Top 4 Altcoins for Long Term Crypto Portfolios

Whoever gets in earliest on the hottest Project stands to be the biggest winner This is really a universal truth in Cryptocurrency but discovering those High quality projects to make either Short medium or maybe even long-term Gains number one is challenging and Number two can be very risky and that is Why to make big long-term gains in the Crypto space one must have a long-term Strategy and outlook in place but is Bitcoin the only choice for your Long-term bags are there any other coins That are a must hold again specifically For your long-term crypto portfolio Other than bitcoin here are our top four Choices for long-term quality project Altcoin picks [Music] Hey guys my name is matty and this is Altcoin buzz we are a crypto investment Research company we’ve been in this Crypto game for going on six years now I’m happy to say that we’ve been making Millionaires since all the way back in 2017 Of course not by accident we have Documented many 100x returns on coins And tokens that are top projects today Really before anyone else was even Talking about them and if you want to See our detailed process for researching Such projects then our new and improved Altcoin buzz access group is for you as

A friendly reminder guys before we get Into our top four picks any kind of Investment whether you’re talking about Cryptocurrency wall street traditional Investments whatever any kind of Investment does carry corresponding risk So just keep in mind be responsible but Keep in mind that none of what we’re Presenting here should be considered Official financial or investment advice And if you’re interested in more Information regarding altcoin buzz Access check out the link which you can Find in our description below with that Being said let’s get into our picks We’re starting with coin number one A favorite of both the channel and Myself personally we have ethereum and Although ether is a very different Cryptocurrency technically from bitcoin It’s also seen at least to a certain Extent as an asset that’s going to float Forever and many also see it as a hedge Against a lot of the things that bitcoin Hedges against and many also see it as a Long-term store of value and according To a morningstar report shown here from 2015 to 2021 ether has shown a better Performance than bitcoin and in the last 12 months eth has grown 44 By the way it hit an all-time high of 4 878 Just shy of 5k the main reason why more And more investors have confidence in

Ether Is that the technology behind this Digital asset was really the one that Enabled the creation of decentralized Finance but also nfts non-fungible Tokens dows decentralized autonomous Organizations and of course the Metaverse i mean that’s a pretty Powerful resume right there and just to Have a better idea of how big ethereum Actually is keep in mind that it has More than 116 Billion dollars in tvl that’s total Value locked with 500 and now 67 Protocols in its ecosystem but the other Part of ethereum’s great legacy is that It’s been the inspiration for other Blockchains and those in some cases have Improved on what ethereum started but What does ethereum actually solve well It was the first decentralized platform That gave the historic opportunity to People around the world to manage their Assets without having a banking Intermediary and they were able to Manage those assets securely people can Tokenize any physical asset that cannot Be separated really from art to Departments people can now prove 100 Ownership of digital assets which can be Used to get a collateralized loan this Is also a huge part of ethereum’s legacy Already think of the phrase if it’s free The product is you that really sums up

How companies have given free services For our data in exchange really for our Data without being aware that our Privacy is the most valuable asset we Have so ethereum allows us to be able to Use free internet services without Sacrificing that privacy In a nutshell this is what people Commonly refer to as web 3.0 also with Ethereum developers can build open Source software without learning a new Coding language you can do it by coding Java javascript python rust and some Other options also exist as well and Finally according to the finder crypto Adoption index this was created by the Way in december of 2021 so just a few Months ago ether is the second most Popular coin where 31.7 Of survey respondents in the u.s have Added it to their portfolio all right it May be no surprise that at least for us Ethereum came in as the first choice but Coin number two here is certainly no Slouch also by the way a perennial Favorite of the channel it’s another Currency that has great potential to Belong to a long-term portfolio it’s of Course cardano aka ada and this was one Of the blockchains that was born to Solve the high transaction fees of Ethereum that whole problem while Continuing to encourage innovation right Now its native token ada has grown

2700 in the last two years based on its Open source And inclusive technology that by the way Supports environmentally sustainable Projects and no doubt we’ve seen a Pretty sharp decline in price over these Last few months but the all-time high Did go north of three dollars three Dollars and nine cents that occurred in September of 2021 and cardano has Achieved really some of the very Impressive milestones the following Actually so far right up until february Of 2022. 32.9 million transactions and Cardeno has achieved some pretty Impressive milestones up until we’re now Considering the snapshot of february 2022 which is already a few weeks old so 3.12 million wallets 32.9 million transactions and get this 68.7 of all ada are currently being Staked the cardano foundation is the Organization behind ada which has a main Goal that is to drive the adoption of Cardinal by building a legal framework And commercial standards and also it Brings technical resources to developers That are working fiercely to construct a Global and robust community moreover Sectors like education Retail agriculture government finance And even healthcare are all beginning to Use cardano’s technology for example Cardano is helping to verify educational

Credentials and certificates it’s Helping to eliminate product and Medicine counterfeiting which is a Growing problem actually it’s tracking Supply chain processes it’s developing Digital identities for governments and It’s developing identity verification or Kyc processes for financial purposes Right now according to coin market cap There are 19 tokens in cardano’s Ecosystem these collectively have 342 daps developed indexes wallets defy Marketplaces infrastructure launchpad Metaverse gaming social and other Sectors as well in fact all kinds of Different sectors as you can see here Next up and coin number three on our List we have polka dot the easiest way To conceptualize a blockchain is as one Platform established by decentralized Nodes and it is in the vast majority of Cases with really only very few Exceptions that it would be defined Differently but polka dot happens to be One of those exceptions with polkadot You can create a blockchain also called A parachain to launch your own Decentralized project in an easy Scalable and secure way and this network Was created by one of the co-founders of Course of ethereum gavin wood in 2016. However it wasn’t really until october Of 2021 that the first parachain saw Daylight akala the polka dots defy hub

And as a result of all this innovation At the time of launching this video the Market cap of dot d o t the native token Of polka dot sits in position number 11 Among all cryptocurrencies with a market Cap of 19.9 just shy of 20 billion Dollars and 24 hour trading volume of 465 Million dollars dot right now sits at 18 And 27 cents and you may not have known That polka dot was founded by the web 3 Foundation it’s one of the most Important research organizations that Constantly contribute to the development Of decentralized protocols in other Words without their input protocols such As proof of stake which is used by Ethereum polygon avalanche solana and Others proof of coverage for example Helium these would not have been Developed to the level that they are Today and also in any parachain you can Make very fast cheap and secure Transactions with other pair of chains And another essential feature of polka Dot is that anyone can transfer any kind Of token between parrot chains moreover Here are some numbers that demonstrate Just how effectively and how Successfully this network is growing Moon river the most active parrot chain Of kusama has achieved 10 Million transactions 70 integrations and Over 355 000 wallets and just a quick

Note kusama is a blockchain that was Launched by polka dot before polka dots Auctions went live the goal here was to Focus all the experimentation and early Stage projects on kusama while polka dot Was properly going to be developing its Parrot chains more than 530 000 active Wallets currently exist another Significant polka dot partnership is the One with infinity whose price by the way Has been performing very nicely since Our recent video check it out if you Have not already this of course is a Decentralized platform that develops Nfts and integrates them with the Metaverse it’s now live on polka dot Which represents a great and a very Organic partnership that we have very High hopes for and finally coin number Four on our list also a pretty familiar Favorite is cosmos this is a network of Interconnected block chains that is Supported by ibc that’s inter blockchain Communication protocol and what makes Cosmos unique is that projects are Allowed to be unique block chains that Interact inside the cosmos ecosystem Through atom atom which is cosmos’s Native token to give you a better idea Of how big cosmos is through its Consensus protocol it manages more than 141 billion dollars in digital assets in Blockchain like bnb Tara luna taraluna ethereum thor chain and even bitcoin This places adam in the 20th position of All cryptocurrency projects with a Market cap of 7.9 billion dollars and 24-hour trading volume of over 452 Million dollars also the team behind Cosmos is the interchain foundation a Software development organization Founded back in 2014 by tendermint and Currently 17 more members support cosmos Moreover cosmos has developed its sdk Its software development kit framework Supported by a proof-of-stake consensus With a 99 lower carbon footprint which Lets developers build innovative Applications and in addition cosmos lets Communities organize allocate resources To its members by developing a Governance mechanism and to close the Circle users can also have full control Over gaming cross-chain assets cosmos Today can boast 150 validators also Known as nodes 40 interconnected Blockchains and 63 of all atom tokens Are staked that is a great statistic Almost on par with the metric that we Saw in cardano’s ecosystem as you all Can see ethereum Cardano polkadot and cosmos are projects That are backed by Very innovative consensus mechanisms That try to make their users have the Best experience possible when it comes To managing their own digital assets

That’s why these projects have very big Potential to grow even further and even More consistently over time while they Maintain and continuously push for Improvement hey maybe your favorite Long-term project didn’t make this list If that’s the case be sure to list it in The comments below give us a piece of Your mind let us know what we left off This list of our top four long-term Altcoin holes best of luck guys of Course if you do choose to invest check Out these other couple of videos that Should be popping up right about now Stay safe out there have a great start To your weekend and as always we do up To you again soon in our next video take Care