Next BIG Metaverse Crypto? Zilliqa and ZIL Token Analysis

We're looking at zilliqa today and at The time of this recording the numbers Are pretty bloody but in context up Until last month's poor performance 2022 Was actually a pretty great year for Zilliqa all things considered they were Bucking the overall downtrend and went Up more than four times to a recent high Of 21 cents before being dragged down By the market conditions that we're Currently facing and yet there are at Least two interesting facts that most People don't even realize about zilliqa Number one it's one of the oldest Blockchain projects that was started all The way back in 2017 and it's got a Respectable ranking number 88 among all Other cryptocurrency projects by market Value in other words this is no dinky Project that we don't know if it's going To be here in a year or not in fact They've just joined the blockchain game Alliance and if you want to see what all The fuss is about and why we're so Bullish on zilliqa and zil stay tuned we Are deep diving in today's video [Music] [Applause] Happy monday members of the altcoin buzz Army my name is matty this is altcoin Buzz we are a crypto investment research Company we have documented many 100 Returns on coins and tokens that are top Projects today really before anyone else

Was even talking about them and if you Want to see our detailed process for Researching such projects then our new And improved altcoin buzz access group Is for you our plans start at 99 Monthly be sure to click the link below For more information and just a friendly Reminder even though we're big fans of Zilliqa and all of the other projects we Talk about even though we put our money Where our mouth is even though we are Literally sharing with you our own Portfolio strategies you should not Officially consider this to be financial Or investment advice let's begin with a Look at the team that consists of fully Credentialed computer scientists Including some from stanford and Polytechnic in france and most of the Research team comes from the national University in singapore the team has Effectively doxxed themselves and they Even have a head of metaverse and you'll See why that's important as we get into Metapolis silica has a unique value Proposition as i mentioned it started Way back in 2017 Making it one of the older blockchain Projects not the oldest but one of the Older ones it's also one of the oldest Alt layer 1 chains they were the first Block chain to use sharding which Ethereum keeps saying will be a key to Scaling eth 2.0 if you're unfamiliar

Sharding is where blockchain data is Spread over many nodes i.e computers so That the system itself runs faster and Can scale more this is unlike chains Where a node must download the entire Chain's worth of data it's also unlike Partitioning because that's where you Often keep related data points together On the same computers i.e within the Same partition zilliqa is different but No need to take my word for it vitalik Buterin himself keeps saying that Sharding is indeed the future and if This is in effect what silica offers Then the future is now silica therefore Is already a fast high throughput Blockchain thanks to sharding but what Else does it offer well for one thing It's one of the better places to build An app they use cila that's S-c-i-l-l-a as their programming Language for smart contracts instead of Solidity like ethereum uses and sola has Been tested and peer reviewed as a high Security language for building out smart Contracts and their sdk their software Development kit is one of the easiest in The industry to follow which means you Can build your own dap like the Excellent social analytics platform Lunar crush did on silica and they have Metapolis but again more on that in just A second let's first discuss the silica Ecosystem we're talking 200 projects at

This moment many of which are very very Healthy and as we said our friends at Lunar crush are one such example they Have their own multi-sig wallet they Also have games like the first Blockchain game to run on minecraft and Blocks for developing blockchain games They have nft data aggregator crypto Slam mintable nft marketplaces token Tracks nft for the music industry and Zilswap which is a dex a decentralized Exchange that lets you swap many coins That we recently featured in one of our Passive income videos and staking on Zilliqa with the zil token zil is also Big in fact about 31 of all zil or 361 million dollars is being staked Right now they have 2 400 nodes which is Way more than most pos chains have Validators even plus they're doing 77 Million dollars in transactions daily so To be clear While they have staking they are a proof Of work chain it's a pretty healthy Ecosystem let's talk tokenomics now as i Mentioned zil zil is the utility token Used to pay for network fees and for Governance and staking and zill has a Total supply of 21 Billion the circulating supply is 14.1 Billion so this means that at its Current price of as you can see now Unfortunately only 7.4 cents it has a Market value a total market value of

Just over a billion dollars as market Cap and by the way the remaining seven Or so billion tokens will go into Circulation within the next five years And the emission rate of new tokens Grows about two percent per year as per This chart here which you can find on in the silica asset section All right as promised let's now talk Metapolis this is a big deal make no Mistake metapolis really is the thing And a core component of the ecosystem That we want to emphasize in this video Effectively it's an extended reality or Xr metaverse with lots of powerful Capabilities these include some platform As a service options to help others Build out the platform they want its Release in late december was the Beginning of something big but it didn't Take off right away its roadmap includes Implementing interoperability standards Within the next month as well as adding A multi-chain wallet before the end of The year points out that there are Some technical trading arguments Suggesting that zilliqa and the zil Token could see a price uptick on its Way to as high as 50 cents or more in The relatively near future and global Talent awards app agora is bringing its Creator and its community-based system On which projects are voted on they're

Bringing that to the metapolis metaverse And this partnership is going to help Lead to a spike in the price as well Most likely the whole idea is that Zilliqa wants to host anything and Everything in metapolis this includes Things like office buildings and land Sales nft sales and games art and other Creative products e-stores and lots of Other things that partnering with agora Will help them bring into reality Metapolis after all is bringing in Esports partnerships as well into that Metaverse and they're kind of doing it In the same way or at least similarly to How socios and chilies are bringing real Sports partnerships with epl and la liga Teams into crypto and so the plan Includes p2e that's play to earn games Multi-chain offerings and operability Metaphy options microverses e-commerce Advertising land sales and more getting More specifically into silica's road map The project has been very busy and they Are seeing some of their roadmap come to Fruition and that's why their price up Until recently has been reacting the way It was the metapolis roadmap includes Building out zilliqa city which is the Capital of the metaverse and these plans Include asset trading customizable Avatars rare nft drops g zill staking And governance for the city p2e games And token drops and in the last phase

Moving to a dao d5 integrations and a Move to decentralization and all these Things are in zil's q1 and q2 plans by The way also part of the roadmap Zilliqa's president amrit kumar will be Leaving there is a multi-month Transition that's going to keep things Running smoothly as they announced on Their blog and the community knew of This move in late february so this Should not have an impact on the price That we're currently seeing again the Rest of the market unfortunately is Dragging silica down but that's the Reality of crypto it's been priced in Already in other words in q1 zil is Hoping to complete its evm as scilla is Not compatible and runs in a different Language so the team is working on Improving sela's run time too in order To keep operations fast and the team is Also adding new hires and a huge creator Event in miami to correspond with the Bitcoin conference yes the zilliqa team Has a lot on their plate right now but They are working feverishly to make good On their promises as they did by the way In their previous timeline of events Let's talk risks and competitors right Now zilliqa as we mentioned is a pow a Proof of work blockchain so does that Mean it competes with other pow chains Like bitcoin ethereum litecoin monero We don't think so because of these only

Eth is really going deep into Development dapps and sdk for others to Use with its evm zelicah uses sharding As we've mentioned so does that mean it Competes with other sharding chains like Near or maybe polka dot Well dot really uses partitioning Instead of sharding to be technical but Yes they are related and what about eth Who's testing sharding and says it's the Future Eve can therefore be thought of as a Competitor at least in some of the dap Areas that it's tackling and as far as The metaverse side of things go Decentraland and the sandbox should Definitely be considered competition as Well In the case of these three competitors The bad news is that all three are way Out in front of silica and perhaps can More easily reach a dominant position in Their respective sectors but these Sectors do have room for new winners in The space not just for one or two Because the sectors are ultimately going To scale does that represent a concern For zilliqa yes but is it going to kill Their business or prevent them from Winning no it won't there you have it Guys that is our look at silica and the Zill token metapolis is dominating the Headlines The price activity doesn't necessarily

Reflect that at the time of this Recording but things are choppy right Now in the market and as a metaverse as A service as far as that goes look we Think it could be huge but that's not All silica has going for it they have a Fast scalable and inexpensive proof of Work blockchain they have a Peer-reviewed smart contract platform Many believe is better and safer than Ethereum's and they support token Development like lunar crush they are Working hard to make blockchain Accessible for everyone we have Confidence in zelika it's one of our Long-term picks if you guys are Interested in checking out some of our Other picks and getting some of our Breaking market research information Exclusively before we record it in video Form meaning that you have up-to-date Actionable information you can use for Your investments despite the fact that It's not really official financial or Investment advice but if that kind of Information interests you regardless of What you choose to do with it you may Want to check out altcoinbuzz access it Is available using the link in our Description below click that for more Information you can connect with our Team for all kinds of market insights Entry exit points options that we Exercise ourselves can be part of the

Discussion check out that link our plans Start at 99 Per month let us know guys what you Think about zilliqa in the comments Below never financial advice but best of Luck genuinely if you choose to invest Check out these other couple of related Videos that should be popping up right About now have a great start to your Week members of the altcoin buzz army Stay safe and as always we do hope to Again soon in our next video Take care