The MOST important thing as a #Bitcoin investor (call to action).

Well speaking of Educators I uh Something I've been pushing recently Especially on my channel and obviously The not your keys not your coin thing But most importantly I think everyone Out here should be an educator in the Sense that okay not everyone has a YouTube channel not everyone has you Know a million Twitter followers but I Think it's really important you know When you're going to that holiday event With the family and you're explaining to People what's going on what has happened In the crypto space that there has to be A big difference Centralization and centralization and That all the mess and all the problems And this liquidity crisis and Deleveraging and Bad actors in the space Have all been centralized uh actors you Know what I'm saying and it's very Important that we educate the masses to Know the difference between Protocol which is still running still Doing its thing crypto which is still Doing its thing decentralizations [Applause] [Music]