Top 5 Weekly Altcoins: Cardano ADA, Solana SOL and More

Happy monday guys the market is starting To rev back up again and we’re seeing a Lot of action right now with altcoins in Particular it’s not uncommon over the Course of a few days or a week to see Gains to the tune of double digit Percentages or more we’re actually Seeing a lot of altcoins go as high as 50 in some cases you have exceptions you Have north of 50 returns over these last Few days and weeks so there’s definitely Something happening there’s an energy Right now that’s returning to the crypto Market and of course we are optimists Given a long enough time frame we are Very confident in a resurgence not only In cryptocurrency but for all coins Specifically and there are a lot of On-chain statistics right now that are Kind of tilting us towards a very Bullish perspective so with that in mind We’re gonna go through what some of Those statistics are we’re gonna Highlight five altcoins that we’re very Excited about for the week of april Fourth [Music] Welcome if you’re joining us for the First time my name is matty and this is Altcoin buzz we are a crypto investment Research company we’ve been in this Space now for over six years and have Been making investors very happy since All the way back in 2017.

We have documented many 100x returns on Coins and tokens that are top projects Today really before anyone else was even Talking about them and if you want to See our detailed process for researching Such projects then our new and improved Altcoin buzz access group is for you our Plans start at 99 Monthly be sure to click the link below For more information before we get into Our list a quick reminder that any kind Of investment has corresponding risk That you should be aware of so just Remember that none of this should be Considered official financial or Investment advice okay with all of that Being said let’s launch right into Today’s list and we have a bit of an Exception here at number one the first Altcoin a little bit of misdirection There it’s not really an altcoin at all It’s the og we’re talking about bitcoin Ticker btc and we have this at number One for good reason last friday saw the 19th million bitcoin mind think about That it took from january 2009 13 years Ago until now to get this far block 700 30 0002 that’s the one that had the Particular honors to mint the 19 million Bitcoin and as a result the mining crew Received 6.25 btc that’s what each mine Block issues in btc currently and the Next having as many of you guys know is Due in 2024 but the mining of the last

Remaining two million coins is gonna Take much longer it’s gonna take over a Hundred years in fact all the way until The year two thousand one hundred forty Obviously a big difference we don’t Often talk about bitcoin admittedly so We’re going to try to get the most out Of it here we’re also going to stay Positive with the btc news well-known Dutch twitter analyst michael vanderpop Claims that btc at 50k that’s 50 000 May be in the cards the last time we saw That was december 27th 2021 so a few Months ago it’s an option that is on the Table as long as btc can hold support Above 45k we’re looking here at the last Six months of bitcoin’s price Performance and by the way there’s a Rumor going around that apple is going To announce a purchase of 1.5 billion Dollars worth of bitcoin if that’s the Case we could very well see not only 50k But much higher in the near future but Look to be fair as you guys know this is Cryptocurrency and we cannot base Anything really on rumors there are a Lot of rumors in this space Some of which may be true but you can’t Necessarily bank on that you kind of Have to hope for the best but prepare For the worst and in that sense we don’t Expect anything but are cautiously Optimistic let’s talk about a price Prediction for btc here’s the bullish

Scenario btc is trading above the 44 674 Support level we might retest this level In the coming days and after the retest If the 47 thousand dollar resistance Level is broken we could very well see a Move to 49.4 51.5 and above all this is Based on fibonacci analysis but here’s The bearish scenario Over these last few weeks bitcoin has Been in an uptrend channel on a lower Time frame four hours daily etc but we Can’t ignore the bearish completely and So failure to hold the support at 43.5 And 42 286 could lead to a drop to 40 100 and possibly lower all right we move Now to coin number two cava K-a-v-a it’s our next pick it launched In 2019 in the d5 space and offers Lending and borrowing options we’ve done A bunch of videos on cava it’s one of Our favorites and in contrast to many Other projects they are not built on Ethereum they’re built on cosmos and Both kava and cosmos have been Unstoppable these last few weeks if you Haven’t already done so check out our Detailed video as to why cosmos is Really set to explode this year in 2022 As per our analysis but coming back to Kava it is a fast and interoperable Layer one chain because of cosmos but on Top of that they also have the developer

Power that ethereum provides so they Take the best really of two chains and Combine it in one chain to clarify they Use a cochain architecture tomorrow on The 5th of april cava is going to launch The eth beta bridge and the east Coaching beta that means cava will have The best of both worlds first eth Cochain will give access to evm smart Contracts and then cosmos cochain allows Using the tendermint consensus engine And with this beta bridge cav is going To start bridging to eth this should Have a pretty positive effect on an Already pumping cava k-a-v-a is the Token but let’s have a look at what our Ta has to say about it specifically Here’s the bullish scenario cama broke The bearish downtrend line on the higher Time frame such as daily and is trading Above the support zone of four dollars And one cent it’s currently at four Dollars and forty two cents and if it Stays above that four dollar zone and The resistance level at five dollars is Broken that’s when we could start seeing A move towards five dollars fifty cents 625 and above but the bearish flip side Scenario is as follows we’re seeing Early signs of strong bullish momentum But can’t ignore some potential negative Possibilities on higher time frames such As monthly candles kava is still in a Downtrend so failure to hold the support

At four dollars and breaking below 330 Could really lead to a precipitous drop Towards 260 and below point number three On our list today is a star older hands May still know them as plasm the Developers built the platform with the Parity substrate network that makes it Scalable and interoperable and after Winning the parachain auction slot in 2021 astar is now rapidly expanding its Ecosystem and the recent growth has Given astar the largest tvl total value Locked of all the polka dot parachains And helped it to become the eighth Ranked evm compatible chain by that Metric by tvl astar is a multi-chain Platform with smart contracts it Supports virtual machines on a variety Of blockchains and astar does this with Wasm and evm but the polka dot relay Chain is not supporting smart contracts So as a result astar takes this Opportunity with both hands to offer Smart contracts they’re going to be Clearing the way for web 3.0 development And consequently their smart contracts Are supporting defy nfts dows and Further their smart contracts connect Many l1 that’s layer one chains to polka Dot now all of this doesn’t really Explain the massive pump of the astra Token over the last 30 days the token Increased by a hundred percent a few Reasons that we can attribute the pump

To first of all there was a funding Round of 22 million dollars and their Ecosystem is also about to increase with 15 new projects plus the number of users Also has increased pretty significantly All of these factors kind of taken Together meant that tvl hit a new All-time high of 1.6 billion dollars and The fundraiser stands out because Institutional money joined as well so an Increase in new users for astar meant More tvl locked no surprise there but What we consider the most exciting news Are the 15 new projects that they’ve Added to the ecosystem look out for Astar season because it’s coming up with A lot of velocity the starlay finance Ideo is coming up astrid dao which is a Multi-collateral stable coin kagla Stable swap starbank a decentralized Investment platform these are just a few Of the projects that astra is adding in April alone now let’s consider the ta For astr on the bullish side of things It may retrace back to support levels of 18 or so cents it’s down 5 percent today At just below 21 cents for context and That retracement may occur because again It’s gained triple digit percentages in The last month alone so after Retracements if astr manages to break Above the resistance level at 27 cents Then it’s gonna be bullish breaking Above the 31 cent zone specifically with

Significant buying volume will lead to a Move towards 34 cents and above but Here’s the bearish scenario astr has Been in an uptrend in the last month so We don’t really have a strong bearish Bias here for the short to mid term However if the support level of 16 cents Doesn’t hold then it’s going to drop Further most likely towards 14 cents 12 Cents and possibly even lower coin Number four on today’s list is selena Another favorite project for us here at Altcoin buzz and to recap solana is a Fast scalable and low-cost layer one Besides hosting smart contracts nfts Also became part of the sol family in Addition solana also has plenty of daps The share that saul has in the nft Market has increased rapidly and part of The reason is cheap and fast mints their Ecosystem is not anywhere as big as Ethereum but they keep growing really Since 2017 when the project launched jp Morgan even predicted that solana might Overtake ethereum and although in theory Saw can process 65 000 transactions per Second their website states they possess Around 1400 tps costs per transactions Are really a fraction of a fraction of a Penny as well however it really wasn’t Until february of 2021 that the salt Token really started to take off it Reached an all-time high in november of 2021 at about 259.96

Today it sits at about 135 or so but During the last 30 days we’ve certainly Seen a nice and steady 50 plus price Increase for saul that’s great to see After these months of ongoing Corrections and there’s actually even Better news according to technical Analysis saul could hit 150 dollars soon Key to this is what we call the golden Cross so to clarify that’s when the Short-term moving average crosses the Long-term moving average in general the Market sees this as a buy signal so Solana had this golden cross once before In august of 2020 and the result was a 650 jump leading to the previous All-time high we also did our own ta and It looks pretty good as well in fact Make sure you guys are subscribed and You hit the bell to receive Notifications because we have our own Dedicated ta video on solana by frank Which is going up tomorrow tuesday april 4th for now here’s the bullish scenario If saul manages to break above the Resistance at about 148 dollars after a Retest to 129 support level then it Would be a bullish sign there will be a Higher chance that we might test the Next resistance level at 168 And 188 dollars if that happens breaking Above 188 specifically with significant Buying volume is going to lead to a good Chance of crossing above 195. on the

Bearish side however saul has been in an Uptrend channel these last few weeks so That’s good as far as the bearish Scenario is concerned however if we dip To below 116 dollars that support level Then the price could well fall to 104.81 And possibly lower once again this is All based on fibonacci analysis all Right coin number five and the last one That we’re looking at today is cardano a Favorite both of ours at altcoinbuzz as Well as many of you subscribers it seems To be a perennial favorite in fact and For good reason if you haven’t checked Out our video our explainer video from Yesterday we covered cardano and ada Right now we’re seeing more and more Applications and projects added to Cardano they’re becoming a lot more Active as well so we asked the question Is the sleeping giant about to wake up Possibly here are some recent stats and Activities that would support that Argument currently well over 2 000 smart Contracts are developed and their tvl Surged and saw a new high in march of 22 With well over 320 Million dollars in tbl also snoop dogg Is their new partner yeah chances are He’s gonna strengthen their popularity Level so cardano is definitely getting The word out also plutus saw no less Than 489 smart contract scripts added in Just two days this is sending out a

Strong signal to d5 platforms that there Is a serious new option out there to Consider their tvl surged by a whopping 39 000 Since early 2022 and march 24th saw an All-time high of 326 million for june of 2022 the team Schedules a hard fork vassal transaction Throughput should improve and Furthermore volume and liquidity should Also increase their pavia metaverse Project is also taken off it’s named After Gerald lamo cardano’s birthplace Currently it has over 20 000 land Holders and that’s where snoop dogg fits In he’s well versed in the nft world of Virtual real estate and is an avid Collector so here’s the bullish scenario For ada which currently sits at a dollar And 22 cents very important note that It’s trading above an important support Level of one dollar and five cents which Is a level that we may retest in the Coming days after the retest if however One dollar and 24 cents if that Resistance level is broken which we’re Very close to right now we could very Well see a move towards a dollar 42 a Dollar 58 and above On the bearish side we have to concede That ada has been in an uptrend but on Lower time frame candles like four hour

Daily for example we can’t ignore the Bearish completely and so a failure to Hold support at 92 cents could lead to a Drop further down towards 66 cents and Lower so there we have it this is a week That saw the mining of bitcoin’s 19 Million milestone coin also we looked at Some of our all-time favorite projects Cava and astar made it into this week’s Picks for good reasons we have a lot of Confidence in these projects and then You have perennial favorites like solana And cardano that have more and more good News to share as of late which we’re Very happy about so let us know in the Comments below among these that we Highlighted today which ones are your Favorites which ones are you most Excited about and uh if you have other Favorites which ones did we leave off This list that we should have otherwise Highlighted if you’re still watching be Sure to like subscribe share and hit the Bell to receive notifications never Financial advice but of course best of Luck if you do choose to invest if you Enjoy the content guys check out these Other couple of videos that should be Popping up right about now have a great Start to your week a great monday stay Safe and as always we do hope to again Soon in our next video take care You