once again if you're looking for A more detailed technical analysis of Near protocol check out the video posted Earlier today by frank we talk about its Historic price indicator that's been Identified in the near charts and we Express whether or not we're optimistic Or not for the medium to long term coin Number two is elrond an old favorite of The channel in fact one that we haven't Talked about in a little while but

Nonetheless remains really a perennial Favorite of altcoin buzz we're talking Elrond e g l d it's known as the king of Sharding by offering all kinds of Different sharding variations and as a Result elrond promises to improve Scalability it is also a pos that's Proof of stake chain and charting Enables elrond to deliver a throughput Of a massively impressive 12 500 tps that's 12 500 transactions per Second and another notable point about Elrond is that it uses a unique Mechanism to ensure network safety so it Changes the validators every five Seconds or after each new block so that No validator can manipulate the network And the egld token seems to be a bit Under the weather lately but we did find Some important updates that could lead To some more positive price movement to Begin with come april 15th the Metabonding claims of new tokens starts This is a bootstrapping product that Will help web 3.0 startups for instance It connects projects to the elrond Community so that's coming up pretty Quickly and to be even more specific the Metabonding will take place on the meyer Dex then we also must consider the Elrond ethereum bridge which is almost Complete and this is big because it'll Also connect other evm chains which will Bring new capital to the elrond

Ecosystem and we think it's going to Give an impulse to elrond's defy 2.0 Once more pointing out how important Cross chain is it's something of course That we've been harping on for a while And we really cannot understate the Importance of cross chain elrond also Announced its first stable swap de-x This is ash swap they're the ones Building this deck it's gonna offer a Tighter spread and in addition it'll Require a lot less liquidity which is a Welcome addition to the elrond ecosystem And then last but certainly not least The end of the second quarter this year 2022 is gonna see staking phase four Rolling out so let's be clear egld saw An 18.6 correction during the last 14 Days which is not ideal however last Month saw an overall increase of 16.2 So with that in mind here's our egld Technical analysis starting with the Bullish scenario egld is trading above The 151 Support level at the time of this Recording if it remains above that zone And the 181.80 Resistance level is broken that's where We see a move towards 215 94 250 360 and Above On the bearish side in these last few Days egld has been in a downtrend Channel so we're not out of the bearish Woods just yet

Failure to hold support at 151 1.5130 Could lead to a drop to 126.34 cents 103. and 60 cents and Potentially lower on to coin number Three none other than zilliqa which was Piping hot last month It's a project that you should not Overlook with a handsome 202 percent Increase in price it really did have Everybody's attention last month it was A star performer and we feel that at the Core of that positive price momentum was The launch of metapolis it's the Metaverse of all metaverses in a sense Putting zilliqa at this moment on top of The metaverse world Now maybe some would argue that there Are some other projects that could Surpass it but it's certainly an Ambitious endeavor And projects in this space are rewarded For being ambitious and rightfully so It's probably an understatement that This took the crypto space by surprise So here's a bit more background Information on that project on metapolis It is a metaverse as a service platform Which is the first of its kind in the World and as such it plays an important Part in bridging the physical and Digital gaps between those two worlds Furthermore jump starting metaverse as The next internet or at least that's the Goal as such it is an open platform

Offering a digital identity or a channel For business m-a-a-s in other words and It's gonna have land sales in the form Of nfts and you can trade can develop These or even lease them out if you so Choose and there's also plenty more to Do there's more to see there's more to Experience as a visitor or participant You can create avatars you can socialize You can take part in p2e that's play to Earn gaming you can also visit events Like concerts or fashion shows you can Use metapolify a d5 pool for lending Trading or staking for tokens as well as Nfts and you can join mixed reality Portals as well as take full advantage Of vr and ar that's virtual and Augmented reality respectively so this All gives you an idea of why zilliqa saw The price increase that it did a lot of Positivity a lot of hype right now Around this project rightfully so and We'll take a look now at silica's price Analysis we're looking of course at the Zill token z i l Here's the bullish scenario once again Based on fibonacci analysis zil may Retrace back to support levels of 10 Cents and since it has gained 400 plus Percent in price in these last few Months a retracement may be a reality Here we have to accept that after Retracements if zil manages to break Above the resistance level at about 14

Cents that's when it's gonna see a Bullish potential breakout above 17 Cents and that price level if it goes Beyond that with significant buying Volume that could lead to a move towards 20 cents and above on the bearish side Zill has been in an upward trend yes So we don't have a strong bearish bias Right now per se but you got to be ready For anything if the support level of 8 Cents doesn't hold that's where we could See a drop further down to five cents And potentially lower hopefully not but Potentially moving right along to coin Number four it's actually one of our Favorite crypto projects tara luna and The big engine behind this is tara Buying bitcoin as a backup for their ust Stablecoin up to 10 billion dollars in Btc That's something that many of us know About by now it's been in the news of Course however the luna foundation guard Just added a hundred million dollars Worth of avax avalanche to its reserves Furthermore there was also a 100 million Dollar treasury swap with tfl that's Terraform labs but besides just bitcoin This is the first big name crypto that's Added to the reserve this makes the pool Of assets supporting the ust peg more Diverse and probably more importantly Non-core related and another sample of Cross chain playing an important role as

Well because terra has recently Collaborated with avalanche which is Great to see and the whole avalanche Ecosystem presumably will benefit from This why not d5 protocols native to Terra are considering bridging into the Avalanche ecosystem tara and avalanche Are working together on a new gaming Subnet more details should be available Soon so this really does show the Importance of layer ones working Together there's so much more that's Possible that way and ust adoption in Avalanche is increasing so this much More than cements ust's position in the Market at least as we see it however is This perhaps an answer to the move by Near protocol as we mentioned earlier Perhaps And it could entice terra users to Choose luna over near we're going to Have a more detailed breakdown Of terra and the luna tokens Specifically coming up in a future video So stay tuned for that point number five Today is perhaps the one that you've not Yet heard of on this list it may be an Unfamiliar name boba network Boba is the ticker b-o-b-a it's the only Coin out of these five that's had green Candles in the last 7 14 and even 30 day period And if you haven't heard of it the boba Network improves the transaction

Capacity of eth it is a layer 2 solution That scales and augments the ethereum Chain and for this they use optimistic Roll-ups they're fairly new kids on the Block and really didn't launch until as Recently as august of 2021 but that's Okay one of their spear points is the Specialization on micro transactions the Gaming world of course uses these a lot And their recent upswing again the last 7 14 and 30 day periods have all been Green the recent upswing has three major Factors number one their recent series a Funding round raised 45 million dollars So investment firms and crypto related Projects alike participated infinite Capital and dreamers vc versus huobi and The graph and this fund will improve Their efforts to give the general public An easier accessibility to Cryptocurrency a second major factor is A new incentive program wag me or W-a-g-m-i-v-2 This is going to help their liquidity Mining and ecosystem growth furthermore They want to attract more developers of Course and active users will receive Wagnme rewards as of today april 12th We're going to see a new dual yield Liquidity mining pool on seller this Usdc boba pool has a 100 000 wag me and 114 000 seller reward and this program Will run throughout all of april out of 3 million dollars in boba rewards 2

Million dollars is for lps liquidity Pools and another 1 million dollars is In reserve The condition for releasing this fund is Simple oolong swap needs to reach 25 Million dollars in trading and the boba Network ecosystem did grow as a result Their tbl went up and it now sits at 712 million dollars so let's do a quick Technical analysis of boba based on Fibonacci in the last 30 days again it's Been very positive we saw a 44 increase So the bullish scenario considers that Boba is trading above the crucial 1.35 Support level and if it remains above This zone and the 1.55 resistance level Is broken then we're likely going to see A move towards 192. two dollars 20 cents And even 2.52 cents considering the bearish Possibilities boba has been in a Downtrend over these last few months not The last month but the last few months So we don't necessarily have a strong Bullish bias for the long term we got to Be careful because if the support level Of a dollar 35 doesn't hold that's where We're going to see a move downward Toward a dollar 16 cents 90 cents and perhaps lower so just as Always make sure your contingencies are In place hope for the best but plan for And even expect the worst there you have It members of the altcoin buzz army our

Top five picks for this week despite the Fact that it was a bloody one there are Still some bright points and some coins That have a lot of positive news again Near protocol and zilliqa have attracted A lot of attention they have some great Price runs that we've seen elrond is Staying in the spotlight with all its Initiatives and a pretty interesting Cooperation between tara luna and Avalanche is unfolding we expect big Things from that And we sign off by mentioning that some Good developments on the boba network Are probably worth your attention as Well never financial advice but of Course best of luck if you guys do Choose to invest if you're still Watching this video kudos be sure to Like subscribe share and hit the bell to Receive notifications check out these Other couple of videos of related Content that ought to be popping up Right about now stay safe out there Everybody members of the altcoin buzz Army be safe and as always we hope to See you again soon in our next video Take care You