Ripple News: Twitter Enables XRP Transactions with XRPL TipBot Activation

Exciting news resonated within the crypto community as the XRP Ledger (XRPL) TipBot re-emerged on Twitter after an unanticipated pause. The innovation, noted for encouraging crypto transactions via XRP tips, resumed service after a swift but apparently much-needed hiatus.

The Resurgence of XRP TipBot

Forex Cadet, the original creator behind the XRPL TipBot application, was delighted to announce the return of the much-admired service to crypto enthusiasts via a tweet. Twitter‘s recent adjustments to its developer access rules had led to a temporary halting of TipBot, which had ruffled feathers within the crypto community.

The TipBot’s resumption was not entirely smooth sailing, however. Forex Cadet acknowledged the presence of minor speed bumps on the way to full restoration, which could cause a marginal delay in the recognition of users’ tweets.

Tweaks and Enhancements in the TipBot

Significant changes were applied to the TipBot to comply with Twitter’s revamped regulations, which turned out to be a longer process than initially foreseen. 

However, despite these challenges, the core functionality of the TipBot remains unaffected. Forex Cadet, nonetheless, implored users to show patience as the TipBot service steadies itself.

He also said he recognized the inconveniences that users might have encountered while trying to use the temporarily disrupted TipBot and was quick to apologize.

Before the resumption, Forex Cadet had alerted users to the interim suspension of the TipBot, pointing out the consequences of Twitter’s policy revisions on the tool’s functioning. The downtime implied a temporary halt to tip registrations and transactions, disabling the core tipping functionality.

TipBot Usage and Registration Process

To start using the TipBot, one must first sign in via a tweet that includes a distinctive code and a hashtag drawn from the Xumm wallet. Once TipBot identifies the tweet, users are then allowed to assign their preferred address for accepting tips.

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Having completed the registration process, users can instantly start exchanging tips. By inserting a tip message, amount, currency, and relevant TipBot hashtags into their tweets, users are ready to join the world of XRP tipping on Twitter.

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