Top 5 Crypto Coins Set to EXPLODE Post Cardano ADA Vasil Hardfork

Right now we may well be neck deep in Bear market blues but that doesn’t mean That crypto development has halted far From it actually cardano for example is On the verge of a historic upgrade so We’re all gonna sit back and watch the Vassal rocket take off it’s in the air Right now and it will reach orbit on the 22nd So everything will just roll over and The vassal era has begun So there’s No going back now it’s been initiated 135.3 Uh will soon become the canonical Cardano a new version of it maybe not as Big as ethereum’s merge but it could Still very well supercharge ada’s price Action in fact not only ada but also Some of the excellent high-potential Altcoin projects building on top of Cardano they could also explode soon After the upgrade and these may not be Household names just yet but that’s kind Of the point we’re trying to get in Early so in this video we are exploring The very best ada projects that are set To take off after cardano’s vassal hard Fork upgrade [Music] Welcome to the channel my name is matty And this is altcoin buzz we are a crypto Investment research company now whether We’re talking about ada itself or any of

The projects in the orbit of the cardeno Ecosystem of course we wish you all the Very best of luck if you choose to Invest but quick disclaimer here i am Not a professional financial or Investment advisor therefore this video Should be seen as informative in nature And hopefully it is informative to you But don’t view it to be official Financial or investment advice because It’s not okay so we’re gonna be diving Into our top picks right away but just a Quick word if you don’t understand what The vassal hard fork is what that Upgrade represents to ada and the Cardeno ecosystem stick around because In the second half of this video we’ll Be exploring that in more detail what it Represents and if you want to skip right Ahead to our commentary on cardano’s Vassal hard fork just use the timestamps Which can be found in the description Below all right number one on our list Is ardana with its token dana D-a-n-a and there’s really some pretty Big reasons why it’s number one on our List first of all cardano is about to Announce the launch of their native Coins soon that’s the dusd and ardana is The all-in-one hub for this which means They’re leading the stablecoin project For cardano in short you’re going to be Able to mint Trade stake lend and borrow and you can

Do all of this in the same place so this Is a big deal and a big jump forward for The cardano ecosystem check out this Video that’s popping up now if you Haven’t already it’s from june and we Looked at ardana and its in-house native Token dana which is a utility and Governance token and we feel it’s got Pretty good tokenomics as well dana’s Current price right now sits just below 19 cents and there are 125 million dana Tokens 40 million are in circulation and The market cap is as you can see just About 7.6 million dollars so we’re Talking relatively low cap here a little Bit of forensics works here indicates That 40 plus 18 based on these two Addresses equals 58 which is already Staked which is a great number if we Want to create upwards price pressure That’s a very good start and you know They have a pretty active community as Well which is great to see especially Considering right now that we’re all Suffering through a very nasty bear Market so as we see it if cardano takes Off really ardana and the dana token are One of the first projects that could Very likely reap the rewards of a rising Ada so we like this one for obvious Reasons of course that potential of the Dusd of the stablecoin presence in the Cardano ecosystem is massive it’s why They’re number one on our list let us

Know what you think about this project Ardana and of course their token d-a-n-a Sound off guys in the comments below Project number two is very intriguing And offers a lot of potential but the Project is actually yet to roll out any Token we’re looking here at milco media Which is one of the projects under our Radar on this list and it’s caught our Attention because it allows apps to work In various block chains so they cover Defy bridges games nfts non-fungible Tokens and milko meta even built an evm That’s ethereum virtual machine enabled Layer 2 for cardano and it’s built on a Separate chain so you can kind of Compare it to maybe evmos on cosmos or The c chain on avalanche and they do This with a combination of design and Security features evm has some Vulnerabilities admittedly that aida’s Own contracts and software may not have So this way they stay separate reducing The risk to you As an ada user it’s a very smart design Actually and it’s an innovative design Because wrapping assets isn’t easy it’s Kind of like kusama in that sense but For cardano and this is why cosmos and Avax avalanche also do that milko meda Will also launch on algorand and solana That’s expected very soon in fact on Algorand they already have a test net And milk omeda has gaming grants they go

Up to fifteen thousand dollars which is Great news because gaming of course is a Huge industry And it’s actually remarkable that They’ve gained a lot of traction as much As they have without even yet having a Token so we’re kind of dealing now in The realm of speculation but it feels Like an airdrop is possible at least That’s our inclination project number Three on our list is meld with its token Meld m-e-l-d This is a non-custodial d5 protocol for Lending and borrowing which means you Can borrow fiat against your crypto and Then during that time you earn yield on Your crypto collateral here you can find A plethora of information on their team Also on linkedin by the way and polygon Is one of their biggest partners which Means that meld has some pretty good and Experienced advisors on its board the Meld project also has a debit card Coming out soon which will function like A visa or a mastercard which means you Can pay for goods and services with the Card or use it to store borrowed fiat Their meld token goes right now for just Under two pennies and there are four Billion tokens 2.22 billion of which are Already in circulation the market cap Sits at approximately 39 million dollars And as per usual if you want to find out More about meld in this case or the

Other cardano projects that we’re Talking about or any of the other Projects that we talk about in our Videos on this channel head over to our Website which has great write-ups that Are structured as in some cases Tutorials but offer a lot of detail so Altcoin buzz dot io you can check out This article four things you need to Know about meld cardano you’re also Going to find the link to this article In the description below number four on Our list is ico nicos which is an Interesting project that offers Metaverse passports so they’re a cardeno Metaverse project and really have the Potential to become big but we’re still In the very early stages because they Have yet to roll out their token you can Get these passports at the nft marketplace on cardano Their floor price is currently at 175 Ada which is about 80 or so but Realistically if cardano does well this Could really take off likely you already Know that you can stake ada to get more Ada in return but you can also stake Your ico nico’s passports and get more Ada as a reward plus you can get all the Metaverse assets as airdrops along the Way as well the project right now is Still early like i said in fact it’s in Beta launch mode but their trailer which Is playing right now is pretty awesome

So look let us know what you guys think About this whether this idea has a lot Of potential and if you’ll be excited About their token if and when it does Roll out but we feel that it soon will And that it will be met with great Success we are leaning towards the Optimistic side of things with iconicos Okay and lastly on our list project Number five we’re looking at sunday swap Which is the first comprehensive dex That’s decentralized exchange on cardano With of course its token sunday that’s S-u-n-d-a-e Again we talked about this pretty Extensively sunday swap that is back in June that video is playing now check out The link to that video in the Description they have a pretty Impressive following on twitter over 287 000 followers which are also very Engaged in their posts by the way so That’s always good to see an active Community is never a bad thing in this Case it’s actually particularly strong Given their size their user interface is Good and it’s also easy to use and Furthermore they support no less than Six wallets so for instance nami or Eternal we actually just wrote an Article about the nami wallet the link Is in the description as well the sunday Token right now is going for about 2.7 Cents but as a cardano og token really

It’s probably going to do pretty well And it’s going to benefit from a nice Price upswing again if the vassal hard Fork is successful so there it is to Wrap it all up three coins in the Cardano ecosystem that hold insane Potential are number one Dana number two meld and number three Sunday so let us know in the comments Which project is your favorite maybe Your favorite was omitted and it’s not On this list if that’s the case let us Know and of course we also covered milk Omeda and aiko nikos but those aren’t Coins in the traditional sense so kind Of think of them as bonuses for the Purposes of this video those are the Picks that we like we’re sticking to Them but now as promised we’re going to Launch into the details and the Specifics of what makes the vassal hard Fork such a big deal for the cardeno Ecosystem and the potential price of ada What is it exactly well okay to begin With the vassal hard fork is the biggest Upgrade for cardano since september 2021 That month saw the alonso hard fork Which is a fork that introduced these Smart contracts to cardano but the Vassal hard fork will increase the Following for cardano so functionality Performance scalability and Interoperability going back to this Video i mentioned the vassal hard fork

For the first time back in june and Vassal is going to boost the overall Network which means transactions will Become cheaper it’s also going to be Friendlier for developers to use cardano And in general it’s just going to Enhance the scalability and security of The blockchain so smart contracts will Increase their performance and their Capability simultaneously and just Yesterday so hot off the press we Released a video with a technical Analysis expectation of ada and its Expected price performance check out That video if you’ve not already a card Should be popping up right about now but What kind of changes specifically will Vassal bring to cardano and its Ecosystem well here are the most Significant changes let’s start with Plutus v2 the plutus language itself Will have an upgrade to plutus version 2 And this is the language used for smart Contracts so as a result there will be Faster and more advanced dapps data Sharing is now enabled on chain and they Use a similar ut exo model to bitcoin However now it’s easier to share data That’s on chain within a specific block And during tests script size decreased By 90 percent and further script Execution cost was shown to be reduced By over 75 And they’ve been testing this chain all

The way back since june big change Number two is diffusion pipelining so This affects the consensus layer in Other words it improves scalability and Also allows for a higher throughput in New blocks the block propagation times Are all going to be improving that’s the Average time that new blocks need to Reach a majority of nodes it also Improves ddos attack resistance and During four epics each of which are 20 Days cardano is going to track this and Then after that they decide if they need To make any adjustments number three Vassal removes the d parameter so ever Since march 31st 2021 cardano already Had a fully decentralized block Production and during the vassal hard Fork they’re going to remove the d Parameter and so now decentralization is A given it’s a standard it’s a default It’s forever decentralized and nobody Can change this ever there is no way Back to a centralized setup and the Fourth big change is optimized security Because we as users will experience a Higher overall performance they optimize The verifiable random function the vrf Process that’s the more technical Description it means that uroburros Which is the consensus mechanism now Only requires one instead of two vrf’s And so as a result block validation Becomes faster and the same goes for

Network syncing times all of this won’t Affect the security settings either so Cardano has been testing all of this During the summer and just like the Merge the vassal hard fork has known Quite a few delays to be fair and Cardeno also has a reputation for being Slow with rollouts of new apps new Upgrades etc however i see things a Little bit differently because in Contrast i don’t think that they’re slow They’d rather be thorough and rather be Careful and they also do plenty of Testing before making any major protocol Changes which is reassuring so Here we are We talked about the vassal hard fork on Cardano and of course what kind of Impact it’s going to have on the broader Ecosystem it all looks very positive and We can only hope that the upgrade goes Down without a hitch hopefully that is The case and if it’s successful overall It may well result in a few cardeno Projects taking a ride on that upward Price wave hopefully we talked about Five of them including three coins we Hope you like them as much as we do but More broadly speaking cardano of course Is a long time favorite project of Myself and of everyone else here at Altcoin buzz and our confidence and our Faith extends to the great projects that They are developing in that ecosystem

Let us know what you think about these Five projects again best of luck if you Choose to invest but never official Financial or investment advice if you’re Still watching after this long video be Sure to like subscribe share hit the Bell to receive notifications check out These other couple of related videos Popping up to my left to my right stay Safe out there members of the altcoin Buzz army happy hump day And as always we do hope to see you Again soon in our next video take care