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Bitcoin is teetering at critical levels Despite some very positive metrics Suggesting exchange withdrawals apecoin Sees some major price activity in an Otherwise choppy market metamask is Adding ethereum gnosis safe and various Custody options we'll also be talking About avalanche engine nfts and v-chain So be sure to stay tuned for your Altcoin buzz news [Music] Hey guys i am maddie and this is altcoin Buzz we are a crypto investment research Company we have documented many 100x Returns on coins and tokens that are top Projects today really before anyone else Was even talking about them and if you Want to see our detailed process for Researching such projects then our new And improved altcoin buzz access group Is for you our plans start at 99 Monthly be sure to click the link below For more information natalie's got a Little bit of a scratchy throat today Nothing to worry about but i'll be Filling in just before we get started Remember that although we wish you the Best of luck if you choose to invest None of this should be considered Official financial or investment advice Let's begin with bitcoin which seemingly Has been struggling these last few days At the time of this recording it sits Just below 40 000

It's down a couple percentage points on The day and it's been a pretty shaky few Days a pretty shaky week in fact to be Totally candid however there are some Positive statistics that we can point to Even during these rocky times despite The faltering price exchange withdrawals Are matching record levels which is a Pretty encouraging statistic bitcoin may Be threatening lower levels yes but Behind the scenes writes coin telegraph Demand is only up according to the data As recently as wednesday it was noted That cryptocurrency exchanges were Losing bitcoin reserves at a rate that We've rarely seen before this of course Implies that the asset is in high demand And would compete with a rapidly Dwindling supply which would in theory Boost price performance but Unfortunately it's just not being Translated into that kind of a real World effect sometimes things don't work Out in practice as we would expect them To in theory and despite that positive Withdrawal statistic we're down sub 40 000 over these last 40 days we dropped From close to 44 000 so it's been a Pretty tough week no doubt about it the Nft world however is eternally Optimistic and some analysts are Suggesting that apecoin which we've Covered in the past could see a 250 Rally amid what some are calling a bull

Pendant breakout and rumors of robin Hood listing we're looking at the ape Charts here that's a-p-e and there's Nothing too spectacular to report as of This moment but of course any big news Especially a robin hood listing level Kind of news piece could certainly Supercharge this project into a whole New price level and of course if you Haven't checked out our previous Coverage of apecoin we highly recommend You do so news here for fans of polygon From monolithic to modular polygon is Now building towards a modular vision of Web 3.0 with 0x polygon avail this is a Data availability block chain that Scales to unlock new possibilities so be On the lookout because the public test Net is right around the corner it is Expected according to this tweet in q2 Of 2022 we are now in q2 of 2022. also In the news metamask which is a popular Crypto wallet that many of you watching Likely use they're adding four platforms For asset management to their Institutional wallet product these are All focusing on crypto asset custody and Security they are gnosis safe hex trust Parfin and gk8 one of our favorite Projects engine they're in the news here On And we have so much faith in these guys Really notably because we feel they're At the core of what's going to be not

Only the nft but the coming blockchain Gaming revolution so they're now Welcoming playzap into their gaming Community article here by lawrence the Engine ecosystem is home to thousands of Gaming communities and game enthusiasts And yes engine very much is leading the Way in the gaming revolution and now Playsap has struck up a partnership with Engine they are a competitive play to Earn platform and this is gonna allow For players to play their favorite games While accumulating selling or exchanging A wide range of nft's non-fungible Tokens gamers are also gonna be able to Generate income by having an active Presence on the network one brick at a Time guys this new infrastructure this New ecosystem is being built and the Place app cross-platform app is going to Be available on polygon in q3 of 2022 It's going to be accompanied by a Multi-chain interoperability feature With affinity and other networks and in Addition by implementing affinity plays App advances its objectives of providing A top gaming experience to the market And it also aims to develop a product That can grow in the general gaming Industry news now courtesy of our Friends over at v Empire our plebeian council general sale Is now live and you can mint yours here At the link that is provided in the

Tweet the handle is at the empire D-d-a-o if you're hearing about this Project for the first time go back and Check out this video that natalie Published about a month ago looking at The plebeian council and its Implications the big day is finally here And we're very excited more information About the plebeian council nft general Sale is available here we're on in a nutshell the plebeian Council is their second ever nft series And it makes up the principal assembly Of the common people in their metaverse Adaptation of ancient rome and these Nfts are going to act as their holders Identities and provide unique benefits To the holders within the empire's roman Ecosystem the series will consist of 4 500 unique generative roman themed nfts On the binance smart chain with a total Of over 3.7 million unique trait Possibilities speaking of nfts we have This courtesy of nft trade they're Thrilled to announce their strategic Partnership with immutable one of their Most exciting upcoming network Integrations immutable x will be their First ethereum layer 2 integration Offering gasless nft transactions and Major ecosystem development kudos to Both parties here moving right along now To avalanche news ava x not quite at the Time of this recording but earlier in

The day did rally seven percent there Were some bullish developments that Propped up the price a little bit first Of all ava labs they've raised 350 Million dollars this is according to Bloomberg reports 350 million dollars in New funding which is now going to value The firm at 5.25 billion dollars that Funding comes as ava x now attempts to Compete with other smart contract chains Namely ethereum and solana and very much As a result of this avalanche no Surprise is attracting defy interest Recently the luna foundation guard lfg Also added about 100 million dollars in Avax to its ust reserves we talked about This in a recent video check it out if You've not already and while avax Already has its own d5 protocols Interest from a much bigger player like Tara is very much a bullish sign for the Token go back and check out this video If you haven't seen it already the top Five projects that we recommended on the Avalanche avax ecosystem this video from Altcoin buzz published on october 11th 2021 we also have news out of thor swap Their v2s open beta is now live their Fresh new user interface is delivering The elegant user-friendly cross-chain Training and lp liquidity pool Experience that you've been waiting for You can visit app dot thor swap dot Finance in order to experience their

Open beta and one of our favorites v Chain is also in the news today is an Amazing day web 3 is about Interoperability and vet fungible token On bsc and xp network just informed us That vechain nft bridging with bsc test Was a success amazing v-e-t bnb ebtc and Vnft And another project that we've been Super excited about al goran has this Announcement courtesy of Allegorical which is the next phase Oracle solution ready to power the Algorand ecosystem Is coming into its own so this is a Project created to provide algorand with A native oracle service and it was Created to bootstrap the ecosystems Expansion algorithal facilitates the Process by providing the oracle with a Decentralized bridge to connect smart Contracts with real world data check This one out in full guys it is an Important development for algorand rapid Fire updates now secret network with This announcement shockwave alpha now Has an official date and time wednesday The 27th of april 2022 at 2 p.m utc Lunar token with this update lunar crush Launches a new suite for d5 products and Of course you can read more about that At Big time with this announcement early Access for gold pass holders begins

April 19th in just a few days you can Read their medium article below to learn More about past redemption pokedex is in The news here it's the last day to vote For gotham astros talk at polka dot Decoded event pollen defy is in the news They're live on test net and they've hit The last milestone before main net Pollen d5 pre-release is here and it's Open to all peristate is also in the News the much awaited peristate staking Is now live a total of 25 million state That's s-t-a-t-e tokens will be rewarded To the participants during the first 360 Days of staking and its program it's Time to earn daily compounding income And you can learn how and read more About that on and finally Aspo world with this announcement this April new players will have a chance to Experience aspo world completely for Free stay tuned we're gonna have some New announcements about this imminently All right guys that is all the news that Is fit to publish in video form for this Thursday 14th of april let us know if We've left anything out of course best Of luck if you choose to invest but Never financial advice check out these Related videos if you've not already Stay safe out there and as always we do Hope to again soon in our next video Take care [Music]