Top 4 Crypto Moonshots in Cardano ADA Ecosystem

It's hard to believe but this year of Cryptocurrency is finally coming to an End it's been an arduous one and I'm Sure that you can agree that it probably Wasn't a good year in its totality at Least not for Bitcoin or really for any Other crypto in the market we had the Terra Luna disaster and then more Recently the FTX crisis and look I know You've got a list of all the stupid Stuff that went wrong in the market but Notwithstanding some of the best Traders Are already searching for what projects To add to their 2023 portfolio and as You know we at altcoin Buzz are not fair Weather fans we are doing the legwork Right now during this bear Market we're Scouting for projects that we believe in Whose fundamentals are solid and in this Video we're going to break down four of Our favorite projects in the cardano Ecosystem some of these really have the Potential to speed up and explode in 2023 especially after the vassal hard Fork Foreign My name is Maddie this is altcoin Buzz We always wish you the very best of luck If you choose to invest but be aware That this video does not represent Official Financial or investment advice Most of you out there are familiar with Cardano if you need to brush up on what It is what its ecosystem represents

Check out this brief explainer video It's two minutes and change there should Be a card popping up now click on that For all things cardano and Charles Hoskinson but if you're already familiar If you already feel that you know the Territory let's move on now to the four Big projects that we love within this Ecosystem project number one and the First on our list today is meld with its Token meld that's m-e-l-d now there are Several reasons why I'm bullish on meld To begin with I like cardano that's Obvious or else we wouldn't be talking About it secondly meld is a Non-custodial platform for Lending and Borrowing tokens and meld is similar to Ave which is a crypto lending protocol Both allow you to lend and borrow crypto And earn passive income but melt has a Pretty huge advantage over other lending Protocols because meld offers Fiat Lending like a traditional bank so Lending Protocols are the future of D5 Most of us agree on that and there's Already a lot of competition in the Space which is great but if you're Looking at investing in one it's best You go with one that has the potential To lead the pack and that is what we see In meld because statistics show that Billions of people are the so-called Unbanked of this world they do not have Bank accounts and meld aims to leverage

Crypto to provide access to financial Services so specifically meld targets The markets in Africa Asia and South America as well as Europe and the United States so we can say this project does Have a very real world application so What does Mel do number one crypto Lending and borrowing so this works Similar to other lending and borrowing Protocols and borrowing on meld is based On market demand it also does Fiat Lending so this works pretty much like Regular Fiat lending and that users can Do this peer-to-peer and in-app which is Pretty cool they also offer Fiat Borrowing and there are two types of Fiat borrowing on meld first of all Crypto collateralized loans and secondly Crypto collateralized lines of credit The approval process for both is pretty Much the same you only have to put in More in crypto as collateral for your Fiat loan let me explain what I mean say For example you want a hundred dollars In Fiat well you'd have to put in 200 in Crypto to be approved so it's pretty Simple meld uses smart contracts for Repayment so you'll automatically get Your crypto collateral once you repay Your loan or when you don't repay you Lose the collateral now the Mel token Can be used to pay for transactions on The platform it can also be staked to Earn apy as rewards let's have a look at

The numbers here as of this video meld Is trading for 1.9 cents a market cap of Only 14 million dollars it has a max Supply y of 4 billion meld coins and Over 2 billion meld tokens are right now In circulation so meld is at least Potentially the future of banking on Cardano I'd like to hear your thoughts On this one we feel it has a mountain of Potential moving right along project Number two that we're looking at today Is Milko media this is a cardano side Chain and milcomita's use cases have Already created a path for long-term Scaling the project Powers apps to work In all kinds of different blockchains so For example milkometer helps chains such As algorand Terra Solana and cardano to Interconnect nokomita aims to help Non-evm that's non-etherium virtual Machine cryptocurrencies to achieve Mass Adoption and mokomeda proposes several Side chains now this allows developers To write smart contracts in familiar Languages and deploy them on different Chains of course this makes life easier For developers on cardano because they Don't have to learn functional Programming languages things like hash Skull and plutus in order to build on Top of cardano so therefore milkomeda Lowers the barrier to entry to cardano And nokomita plans to create a pathway For interoperability between cardano

Solana and other layer 1 blockchains in October for example it received a grant To develop the milkometer A1 roll-up and This brings evm capabilities to algorand It also enhances blockchain Interoperability now another reason to Stay bullish on the project is that it Has some very strong backers so Milkometer receives support from Investors such as archetype Arrington Capital sosv Circle Ventures borderless Capital and coinbase Ventures and really Milkomeda has received widespread Positive attention in the crypto Industry and that's despite not having a Token but it still has almost 50 000 Followers on Twitter and a pretty Rapidly expanding ecosystem we feel that It's going to play a huge role also in The larger cardano ecosystem and could Very well even contribute to an increase In the price of ADA look cross-chain Interoperability is going to be big in The future at least in our view and by That logic milkometer is going to Largely shape that future and have a big Role to play in terms of cardano's Future let me know if we're being over Ambitious here but we feel this is Another one that's just full of Potential all right next up and at Number three on our list we have Sunday Swap which is the first comprehensive Dex that's the first comprehensive

Decentralized exchange on cardano and Sunday swap has the potential to ignite The cardano ecosystem because it's a Decentralized exchange protocol for the Cardano network meaning that it enables Trustless P2P native and Ada asset Exchanges and really it's a project That's all about decentralized Transactions so what exactly can be done With Sunday swap well users can trade They can stake they can lend tokens and Traders pay low fees to trade on the Platform and liquidity providers also Earn a return on their deposit so Sunday Swap is a very ambitious project that's What we like about it go through its Website and Pages you're going to see How much progress It's Made in the last Year despite all the difficulties that We've seen in this last year but the Grand plan is to be the lead Dex player On cardano and you can maybe call it There for the uni swap of cardano Sunday Swap has a very well designed interface It's also easy to use and it has enough Liquidity for the needs of Traders being A leading Dex on cardano Sunday swap is Also well positioned to explode in the Coming year and already it has over 282 000 followers on Twitter but let's talk About its native token which of course Is Sunday S-u-n-d-a-e now trades at about 1.45 cents the current price doesn't do

It justice nor does it do its potential Justice there for if you believe in that Potential you may want to look more Closely at this project we are believers In this one we were early Believers as Well we actually made a video about Sunday swap back in February of 2022 go Back and check that one out if you've Not already okay and finally on our list The last project that we're looking at Today in the cardano ecosystem is Cody C-o-t-i which is one of the most Undervalued projects in all of crypto Because Cody is a short form for Currency of the internet it is a Decentralized layer 1 platform that Offers full-scale Payment Solutions so Cody enables things like businesses Governments organizations all to issue Their own tokens and Cody aims to embody The next generation of digital Currencies the payment system claims to Be fast reliable transparent and perhaps Most importantly scalable Cody has some Very lofty Ambitions because they aim to Solve an underlying problem in the Fintech space that is to improve online Payment experience for both Sellers as Well as buyers and Cody merges therefore Traditional finance and blockchain and The results have been pretty unique so Far because the project brings Traditional Finance standards such as Financing remittance loyalty programs

And cross-platform payments with the Basic use cases of defy so interestingly Cody has its own unique staking variant Called proof of trust that's pot this is A combination if you will of pow which Is proof of work and dag and it uses This to achieve consensus so why is Cody So special well the simple answer is That Cody offers a pretty crucial Solution because we know that the future Of blockchain yes of course lies in Finance and Cody is using blockchain to Simplify digital payments of all kinds Cody's also introduced bank accounts and Visa debit cards and this is to better Offer a direct connection between Fiat And the crypto World cardeno invested Half a million dollars into Cody so far And Cody accepts Ada pay with Integration into many different Fiat Currencies here's what I really like About Cody first of all number one it's Regarded as the first Global platform to Create a stable coin with stable prices And it allows users to issue their Stable coins and have full control over Their data number two transactions Cannot be tracked to a user so this Makes it a privacy focused platform and Number three Cody is very secure because Users have to go through kyc procedures To join the platform as far as the token Itself c-o-t-i operates on three Different mainnets number one trust

Chain number two ethereum and number Three the BNB chain and as of this Recording Cody trades at as you can see About 6.9 cents with a market cap of 76 Almost 77 million dollars it has a a Circulating supply of about 1.1 billion Cody coins with a Max supply of 2 Billion Cody and there you have it our Four most promising high potential Projects in the cardano ecosystem before You go let us know which of these four Is your favorite or if perhaps we've Left your favorite off the list and Don't forget that for a limited time our Altcoin Buzz access group is free for You to check out along with that access You're going to get our great weekly Update reports that cover the crypto and Nft markets this comes from our Outstanding research team you can try These for free by clicking on the link That's popping up now on screen you can Also find that in the description of This video These are phenomenal Resources you may as well put them to Work for you