Terra LUNA & UST in 2022 | LUNA Price Prediction

Did you know that in january 2022 just Last month and despite the market Conditions luna that's l-u-n-a was Trading at about a hundred times higher Than it was the previous year january 2021 but the price was dragged down by That very unfortunate wonderland rug Pull but despite of this and to their Credit terra has been exhibiting Tremendous strength they even surpassed The tvl that's total value locked of Binance smart chain believe it or not by Clocking an all-time high tdl of 20 Billion but those aren't even the only Reasons why we think terra holds Tremendous potential it's decentralized Stable coin you may have heard of it ust Is rapidly challenging the position of Leading stable coins like usdt die And that in itself could really push Luna to the moon this is a project with A lot of positives going for it so let's Deep dive If you're coming across terra for the First time you need to know this terra Was built in 2018 as a network of Decentralized stable coins and the idea Here was to create a better digital Financial system which was free from big Banks and fintech app developers tara's Mainnet went live in april 2019 and was Then upgraded in july of 2021 with Columbus 5. the idea here was to Position terra with even more strength

In the defy space let us know guys when You first came across tara let us know When you purchased your first luna Hopefully it was earlier rather than Later and for those of you that did get In early on this high quality project Chances are you've been handsomely Rewarded so let us know about that in The comments but from what we see terra Is still in development there's no doubt About it and it essentially has Everything it needs to sustain the Ecosystem that is being built on top of It and that's of course a very good Thing so what exactly does tara offer Well it's the home of the ust stablecoin And ust is the most dominant stablecoin On terra ust remains its peg by a smart Mechanism with luna which not only Stabilizes the price of ust but also Captures value for tara's native token Luna l-u-n-a ust was developed to Provide a scalable alternative for defy In the face of serious scaling issues That other stable coin leaders such as Dye for example are currently Experiencing terra is also a proof of Stake protocol so according to its white Paper terra operates on a proof of stake Or pos model where validators verify Transactions according to how many coins They hold proof of stake supporters say It's significantly less energy intensive Than other comparable models and has

Less of an environmental impact terra Provides developers with a sophisticated Smart contract platform which was Introduced in october 2020 as part of Columbus 4 the upgrade that occurred at That time but terrasmart contracts are Not evm compatible in spite of being a Non-evm compatible network however terra Along with solana still accounted for a Very impressive 11 of the total tvl Total value locked in 2021 given their Evm non-compatibility status that's a Pretty impressive metric the cross-chain Ecosystem is another great feature of Terra which is one of the leading Cross-chain protocols in the crypto Industry and the terra bridge allows Movement of assets between terra Ethereum binance smart chain harmony and Osmosis blockchain and it received a Major upgrade in columbus 5 in september To bring greater cross-chain Interoperability which as you guys know Is something that we feel is extremely Important terra also offers Inter-blockchain communication as a new Standard so both wormhole and ibc Bridges are now live on terra and this Promises a flow of capital from Different chains to terra and boosts the Defy ecosystem as a whole Amm that's automated market maker and Lending are expected to be the first Sectors to capture the value of this

Capital inflow increase liquidity then Support the development of other defy Stacks in terra it's also very cost Efficient and transacting on the terra Block chain is cheaper Than many of the alternatives out there It's instantaneous and it's frictionless And with a decentralized base layer and A system purposefully designed to bypass Needless hoops and finally we have speed So terra uses cosmos tendermint which Allows for 10 000 transactions per Second with the transaction time of just About two seconds and so with all this In place we came to a pretty interesting Conclusion the number of dapps on terra Is now over 150 which is still pretty Small when you compare that with other Giants such as ethereum and binance Smart chain but despite that the tvl of Terra is still the fourth highest that's Higher than avalanche higher than Phantom higher than polygon and that's Regardless of them having more daps Those other projects having more daps This clearly indicates that some of the Best dapps in the d5 space are choosing Specifically and consciously to build on Terra have you guys ever used adap on Terra and if so which one was it and how Was your experience check out our top Four dap picks on tara video if you're Interested in a deeper dive into this Part of the project now it's time to

Talk about the one stop terrace station So tara luna has its own wallet that is Called terra station which you can Download as either a chrome extension An ios and android wallet or on windows And or mac if you so choose in the terra Station wallet you can manage staking And you can stake luna tokens with an 8.6 Apy or you can swap this is where you Can exchange ust with terra tokenized Fiat currencies such as e-ut which is Wrapped euro in tara's blockchain and Many others as well and with governance Luna holders can vote in proposals where The minimum amount of tokens is 50 with A 7 day voting period and you also have An nft set of features people can Visualize the nfts that they hold in Their terra station wallets let's talk About the team for just a moment this is Always an important variable for us so Tara luna's blockchain is backed by the Terra alliance this is an asian Corporation of 15 large e-commerce Companies that moves approximately 25 Billion dollars a year with a market of 45 million users worldwide and that Ecosystem is growing faster and faster And stronger than ever before at the Time of recording it has a 13.8 billion Dollar tvl and again that's ranked Number four in the crypto space among Some of those other much larger projects

So real estate betting e-commerce Investing staking derivatives all of These are just some of the sectors where The developer community have built dapps For terra and of course this project has Been in the news let's talk about some Recent developments so terra has Proposed to invest in sponsoring an American sport franchise to make the Brand go even more mainstream and Anchors users will be able to deposit Ust inside the leap wallet where they Can make one-click withdrawals ust Holders can now make deposits on huobi's Exchange with 20 that's two zero percent Apy in beefy finance there is a ust a v A x pool with 55 Apy and then you have the columbus 5 Update so this represents a modification To the project's tokenomics model and Terra is very much taking off in south Korea it's extremely popular there so Terra blockchain powers the chai Payments app in south korea which has Seen adoption by over 2 million users And tara and chai will work together to Find ways to utilize tera's blockchain Technology so chai provides the Infrastructure of a payment gateway Offering both secure reliable and fraud Resistant transactions and convenient Settlement with merchants in fiat and Terra has the second biggest defy chain In terms of total value locked after

Ethereum believe it or not let's discuss Tokenomics for a moment now so according To coin gecko the native token luna has A circulating supply of 400.8 million which represents about 40 Percent of the max supply and moreover The use cases for luna are governance Voting fee payments you can use it to Participate in the ecosystem you can use It to be a node validator and you can Also make transactions using the wallet So are there any risks right now Associated with terra or it's token luna As always we're trying to be unbiased And we do have to comment on a couple of Observations here first of all terrace Fees are low so the average transaction Fee is anywhere from 0.1 to 1 But there are several types of fees to Be paid so there's gas and this has to Do with the computational fees there's Also a tobin tax this is a fixed Percentage fee added to any market swap Between terra stable coin denominations And the rate varies depending on each Tara stable there's also a spread fee And these are added to any market swap Between terra and luna and so this can Lead to a lot of confusion and there's Even another one there's a stability fee Tax but thankfully this fee is no longer Charged it did exist for a while and Then on top of that if you're a Validator or a delegator you are subject

To slashing so when you delegate your Stake you can take the risk of it being Slashed if the validator meets one of The slashing conditions and when this Occurs validators and delegators have Their luna holdings slashed leading to a Loss of assets and profit from staking Finally one more possible risk of terra Is based around stable coins and Financial systems because there could be Future regulations that affect the value And utility of luna however this is pure Speculation okay let's get into a quick Price prediction of the luna token you Can find this on Altcoinbuzz.io it's brought to us by Pratik luna right now is trading above The support zone of 46.02 and if it stays above that Important support zone we could very Well start seeing a move a reversal in Fact towards 55.96 66.89 71.77 87.58 And And thirteen dollars and sixteen cents However failure to hold the support at Forty six dollars could lead to a Continuation of bearish momentum Potentially towards thirty seven dollars Eighty three cents and thirty three Dollars and ten cents all of this of Course is based on fibonacci analysis

Luna and tara's wrapped fiat tokens are Gaining more value every year because They offer secure private and profitable Digital assets as we mentioned before The main goal of tara's blockchain is to Be the decentralized platform behind Worldwide payments therefore this Network does in our opinion have the Capacity to be fully scalable to fill The gap that conventional payment Methods have created guys if you've Enjoyed this examination of tara and It's token luna be sure to like Subscribe and hit the bell to receive Notifications as a reminder we are only Conveying our own enthusiasm for the Projects that we cover none of this Should ever be considered financial or Investment advice but if you do choose To invest of course we wish you all the Very best of luck right now we're seeing Some positivity but as always crypto Remains a very volatile space you may be Asking yourself some questions like how Do i look beyond the noise and the Clutter what are the current undervalued Coins out there in the crypto landscape And what should potentially be my entry And exit strategies guys because we've Been early investors in the crypto game We have developed a keen eye for Potential opportunities so if you so Choose you can take advantage of our Experience with the access pro plan that

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