Investors Shun Ethereum Classic for InQubeta’s AI and Unique DeFi approach, QUBE 5X Incoming?

The crypto tides continue to shift, causing ripple effects throughout the market as new players rise to prominence, challenging established projects. A recent example of this phenomenon is InQubeta, an AI-driven project with a unique DeFi approach, whose native token QUBE, has been stealing the limelight and catching the eyes of savvy investors. Many of these market players seem to be shunning Ethereum Classic (ETC) in favour of InQubeta’s exciting proposition. Is a 5x increase on the horizon for QUBE? Let’s delve into this intriguing development and what it could mean for the crypto space.

InQubeta: The New Kid on the Block

InQubeta has captivated the crypto market with its innovative blend of AI, DeFi, and NFTs. This promising start-up offers fractional investment opportunities in AI start-ups through its QUBE token, leveling the playing field for investors of all budgets. The token’s utility is not merely limited to investment access; QUBE holders can also participate in governance decisions, earning rewards from a dedicated pool funded by transaction taxes.


The presale of the QUBE token has garnered tremendous attention, raising more than $1.6 million. The success has largely been driven by InQubeta’s groundbreaking vision of democratizing the venture capital domain, traditionally seen as exclusive. The dynamic performance of the QUBE token, in conjunction with the platform’s unique selling points, have prompted many investors to redirect their resources from other established cryptos like Ethereum Classic.

Ethereum Classic: Losing Momentum?

Despite being a time-tested cryptocurrency, Ethereum Classic has been encountering a wave of sell-offs recently. While the project offers solid technology and has a dedicated community, it lacks some of the unique features that innovative platforms like InQubeta offer. As the crypto landscape evolves, new players that bridge traditional and emerging technologies like AI, blockchain, and DeFi are gaining popularity.

Investors looking to diversify their portfolio beyond established cryptos are finding InQubeta’s novel approach to AI investing irresistible. Moreover, the potential for returns from the QUBE token, considering its deflationary mechanism and the potential for 5x or even higher profits, has added to its allure.

A Comparative Perspective

In the highly competitive crypto space, innovation is king. While Ethereum Classic, being a hard fork  of Ethereum, presents a solid value proposition with its commitment to immutability and decentralized governance, it seems to be losing steam in the face of more dynamic projects like InQubeta. The start-up’s unique convergence of AI and DeFi, coupled with its presale success, is making it an attractive alternative for investors looking for higher potential returns.

Moreover, the democratization of the venture capital domain through an accessible DeFi approach is a game-changer. It allows investors of all levels to have a stake in promising AI start-ups, a privilege previously reserved for the elite. This potent combination is what’s leading many investors to shun Ethereum Classic in favor of InQubeta.


The market sentiment towards Ethereum Classic and InQubeta is a perfect illustration of the crypto market’s dynamism. With InQubeta, investors have a unique chance to support and potentially profit from the growth of AI start-ups. As the QUBE token continues its upward trajectory, a 5x increase is not outside the realms of possibility. As always, however, investors should do their due diligence and stay updated on market trends. The crypto sea is ever-changing, but for now, it seems the current is flowing in favor of InQubeta and its QUBE token.

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