Ripple Vs SEC Update : Attorneys Clash on Significance of LBRY Judge’s Ruling; Ripple Case at Risk

The recent Twitter exchange between attorney John Deaton and the judge in the LBRY case has sparked a new debate over the classification of tokens as securities. This decision has been met with mixed reactions.

What’s the uproar really about? Read on and tell us what you think.

Heated Twitter Debate

John Deaton had asked the judge to clarify that the LBC token is not a security, but the judge declined, citing non-litigation and exercising judicial restraint.

Deaton acknowledged the judge’s conservative approach but noted that the decision does not automatically apply to the secondary market, seen as a positive outcome.

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Disagreeing with Deaton, Bill Morgan argued that the judge’s decision aligns with the SEC’s intention to postpone determining the securities status of tokens until exchange cases are resolved. Morgan expressed concern that the Ripple case may proceed to trial without a clear determination on XRP’s classification as a security.

Respectfully John, I don’t think it is better than nothing. It is exactly what the SEC wants. It does not want the issue of secondary market sales or the issue whether the tokens themselves are securities decided until decisions are made in the cases against the exchanges. /1

— bill morgan (@Belisarius2020) July 11, 2023

Deaton Draws Parallels To Coinbase Case

Deaton drew parallels to the Coinbase case, highlighting the value of the LBRY case’s recent development. He noted that Coinbase can now differentiate between direct and secondary sales, as the judge’s order does not apply to their transactions. While Deaton acknowledged this as an improvement, he recognized it falls short of a complete victory.

I say it’s better than nothing because in the Coinbase case the SEC cited the LBRY Judge’s summary judgment Opinion and argued that he made no distinction between direct sales from the issuer (LBRY) and secondary sales on exchanges. This implies the Judge considered them all…

— John E Deaton (@JohnEDeaton1) July 12, 2023

Morgan supported Deaton’s perspective, emphasizing its relevance to the Ripple case. He commended Deaton for pressuring the LBRY judge but expressed concerns that Judge Torres may evade addressing the matter, leaving the Ripple case without a clear determination.

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We’re Still in the Dark

These developments in the LBRY case offer limited clarity on token classification. However, the risk remains that the Ripple case could proceed to trial without a decisive ruling.

What impact will this debate have on the market at large? You tell us.

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