My 100x Crypto Strategy I Top 3 Altcoins To Explode

All of crypto right now is definitely One big scary bear market but as bad as It may seem markets always have intel And resources to uncover those 100 x Opportunities and there’s no better time Than during the bear market to position Yourself for your next 100 100x move and I realize that that’s quite the claim But that’s the reality which any Investor will tell you and in the last Bear market we optimized a strategy and Sold out projects that were early super Early in fact and that we had our eye on That we felt would 100x and we used this Strategy to bag three coins that 100x Then and are now available at 70 to 80 Discounts and we feel that they’re gonna Explode again very soon so in this video We’re gonna break down that same Time-tested strategy that has worked for Us in the past to see 100x gains and We’re also going to highlight three Altcoin projects that we are very very Optimistic about in which we are picking Up aggressively in this bear market [Music] My name is matty welcome to the channel And welcome to altcoin buzz we are a Crypto investment research company and Right now don’t forget we have an Ongoing special deal happening with our Friends over at binance so if you want To action some of the choices that we’re Going to highlight in this video sign up

With the new binance account and you can Be eligible for up to 800 In bonuses just for signing up and Funding that new account all right so to Begin with before we outline our choices In this video let’s set some context Here and talk about the 100x crypto Strategy tool that we’ve employed very Successfully in the past now binance Labs very simply is our secret weapon That we are using actively to spot the Next 100 x opportunity because in bear Markets previously i myself used the Same to find out these three explosive Coins that gave me for point number one 299 x coin number two 972 x and coin Number three 35 x returns it’s not so Crazy if you think about it binance labs Is the investment and project incubator Division of binance and when they decide To invest in a project that has some Weight that goes along with it and Here’s what we know first of all they Believe in it because they invest their Own money so it’s a clear signal to the Rest of the market they also believe it Can be a leading project in crypto and They have vetted that project Extensively in a very thorough and Demanding manner and then they’re also Going to help that project succeed by Marketing it aggressively and then Listing the token on the exchange and Then account holders like yourself like

Myself we’re going to be able to access It once they listed on the exchange or The project has its tge their token Generation event and once binance labs Is invested you can check the project Out in the launch pad or launch pool if You happen to have an account but even If you don’t have an account at binance Even if for whatever reason you hate Binance Look be objective be rational be robotic About it in a sense don’t you want to Take advantage of all the legwork and Marketing efforts that they are going to Put in to help generate some alpha For you it’s a clear choice as far as We’re concerned so let’s get into those Top three coins that i picked up from Binance labs earlier and now we’re gonna Be buying them again because right now They are deeply deeply discounted and All the fundamentals of the projects are If anything better than ever so we feel These are set to explode to have very Strong price rallies when the market Ultimately but inevitably chooses to Pick up again okay now that we Understand the shortcut is through Binance labs let’s look at some of the Projects that have already benefited From this and are going to continue to Do so in the future beginning with coin Number one which is polygon ticker is Matic m-a-t-i-c

There was a time just about two years Ago when you could have paid one Cent per matic token and today it’s Worth over 80 cents and it’s been as High as about three dollars but look Even at 80 cents in this terrible market Those are huge returns 80x in two years Not bad polygon was part of season 2 in April 2019 which means that had you been Watching you would have noticed Binance’s marketing muscle behind the Project and you would have had a great Opportunity to buy in polygon as you may Know is the ethereum layer 2 leader Because they’re involved in every Technology from running their own chain As a side chain to zero knowledge or zk Technology to keep transactions faster And more private and now polygon is Making lots of other moves as well that Could easily lead them to another 10 15 Maybe 20x from here and we are talking About big moves like helping games move To either the polygon chain or move to Their own chain like game swift which is Formerly star terra or look how about Its reported partnership with disney you May not have heard about that one but we Feel matic has a lot of bright days Ahead and it all comes back to binance Labs which helped them get started in The first place moving right along Another huge project receiving support From binance labs and then the binance

Launch pad for a token raise was the Sandbox now binance labs invested early 2020 and then sand did a 3.5 million Token launch in august 2020 so pretty Much two years ago just over two years Ago now for context just do the math We’re talking 3.5 million dollars for a Project now worth over 1.4 billion Dollars it’s approximately a 300x Look you don’t need to be right that Often with your investments when you Have returns like this this is really That unicorn kind of investment that Just makes you successful in crypto even If you’ve had another dozen or more Abysmal failures at its high of eight Dollars and forty cents the value of Send s-a-n-d was 10 times higher than it Is now approximately yet look it’s still A leading metaverse project it just Happens to be available right now at a 90 discount at a time when the market is Dragging its price down but fundamentals Are still strong plus if you got some of That binance labs alpha you probably Crushed it you definitely actually Crushed it even at this current low Relatively low price and like polygon The sandbox is still a leader in its Part of the crypto economy and just About the only difference right now is The price you can always buy quality at A discount in fact that should be your Mission in cryptocurrency and only in

The last couple of weeks the sandbox is Partnering with firefly games and paris Hilton along with many other strong Partnerships leading the industry a 9x Back to its old all-time high right now Is certainly doable at the very least And then beyond that with the ongoing Growth and maturation of the metaverse Ecosystem and industry we think new All-time highs are right around the Corner so as you know guys it’s never Official financial or investment advice But we think it would be a wise decision Hypothetically to fill your bags during These current market conditions if That’s something that you want to do let Us remind you about our binance offer Where you can get up to 800 Upon sign up here are the details you Can sign up using the links below check Out our description on binance exchange And get the following benefits so you’re Getting a 100 sign up bonus 20 trading Fee discounts that’s for life a free 200 Worth of altcoin buzz access pro Memberships and plus an additional 500 In unlockables so look if you’re in the Market for some of these great Discounted quality altcoins right now That are on sale it’s a better time than Ever to open up a binance account once Again links can be found in the Description below moving right along to Coin number three we’re taking a look at

Cava which is another successful binance Labs investment It has a market value right now of Approximately 417 let’s call that 418 million dollars And that is down 90 or so from its All-time high so massively discounted at The moment again the theme here Continues to be that early investors Crushed on this investment so that even At these lower prices again we’re down 90 but if you were in early enough the Returns are still pretty eye-popping but Again not only that because cava could Easily do a 9x right now to reclaim its Old all-time high and then move beyond To new all-time highs kava right now has Two fully developed chains one for the Cava ecosystem and its own separate evm Ethereum virtual machine which connects It to two of the three biggest Ecosystems in crypto those being Obviously ethereum and cosmos and if you Haven’t already heard about it they have A huge developer incentive plan for 750 Million dollars these guys have big Ambitious plans believe me let us know What you think about these three choices In the comments below maybe you love These altcoin projects as we do maybe You have your eye on some other altcoins But really again that secret weapon that Strategy that we’re using here to spot Future winners is binance labs okay but

Perhaps more importantly let’s now talk About how you can get after that alpha Yourself how you yourself can spot the Next potential sandbox the next Metaverse gem or crypto moonshot before The herd moves in there are two places You’re gonna wanna look the first of Which is the season three binance labs Incubator now although season four is Currently ongoing season three from late 2021 has graduated already and we’ll be Doing token events soon now some Potential highlights worth noting from This group are number one a p2e Ecosystem called block ape scissors if You’re bullish on blockchain games Number two tranching protocol for yield Optimization and hedging strategies if You’re a fan of yield farming and Thirdly mint club a no code token Building platform in addition to this There are a bunch of other graduates six Others in fact that you can take a look At and by the way many of these coins Now that they’ve graduated from season Three are available on pancake swap Where you can buy them if you so choose That second place you’re going to want To go to is the binance labs website Here it makes sense to just look where Binance has already invested so they Show you all the projects on their Website and they have many articles About the projects that they do support

Just like this announcement for example About their recent investment into Liquid staking protocol p stake now as You know we don’t officially provide Investment advice here but if you are Going to copy and paste the trading Techniques of others maybe it makes more Sense to invest in some of the things That binance labs invests in after all They have both the monetary incentive And the marketing muscle and public face To help get these projects the exposure They need early on by the way to be Successful and binance is if anything The most incentivized to do so so it Does make sense to follow them in this Space and look don’t forget if you are Indeed in the market you can get a first Look at where to find this alpha from Binance investments if you take Advantage of our special deal which is Currently ongoing you can earn up to 800 In bonuses just by signing up and Funding your new binance account always The very best of luck if you choose to Invest although i gotta say it never Official financial or investment advice So those are our three projects that we Have our eye on if you have your eye on Another 100x crypto moonshot let us know What it is in the comments below happy Labor day by the way for those that are Maybe taking the day off out there maybe You’re chilling maybe you’re working uh

Whatever your circumstance may be hope You’re enjoying your day if you’re still Watching be sure to like subscribe share Hit the bell to receive notifications And check out these other couple of Videos popping up here to my left to my Right stay safe out there members of the Altcoin buzz army have a great start to Your week and as always we do hope to See you again soon in our next video Take care