Next Big Metaverse Gem on Polygon | Bigger Than Axie Infinity?

If you know what you're doing you can Get pretty stupid rich off of play to Earned crypto games right now a lot of Money is flowing into crypto gaming and Undoubtedly it's at the very verge of Being one of the biggest crypto sectors But the reality is that there are Hundreds of play to earn games out there So you're probably asking yourself which One you should pick if you're at all Interested in this space so I decided to Immerse myself personally in this Bizarre gaming world to see if I can Actually find out an alpha pick up on Something pretty early and it seems I Actually did find one that claims to be Capable of dethroning axi infinity as it Happens they're gonna have their Metaverse land sale coming up in the Near future and look maybe you're not Super into crypto gaming but this is Still an opportunity to get in early Which was also the theme in my video Yesterday and it's a very important Theme when it comes to investing whether It's your money or your time in anything In cryptocurrency so stick around in Today's video we are deep diving into This early stage altcoin metaverse gem [Music] Foreign [Music] My name is Maddie and this is altcoin Buzz we are a crypto investment research

Company just keep in mind that whether We're talking about altcoins the Metaverse Bitcoin any kind of Cryptocurrency for that matter I am not A professional or investment advisor do I look like one for goodness sake so This video can only ever be informative In nature and hopefully it is Informative to you but you should not Consider it to be official Financial or Investment advice it is not all right Let's get right into it and talk about This so-called next axi Infinity the Game in question today is affen that's a F f y n and it's one of the many games Scheduled to launch this year and what Makes it special is that Athen combines Three very powerful elements of the game Phi space metaverse free to play and Play to earn affen is aiming to build a Closed-loop economy that axi Infinity is Currently struggling to achieve if You're not familiar with that term a Closed loop economy enables players to Earn online and then spend their Earnings in real life IRL as far as we Know the game is going to be coming out Somewhere air in December 2023 so we Have a little over a year until it Launches but the affid land sale is Currently live and if you already feel Good about the project and want to buy Some land you can use the timestamps Below to check out the detailed steps

We'll be covering that later in the Video Athen built up the Nexus world as A metaverse and they mapped this Metaverse according to the real world on Polygon so right there you have a great Partnership right out of the gate a Great support system in the form of Polygon who's tickerismatic and that Means that you can be in the game in Your own geolocation so in other words You can play in your own hood so to Speak wherever it is you may live and Athen uses AR which is augmented reality In their metaverse and there are also In-game pets which are known as your Buddies we'll be discussing those more In just a moment but let's first discuss The four main features that make affin Unique first of all one of the things That sets Nexus metavert apart is that It's free to play which means it has p2e Gaming elements as well secondly and Here's where it becomes pretty Interesting you can use their native Token f YN in both worlds so the virtual World and the real world which is also How they make their game sustainable Reason number three is that you also use The fyn token for payments like goods And services and this gives you benefits As well as special privileges and Finally you can play this game in a Mobile geolocation mode so remember they Built Nexus metaverse according to the

Real world and therefore this is one of The benefits that you can take advantage Of I mentioned it a moment ago let's now Take a look at buddies affen buddies are Nfts non-fungible tokens which means That they are yours the blockchain Guarantees your ownership which is in Stark contrast to other non-blockchain Games because in those the skins and Really all in-game items remain the Property of the game owner in other Words once they pull the plug on the Game you lose all your items but the Buddies are the first set of nfts that Affen launched currently there are 400 Gen zero buddies and they're basically Little animals that you can catch and You can train and when you train them They can take part in your raids your Quests or even PVP they can help you out They all have distinct attributes and Properties and these attributes can also Improve over time and depending on your Play style those properties can either Provide an advantage or a disadvantage Now you can choose to collect them and Keep them as a family however even Though the game is free to play the Current floor price for a buddy or a Buddy egg is five eth which is let's Face it that's rather Steep and not Everybody can afford that but the good News is that the second nft collection Will be dropping soon so we'll be sure

To have a look at that when it's ready Now the Nexus land sale is coming soon It actually starts in just a few days Just under four days actually at the Time of this recording so it's happening On Saturday the 8th of October at 1300 Hours UTC and whitelisted users can Actually start a day early now this is An interesting upcoming sale especially Given how expensive right now the Buddies are but it's also a little bit Different because there are 400 buddies Yes that's in contrast to forty eight Thousand four 182 land for sale so much More land in other words let's have a Look now at how the sale is going to go Down so only flag buyers can claim land And the flags are an in-game concept as A flag owner you can go on an expedition You can go City by city and whenever you Lay your flag that's where your home is Going to be or in this case you drop a Flag and it's your land just be careful Here because the flags are not nfts not Technically you can't transfer them Between players or list them on open C However once you've claimed your land You can do this with the land itself so Then the question becomes how do you Acquire Flags well these are for sale at The Athen Marketplace you need to sign Up with an email ID and password and This starts on the 8th of October at 1300 hours just bear in mind that

Signing up requires a kyc so that's a Know your customer process this can take Up to five working days as I mentioned There are forty eight thousand four Hundred and eighty two land units for Sale and each flag right now is priced At 1 1995 f y n the equivalent of about 150 To maybe 170 US Dollars and the maximum Number of flags you can buy is 55 and of Course it's on a first come first served Basis there is another flag sale Happening in December and that's where Only 11 828 Flags will be up for sale and the Price per flag will be increased to 2.995 fyn per flag which is by the way a 50 price increase so if you're Interested better to do it early rather Than later now the actual City launches And land claiming that starts from December onwards and that's when your Claim turns into an nft of digital land If you're in need of fyn you can buy it At quick Swap and the good news for U.S Residents is that they can buy flags and Claim lands through this process but I Guess the question is if you're planning To buy some flags and then use them to Claim land what exactly can you do with That land ultimately well that's what We're going to take a look at right now So what can you do with your land on Athen once it's purchased there's a

Total supply of 100 000 land and 50 000 is available for Pre-game launch the team is going to Release the rest after the game launches And this allows new players to get their Hands on land as well now there are four Land rarity levels we begin with common Land which you can claim with one flag So you need about a hundred and fifty Dollars U.S to claim common land and That represents 81.7 percent of all land Then we have rare land units these Require three flags to claim so about 450 US dollars worth and rare land Represents fifteen percent one five Percent of all land next up we have epic Land you need nine Flags to claim this Or about 1 350 dollars an epic Represents just three percent of all end And finally representing maximum Rarity We have mythical land for this you need 27 Flags to claim or just over 4 000 US Dollars but mythical land represents Only 0.3 percent of all land and higher Rarity lands of course have more Features they also have a larger Population size limit of the hometown Which gives higher earning potential Speaking of which there are three ways To profit from your land first of all You can earn rewards from player traffic You can spawn rare buddies and attract Crowds with them and you can grow a Thriving Hometown and increase your

Income you can also build on your land You can hold events or rent it all out If you so choose all 400 owners of a Buddy will receive an epic Land by Airdrop so there are plenty of Opportunities and if you get in early With a low enough land price who knows It is possible that the price of land Goes up with time digital metaverse land Prices have plenty of times done a 10x Or 100x that's no guarantee but it's Possible if you guys saw my Aptos slash Suey video from yesterday again same Advice was to get in early as much as Possible possible of course you have to Vet a project you have to have Confidence and faith in the projects Quality their team their Vision their Technology all of that goes without Saying of course but with those things Already taken care of the next best Thing you can do for yourself with a Quality project that's already been Identified is to get in early we talked About quality projects yesterday in the Form of Saul salana Ada cardano and Cosmos Adam of course and how many of These did triple or even quadruple digit Multipliers since the times of their Ico Look from what we've seen so far we do Like affen but only time will tell if it Holds that same kind of special Potential in the crypto metaverse and That brings us to the end of this affen

Nexus metaverse video I showed you guys What affen and the Nexus metaverse are You also got an introduction to the Buddies and at last you got some Information about the up and coming land Sale as a reminder once again it starts In just a few days time Saturday the 8th Of October now as I already pointed out Probably multiple times I must sound Like a broken record but it is important To get in early and this does represent A pretty good opportunity because once You manage to buy land you can earn Income from it as well and in the affin Closed loop economy once again you earn Money online but can also spend it in Real life let me know what you think About this one guys whether or not You're still gung-ho on the crypto Metaverse of course best of luck if you Choose to invest whether it's in the Land sales whether it's in any other Aspect or any other altcoin that we talk About best of luck if you choose to Invest but never official Financial or Investment advice be sure to like Subscribe share and hit the Bell to Receive notifications if you're still Watching this video check out these Other couple of related videos popping Up here to my left to my right happy Tuesday stay safe out there members of The altcoin buzz Army and as always we Do hope to see you again soon in our

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