Prominent Lawyer Debunks Rumors of Secret Plot in SEC vs. Ripple Legal Battle

In the midst of ongoing speculation surrounding the SEC vs. Ripple lawsuit, attorney John E. Deaton in his recent broadcast has stepped forward to dispel rumors of a “secret plot” and affirm the authenticity of the legal battle.

Deaton, a prominent lawyer representing XRP investors, emphasized the realness of the case and urged the crypto community not to succumb to notions of predetermined outcomes. 

Let’s delve into Deaton’s remarks and the contrasting views within the Ripple community.

Debunking the “Secret Plot”

Attorney Deaton categorically dismissed claims of a staged lawsuit, highlighting his active involvement as well as the support of over 76,000 XRP investors. He pointed out that if there truly were a secret plot, the participation of such a significant number of individuals would be highly unlikely.

Do you believe Deaton’s statement puts to rest the speculations surrounding the SEC vs. Ripple lawsuit? Or do you think there may still be underlying factors at play?

Affirming the Authenticity of the Case

On this, Deaton made it clear that the ongoing legal tussle between the SEC and Ripple is undeniably real. He emphasized the substantial financial resources Ripple has dedicated to defending itself, totaling a staggering $200 million.

The attorney also acknowledged the impact of the lawsuit on XRP’s market presence, with major exchanges like Coinbase and Kraken delisting the cryptocurrency. 

What is Ripple’s Involvement in Fintech Events

Critics of the SEC vs. Ripple lawsuit have argued that the legal battle was staged, pointing to Ripple’s active participation in high-profile fintech events.

The recent inclusion of Ripple Chairman Chris Larsen as a speaker at a digital asset-related event drew skepticism, with some suggesting it was evidence of a setup.

Conversely, others, like lawyer Bill Morgan, contend that Ripple’s presence at such events stems from its role in driving institutional adoption of digital assets. 

Remain Vigilant and Fight Back

Attorney Deaton urged the crypto community not to be swayed by frustration or pessimism, emphasizing the importance of perseverance in the face of challenges. As he says fight till justice is prevailed. 

“Don’t fall for that; don’t let your frustration, anger, and all that cloud you in that way. We’ll keep fighting until there’s no fight left,”. 


As attorney, John E. Deaton dispels rumors of a staged SEC vs. Ripple lawsuit, the authenticity of the legal battle remains firmly established. With contrasting views within the Ripple community, it is evident that the ongoing case continues to captivate and divide opinions. However, as the legal proceedings unfold, it remains to be seen how Ripple’s involvement in fintech events and the persistence of XRP investors’ support will influence the outcome. 

How do you view Deaton’s call to action? Do you believe the crypto community should remain vigilant and actively support the legal battle? Tell us. 

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