HUGE! Star Atlas IDO | Next-Gen NFT Game on Solana

Ido’s and ieos these are some of the Best ways to get your hands on the next Hidden cryptogems that could 10x 20x and Possibly no guarantees but possibly even 100 times x and you don’t want to miss This video because we are sharing one of The most exciting idos that is happening This month we’re gonna break down why we Like the project personally and then Toward the end of the video we’ll share With you guys the information you need To know if you’d like to participate as Always no guarantees in the crypto space But this could very well be the project That turns one dollar into a hundred if You guys don’t want to miss our Recommendations for the latest and the Hottest ido’s and ieos then be sure to Hit the like button subscribe to Altcoinbuzz hit the bell as well to Receive notifications that way you’re Notified every time we put out a new Video but before we begin quick Disclaimer this video is not financial Advice in fact all we’re doing is Sharing information about projects that We ourselves are already excited about Early investment in any project whether We’re talking about cryptocurrency or Any other sector has inherent risks Associated with it it’s kind of what we Like right it’s a high risk high reward Situation but again this video is not Financial advice you should proceed at

Your own risk with that out of the way Let’s discuss a project that we’re Pretty excited about star atlas [Music] So we had alt queen buzz first heard About star atlas for the first time in May of this year so may 2021 that’s when We took a deep dive into the project and Ever since we’ve been eagerly awaiting Its token generation event which is Coming up in just a few days and just Like axi infinity star atlas has a two Token model on the one hand you have Atlas and on the other hand you have Polis both of which are going to fuel All activities and operations so polis Is the governance token and atlas is Going to be used as the in-game currency That’s kind of the differentiation Between the two both atlas and polos are Going to become available for public Sale on three launch pad platforms those Are ftx apollo x and radium more Information on this in just a second but First let’s do a quick evaluation of This particular ido we have to consider The segment in which the project finds Itself and it’s a pretty exciting one as Far as we’re concerned we’re on here looking at all Kinds of metaverse tokens so these are Metaverse tokens currently grouped by Market cap you can see axi infinity is At the top

Followed actually there’s a big gap Between axi infinity and engine but Engine is the number two and then you Have decentraland and some other Familiar names that you likely have seen Before this is an unbelievable segment In terms of potential we at altcoin buzz Believe that the metaverse is really Going to be the next big thing And this is why this ideo is so Important at least to us because it Occupies this metaverse segment This is again i’ll state it clearly this Is predicted to be the next big crypto Trend you heard here first uh we’ve Looked at other crypto trends in the Past of course we really feel that this Is the next up and coming one don’t take Our word for it mark zuckerberg is also Looking into all kinds of applications And Functionality and this certainly extends Well into blockchain gaming which is a Space that we’re extremely excited about To further evaluate the ido let’s also Consider the ido’s price so right now You can buy atlas at just 0.00138 Dollars per token or .138 Pennies per token Polis is sitting at 13.8 cents currently So they’re off one from the other by About two orders of magnitude these are Pretty cheap actually considering the Fact that star atlas is a play to earn

Game similar to axi infinity that you See here They’re doing very well even though They’re slightly down right now over These last 24 hours axi sitting at 75 Dollars and 71 cents but ultimately These two occupy the same category and As you can see here the market cap for Axi infinity is just massive 4.3 billion Dollars let’s also take a look here at this is not a site that we Often use on the channel but it’s a Handy tool again the url is here we’re on the ico page And you could actually sort by all-time High Using roi in terms of usd which is a Great tool you can use so you’re going To want to click on this tool right here Ath roi usd that is showing us the All-time high return on investment in us Dollars and you can see some incredible Figures here after casper and polygon we Have axi infinity ticker axs so that is Showing us an 833.63 X return Meaning that if you crunch the numbers Uh given where it currently is about 75 And 70 cents at the time of this Recording that’s ax s it once sat at Sort of a price comparable to where Atlas and polis are today axs was once About 0.1 or 10 cents obviously that Project has exploded because people have

Gravitated towards it an ecosystem has Blossomed and there’s no guarantee that Atlas and polis are going to do Something similar there’s no guarantee That you’ll have any return on Investment at all however given the Price points that they find themselves Right now if this were to be a Successful project i’m talking about Star atlas now you can see that there’s A lot of potential for these kinds of Games these kinds of ecosystems of Course guys we’re going to link to all Of this information in the description Below you can check out this medium Article from just under a week ago star Atlas token sale details revealed Uh this is a pretty good read if you’re Interested again more information on Those platforms ftx radium and apollo x That we’re going to take a look at in Just a second but more information can Be found here going back once again to You can see that there are some massive Market caps here in terms of some of the Leading projects i mentioned axi Infinity 4.6 billion dollars uh and this Everything that you’re looking at here By the way is in the metaverse category So engine coin once again decentraland Right now the market caps of atlas and Polis those two tokens are both in the

Range of about a million dollars Now again there’s no guarantee but can You just imagine if it reached from a Million dollars went to a quarter of the Size less than a quarter of the size to Axi infinity That would be a growth of 1 000 x from 1 Million to a billion is 1 000 times growth Is it gonna happen um Nothing can be guaranteed right but this Is definitely gonna be a great project In a great space that we’re excited About so it certainly has a chance what We like about star atlas as well is that It has a pretty sizable twitter Community at least for this stage in its Development right now 54.5 000 followers about 55 000 followers now There’s always the concern that you know When you’re evaluating the The online presence of some of these Projects there’s a lot of scamming in Terms of marketing in terms of bot Followers that’s not the case for star Atlas because just taking a look at some Of their organic tweets for example you Can really see that there’s engagement Here so when they do put out a tweet you Tend to see quite a few likes quite a Few responses quite a few retweets this Always shows sort of you know an Indication of more Organic community involvement and that’s

Whether you’re talking about this Project or any other project that’s Actually something that’s really Important to look out for twitter Engagement is therefore pretty strong You can also join the growing community On any one of these social platforms Discord telegram instagram ticktalk Youtube and you can also follow them on The medium blog which we showcased a Moment ago again i’ll link to all of This in the description below all right So at a micro level we like all of these Little details that the star atlas team Is kind of putting together that’s Impressive as per our checklist that we Go through but at a more macro level What is it about this project that we’re Excited about why are we behind this Idea well for one thing star atlas Promises to provide a triple a Blockchain gaming experience arguably The first Aaa gaming experience in blockchain Because as far as i’m aware and you guys Can correct me there are no triple a Titles in blockchain gaming right now That’s always been the hope in fact it’s Kind of been the holy grail of this Space but to my knowledge and speaking On behalf of the team to our knowledge There are no triple a titles in the Blockchain gaming space right now if you Disagree or if i need to be corrected

Then do be sure to comment below let me Know just how wrong i am but that’s kind Of our consensus right now there are Currently no aaa games in the blockchain Gaming space and what’s cool about star Atlas is that they’re bringing the power Of the unreal 5 engine to create space Exploration visuals that are basically Going to be on par with photo realism so This is like nothing we’ve ever seen and We’re told that the fully immersive 3d Version of the game is going to be Rolled out at the end of 2021 if they Can pull it off and it’s a big if but if They can pull it off this is going to be Massive and you know in our opinion star Atlas offers nft utility that’s even Bigger and better than axi infinity Really right from the ideo stage nfts or Non-fungible tokens play an important Role in star atlas and that’s because if You hold an nft you get bonus tickets in The i-d-o or i-e-o these nfts can be Bought on third-party marketplaces like Open c which you’re seeing right here And from what we’re seeing in the white Paper it seems to indicate that nft Utility at every stage of the game is Also heavily emphasized and check this Out right here star atlas is starting to Get a lot of attention from some very High profile creators there’s some cross Promotion some cross marketing happening Here because mr beast

Probably the most popular creator on Youtube recently purchased this was in May of 2021 he purchased 500 nft posters From star atlas so a lot of positive Attention as this project is now being Kind of brought out into the spotlight The performance of this block chain is Also a super critical variable because We’ve seen games that frankly we’ve kind Of liked crypto kitties it’s not Everybody’s cup of tea but we’ve seen Games like these fail Due to the lower quality of the block Chains on which they found themselves at Least the quality of their block chains At the time but this is not the case for Star atlas because it is launching on Solana which is basically one of the Highest quality block chains out there And is only getting better so this Really right out of the gate future Proofs the quality of star atlas going Forward by the way guys be sure to check Out our gameplay overview of star atlas This video was published back in april By robert we talked about the importance Of the metaverse this burgeoning space That’s only getting more and more Attention he touched on where it’s going Uh some of the dynamics as far as the Gameplay is concerned of star atlas also Talking about the importance of solana And the integrity of that blockchain Network now the token utility is also

Going to kick in immediately after the Ido so right after the token generation Event the tge the team is going to Release an in-browser minigame we’re Here looking at the star atlas white Paper you can find that on This is going to expose players to Numerous gameplay loops like ship Configuration land development and space Station building along with crafting and Other mechanics and the idea is that the Gamer will be able to immediately deploy Assets to generate revenue they can Participate in staking mining yield Generation all of this through d5 Protocols most importantly it means that The token utility will kick in Immediately after the ido gamers in Other words can start using their tokens For staking and other things as well and It’s going to be a really good thing for The upward price movement of the tokens Another reason that has us pretty Excited about star atlas is the fact That the in-game marketplace is already Fully functional and there’s a lot here To explore so galactic marketplace the Feature-rich decentralized exchange is Now fully integrated in star atlas and Owners of meta posters and other in-game Assets can now buy and sell nfts Directly within star atlas And this is good we know this from axi Infinity where the in-game marketplace

Is known to be a major contributor to The success of the game the transaction Volume right now inside the in-game Marketplace is very high and far exceeds The transaction volume of the leading Marketplace today we’re also super Excited that star atlas has been added To yield guild games that’s why gg yield Guild games is a decentralized Autonomous organization also known as a Dao and they’ve played an important role In the adoption of axi infinity as a Play to earn game in developing Countries where such games have become a Real source of income for many so Recently yield guild games added star Atlas to its guild and basically what This means is that ygg will provide star Atlas access to burgeoning gaming Communities based in the philippines and Throughout asia this is happening prior To the token generation event and that’s Interesting as a huge gaming community Is already waiting to earn yield Using star atlas all right what you’re Probably wondering by now is how do i Participate in the star atlas ido well You can participate via three launch Pads ftx apollo x and radium and a quick Reminder that white listing is going to End on august 25th so you don’t have Very much time left let’s first have a Look at ftx the white listing is open However that must be completed by the

25th of august so if you’re watching This after the 25th of august Unfortunately it’s gonna be too late at Least on ftx let’s consider here radium You have seven days of staking but the Deadline is coming up just as quickly August 25th at 1200 hours utc The final option here is apollo x The event is happening from the 20th of August to the 29th of august so you have A little bit more time there information Is available here Once again guys all of this is going to Be linked to in the description below And as long as you meet the deadline the Idea is that you should use whatever Platform you’re most familiar with and Most comfortable with let’s now do a Further comparison breakdown so let’s Compare and contrast some of the Requirements here between ftx apollo x And radium we’re then going to break all Of this down in a very handy table that You guys can refer to at any point this Is kind of a cheat sheet if you will We’re ultimately going to give you guys An example on how to move forward with This using radium but let’s again as i Said let’s first compare and contrast It’s important to remember that you have To be white listed before participating In any i e o or i d o and there are Requirements that are associated and That correspond to that white listing so

Looking first at ftx as you can see here You’re gonna have to have at least 150 Ftt Staked now this is an additional Requirement uh in addition to that Deadline that i mentioned a moment ago So that’s the case for ftx in the case Of Radium here you’re gonna have to have 100 ray staked and then finally here Looking at apollo x you’re going to have To have 750 paid tokens staked now these various Platforms are going to be able to offer Different allocations as you can see ftx Has 36 billion atlas tokens And 360 million polis by comparison rey And apollo x both have exactly half that Amount so each have 18 billion atlas and 180 million polis as i mentioned the Minimum tokens that you need to stake on Ftx in order to participate in order to Qualify for a winning lottery ticket of Which you can get five but the minimum In order to Qualify for one in the case of ftx would Be 150 ftt given that each ftt is valued At about 50 us dollars right now that Means that you’re spending an equivalent Of 7500 us dollars right now for one Lottery ticket that’s the expense that You would have to incur in order to Stake the minimum amount by comparison

100 ray is the requirement on radium Each rate token is at about seven Dollars and forty cents right now Bringing us to a staking cost or price If you will of 740 us dollars that’s Actually our cheapest option so we’re Going to move forward with radium in Just a second but we’ll also highlight Here the fact that on apollo x the Minimum staking requirement to be Whitelisted is 750 paid Paid right now paid at about a dollar And four cents us so that would bring The cost of the minimum staking Requirement to about 780 dollars now atlas and polis Allocation per ticket let me get myself Out of the way here so you can see Correctly You can see that on ftx for that entry Cost of 7 500 If you are The holder i should say of the winning Ticket that would be equivalent to 180 000 atlas Or 1800 polis in the case of radium a Winning ticket would correspond to 50 000 atlas and 500 polis a little bit Less than ftx but much cheaper at the Same time and then finally on apollo x Also 50 000 atlas and 500 polish so i guess As you guys can see for this reason We’re more inclined to use ray because

This is only the cost of one ticket you Can purchase as many as or you can Qualify guests as far as your staking Requirements for as many as five lottery Tickets so i mean if you want to have Five of these just think of how much That would cost i think some quick math Fifteen thousand thirty thousand thirty Seven thousand five hundred dollars for A chance at five lottery tickets versus Not even five thousand dollars for Radium so we’ll take a look at that in Just a moment the breakdown of how Radium itself would work also on radium Which is an additional feature we’re Excited about um if you are a fan of Nfts and if you’re a star atlas badge Nft holder there are going to be some Additional incentives here so reading From holders of a star atlas Nft badge will also be eligible for Lottery tickets please check with star Atlas for details or view their medium Post and this is actually the article That we were featuring earlier so if we Scroll down to more information on Radium which is right about here you can See that holders of a star atlas nft Badge will also be eligible for Additional lottery tickets based on the Number of tier batches and meta posters Being held by the participating user and Wouldn’t you know what they even have a Conversion chart here for the purposes

Of calculating your meta poster bonus so You guys can check this out we’ll link To it in the description below now going Back to the 17th of august here’s a Tweet that was released by star atlas in Which they kind of detailed all the Options that you have at your disposal If you want to participate in the white Listing and then afterwards of course The ido and the ieo of polis and atlas Now we’re going to take the example of Radium but again as a reminder you can Also use ftx you can also use apollo x If you’re more familiar with those Platforms so let’s go over here to Now this is a dex a decentralized Exchange so the first thing that we’re Going to do is launch the app here on The landing page depending on whether or Not you’re already a user of radium you Either will already have the required Array tokens once again 100 ray tokens Are that required staking threshold to Acquire one lottery ticket you can also Connect a wallet so if you have any one Of these wallets we Don’t necessarily have a favorite among These but if you’re using one or the Other you can then connect your wallet To your radium account And then transfer your ray tokens and Then stake them If you have none of the above you have

Nothing on your account you don’t have a Functional wallet or you don’t have one That you’re able to connect you can Always use the radium exchange and just Exchange Usdt4-ray tokens which at the time of This recording are at about 7.36 so that 100 taking a location would Cost you even a little bit less than we Described earlier about 736 dollars either way you have all These different options to avail Yourself of those 100 ray tokens once That is the case you’re gonna have to go Over to your staking here and you’re Going to have to stake those 100 ray Tokens again this part must be done Before the 25th of august so Unfortunately you don’t have a lot of Time the final step is then to go over To the accelerator page on This is don’t forget where the actual Ieo and the ido will take place there Are some additional steps here that You’re going to have to take in order to Action your lottery ticket but those More detailed instructions can be found In the description below the important Thing or i should say the the time Sensitive issue right now is to make Sure you have your ray tokens if you Choose to use radium although you can Also use ftx it’s more expensive but you Can use ftx for as many as five lottery

Tickets you can also use apollo x if You’re on radium once again go over to Either the trading page where you can Buy radium usdt Ray is the pair If you don’t want to do that you can Also just simply connect a wallet any One of these right here if you’re a user Of the swap function already on then you can simply swap all Kinds of different tokens for ray 100 Ray tokens 736 dollars at the time of This recording all right members of the Alt coin buzz army that is it for this Video just our personal opinion never Financial advice but hey you know what Honestly we think this is a great Opportunity if you’re lucky enough to Win one of these lotteries then you Really do have a chance to multiply your Investment here guys be sure to like This video subscribe to altcoinbuzz and Hit the bell to receive notifications That way you are alerted to future Videos as you can see this is a fairly Time sensitive video this one is going To be coming out on the 24th of august And you have about 24 hours or so from The publication of this video to Actually Action the advice that we’re suggesting So it does pay to be not only subscribed To altcoin buzz but to be notified Because this is cryptocurrency a lot of

Things happen very quickly in this space You’re also going to want to check out The related videos that we’ve already Published on star atlas those should be Popping up right about now i’ll say it One more time guys never financial Advice however if you do invest we wish You all the very best of luck stay safe Members of the altcoin buzz army as Always we hope to see you again soon in Our next video take care