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By the dip it's age-old advice it's what We say in many of our videos when we're Talking about projects that we like we Also recommend you buy the rumor sell The news kind of thing Buy Low sell High Select any truism that you feel is the Most appropriate here but what if you Knew when a dip was coming how would you Prepare for it would you buy a little Would you buy a lot or would you try to Short it first the thing is one such Event is happening this week and you do Have a chance to prepare in advance and So in this video we are going to Define Specifically what that opportunity is How you can prepare for it and how you Can make money from it Welcome to the channel my name is Maddie And this is altcoin Buzz we are a crypto Investment research company we always Wish you genuinely the best of luck if You choose to invest but look at me I'm Not a financial advisor I hardly look Like one so this video can only be Informative in nature it is not official Financial or investment advice okay so In this video we are specifically Looking at immutable X and there are a Bunch of important updates surrounding It let's begin with update number one Which is the developer fund now we know That the bull market for crypto is going To return one day and so therefore one Of the best things to look out for is

Projects that are building and making Investments now that are using their Time wisely and immutable X is doing That although this was announced back in June it's an important development worth Mentioning again so specifically there Are 500 million dollar developer and Venture fund has the sole purpose of Advancing web 3 games on immutable X and Immutable X is already the fastest layer 2 roll-up for ethereum and it was the First roll up specifically for and nfts Non-fungible tokens check out our video By the way that we dedicated to Immutable X from a couple of months ago If you've not already a link should be Popping up right about now but this Developer fund and the need for games to Have fast cheap solutions are both Helping immutable X grow they're also Celebrating big news in the form of Their nft Marketplace partnership with GameStop that just launched a week ago We are remaining super bullish when it Comes to crypto gaming if you guys have A favorite blockchain game maybe one That we haven't covered yet on the Channel let us know what that is in the Comments below okay major update number Two is the big immutable X token release And once again we did that deep dive on Immutable x a little while ago if you Want to get up to speed with information About the team and maybe more info on

The value proposition of being a layer 2 For games and nfts then go back and Check out that video but assuming you Have a pretty good understanding of what It is these guys are doing really the Major news for immutable X and why we're Talking about it now is the huge token Release that's coming up on Friday so on Friday the 4th of November 254 million Tokens will unlock it's part of Immutable X that all payments and Rewards have a lockup period this is Just built into the structure of this Project and that 254 million token Supply represents 12.7 of the total Supply which is a lot of tokens and it's Actually even more when you look at it In this context so let's consider now The token released by the Numbers the Total Supply is 2 billion tokens and the Percentage of tokens locked as of today Is 74 or just under 1.5 billion IMX and The percentage of unlocked tokens as of Today is 26 or 510 million so when you Look at the numbers what's really Happening is first of all the number of Unlock tokens circulating increases by 50 percent from 510 million to 764 Million that's when we add the 254 Million which are releasing this week And also the number of lock tokens is Still more than 50 percent it's seventy Four percent today and will be sixty two Percent after Friday now we talk about

This on the channel pretty often because An important part of tokenomics are the Emission schedules the lock-ups the Vesting periods and this is why and We'll have a little bit more on a moment In how to best position yourself for This upcoming event but where are the Tokens coming from exactly this is a Logical question that you may want to Ask yourself is it a venture capitalist Or Insider dump is it the first time the Public has a chance to sell well you can See that the tokens divide into five Categories here so number one ecosystem Development representing 51 project Development representing 25 percent Private Sales at 14 public sales at five Percent and Foundation Reserve at four Percent now the two biggest categories By far are the first two that I Mentioned ecosystem and project together They control 76 of the tokens on the Unlock schedule all the tokens come from Two areas and those are project Development and private sales project Development is going to release 134 Million tokens Private Sales will Release the remaining 120 million tokens Now immutable access token IMX is Currently sitting at 58 cents project Development is web developers helping to Build out IMX and others involved with The IMX token or the nft marketplace They're going to have their first chance

To sell and today right now as I'm Talking to you they are not vested but On Friday 76 million dollars worth of Their tokens are now vested now we have No idea if these developers bought or Stake these tokens got them as a gift or Maybe got them as payment for work They've been doing so we have honestly No idea if they are in the money on them Or not but if their cost was Zero they Certainly are so how many of those do You think they're going to sell the Private sale numbers are even worse Despite having fewer tokens they jump From 6 million IMX vested now to 126 Million million or 72 million dollars And that private sale went for 10 cents Per IMX so let's do the math the current Price is 58 cents the cost basis or the Price where bot was 10 cents so the Profit there is 48 cents representing a Profit of 480 percent so how many of Those do you think are going to sell Would you take at least some money off The table if you had a 480 returned in 18 months Honestly most of us probably would Alright so with that in mind the Question is how do we make money from This token release well there's a term That some of us here at altcoin buzz Like to use and I know you've heard me Say it before it's overhang of supply of Tokens and this is exactly what's going

On here the lack of liquidity has helped Push the IMX price higher now look don't Misunderstand what I'm saying we don't Think immutable X is a bad project not By any means quite the opposite in fact We like it a lot but it's impossible to Look at this event and not think that a Dump is coming so how should you play This well if you're bold and you know How to trade with proper money Management and stop losses then you Could think about shorting IMX into this Token release if your exchange allows For it but that being said for most of Us the less risky advice is to Understand that this is coming I.E the Release and the dip secondly do not add To current positions before the token Release wait for the token release to Happen and then finally if the dump Happens which we're expecting from this Huge supply hitting the market then You're going to have a great long-term Buying opportunity if you like IMX long Term as we do many of us do actually we Think it's going to become a leading Lure too for many years so just in case You haven't seen this before this is What short-term bearish and long-term Bullish together kind of look like and It seems a little strange for sure but If you like IMX and its fundamentals and Growth opportunity then this token Release does not change any of that the

Long-term vision and Outlook Remains the Same so wait for the dip and then buy it The dip actually could be severe but the More severe it is the better that buying Opportunity last Quick piece of advice Here again IMX is currently trading at 58 cents don't worry about trying to Catch it at the absolute bottom if it Drops 15 maybe 20 percent and you like The price there then just buy or maybe DCA into it by buying a little all the Way down that's how the pros tend to do It now our great technical analysis team Here at altcoin Buzz they're telling us That IMX is trading above the support Zone at 56.8 cents but below the trend Line resistance and as long as it's Above that support Zone we could start Seeing a move towards 65 cents and about 71 cents which is the key resistance Area if 71 Cents gets broken IMX is Going to break out of the bearish trend And quickly move towards 79 cents 91.5 Cents a dollar and five cents and Eventually a dollar and 13 cents however Failure to hold that key support Zone at 56.8 cents could lead to a drop towards 53 cents 41.8 cents and ultimately Perhaps lower we just don't know but There are the key technical levels of Support that you want to be on the Lookout for if you're fan of immutable X The bottom line is that this token Release should not surprise you and it

Should not change your opinion of the Project it's a huge token release yes But it was scheduled 18 months ago and Now you know it's coming the only Question to ask yourself is do you like The long-term potential of IMX if your Answer is yes then the likely dump That's going to come it's a great buying Opportunity and if no or maybe then you Should probably wait and do more Research on this and other potential Projects to decide whether or not the Investment is worth your money and your Time before you go guys don't forget for A limited time we are instituting our Amazing altcoin Buzz access group Membership that is for free again a very Limited time you can get all the most Up-to-date research as soon as it comes Out and not only that you can also talk Directly with the great researchers this Is a 99 per month value we are offering It temporarily for free on a trial basis Check it out more info can be found by Clicking the link in the description Below or checking out the comments Section whether it's IMX or any other Coin gem that we may collectively have Our eyes on we wish you only the very Best of luck if you choose to invest but Never official Financial or investment Advice guys be sure to like subscribe Share hit the Bell to receive Notifications if you're still watching

This video happy hump day check out These other couple of videos that are Popping up here to my left and my right Stay safe out there members of the Altcoin buzz Army have a happy midweek And as always we hope to see you again Soon in our next video take care