How to Setup and Stake BNB on Trust Wallet [for Crypto Noobs]

To create your first wallet with truss World it you have to tap on create Wallet Write down your backup phrase or tap Copy and save it to your secure password Manager of choice Tap on next to continue Verify your backup phrase by tapping Each of the 12 words in their correct Order Well done You have created your first wallet with Truss wallet to add additional wallets You can tap on settings Tap on wallets Tap on the plus sign in the top right Corner which will open the create or Import water wizard pretty simple so With trustwallet you can create a crypto Wallet in about a minute you can swap One crypto for another in less than a Minute and you can do so without the Wallet secretly collecting your IP Addresses as metamask has been doing This whole time according to recent Reports there's no question that because Of the easy setup and all the swap Features trust wallet really is one of The favorites in the industry but it Also offers more than that stick with us In this video we're going to walk you Through some of those other cool Features and give you a very simple Step-by-step guide on how to maintain

Full custody of your crypto assets while Also getting the most out of your trust Wallet [Music] Welcome to the channel my name is Maddie And this is altcoin Buzz as a friendly Reminder best of luck if you choose to Invest and be careful out there which is Why we're talking more about Wallace These days but if you choose to invest Just don't take what I am saying to be Official Financial or investment advice And as a reminder don't forget that for A limited time our altcoin Buzz access Group is free for you to check out and Along with that access you can get your Hands on our weekly updated reports on The state of the crypto and nft markets This comes from our outstanding research Team you can try these out for free by Clicking the link that's popping up Right now on screen or following the Link that you can find in the Description of this video did you know That binance not only owns but also Created trust wallet a lot of people Don't know this in the crypto space and Even those that do they don't Necessarily know that trust wallet is Not centralized in the same way that Binance is binance actually has two Great decentralized wallets One Trust Wallet but also binance chain wallet That being said trustwallet is a

Terrific Choice personally I think it's The best non-metamask option to use with All kinds of web3 apps and protocols we Have lots of rabid fans of trust wallet Here on altcoin Buzz and for good reason And because trustwallet works with so Many chains it's also a great option for Staking investing lending or really Whatever you intend to do with your Coins in a defy capacity and after we go Through the walkthrough as to how to set Up your trust wallet I'm going to share With you two super simple techniques on How you can stake your BNB so it is rare To have really a wallet as popular as Trust wallet also be difficult to set up Um and that's kind of logical right Because people wouldn't use it if they Couldn't set it up easily therefore Trust wallet is popular at least in part Because it's easy to set up and it only Really involves a few steps like I said It should probably take about a minute Of your time here's the process so Number one you download the trust Wallet App from the app store then you click Create wallet you are then shown and you You must guard with your life your 12 Word seed phrase keep it in a safe place And if you have a password manager maybe Like LastPass you can use the copy to Paste your seed phrase there number four Verify your backup phrase to show Yourself and Trust wallet that you know

It And that's it you've created your first Wallet Pretty easy Figuring out where and how to save your Seed phrases is really the longest part Of this process that shouldn't take you More than two minutes total but again be Careful with that don't underestimate That step and then from there you can Create more wallets or import other Wallets into trust wallet if you have Others and you can then use those Wallets on trustwallet's friendly Interface let's talk about seed phrase Recovery so what if you forgot or maybe Lost your seed phrase that's not good What do you do next well if you still Have your same phone and access to your Trust wallet it's actually pretty easy You can recover your seed phrase by Number one going to settings wallets Click on the three dots next to your Wallet of choice and then click on show Backup phrase and this time make sure You have it somewhere safe make Absolutely sure of that sending Transactions is also super easy on trust Wallet all you do is tap on the asset And tap send then of course add your Recipient's address and the amount that You you want to send confirm that and Then it's on its way and don't worry if It shows us pending at first because

Even on very fast chains sometimes it Does need a few seconds to maybe even a Couple of minutes for all of the Confirmations to take effect that's Normal even for super fast chains like This one importing a wallet is also Something you may want to do it's easy On trust wallet you can import wallets Like metamask for example if you want And here it's almost exactly the same Process as setting up the wallet in the Beginning but with two differences Number one you don't click on create a Wallet you click on I have a wallet Because in this case you do the second Difference is that you follow the Directions here and paste your seed Phrase click import and this should Happen right away in fact instantly and We'll be discussing staking like I said In just a moment but I first want to Highlight a couple more features let's Talk swapping for a moment because one Of trustwallet's greatest features is All the in-app things you can do when You can do things like swap without Leaving your wallet for example Apple Everyone loves that kind of convenience And here's how to do it here's how to Swap number one click the swap button That's located next to the buy and Receive buttons number two you pay is What you are sending and you get is what You are receiving so pretty

Straightforward and then number three Tap Swap and then send it is that easy And you never leave trustwallet to do it Which is pretty awesome be sure to give Us a like if you're a user of Trustwallet because don't forget if you Like what you're seeing if you find this Useful in any way then let us know by Commenting by liking the video because That way YouTube is going to help show You more videos like this one you're Going to use the algorithm to your Advantage and of course it also helps Our Channel and in addition make sure You are subscribed to altcoin buzz if You aren't already it doesn't cost you Anything but it does tell YouTube Hey Show me more videos like this one if You're finding it useful let's get into Staking BNB now and specifically there Are two ways to stake BNB from within Your trust wallet the first is easy Direct direct staking so this is the First and most direct sticking option That we're going to be talking about so As you can see here from within the Wallet you can tap the BNB asset on the Beacon chain then next to send receive And swap you can choose to stick and When you press the stick button really All the available validators and Interest rates are there for you to pick And you can see trustwallet's own Validator trust wallets taking pays 4.09

Percent while the Legend 2 validator Pays 4.91 percent these are all direct All right there and all super easy so That's option number one option number Two is to use one of the mini in wallet Apps like Lido pancake swap or Ave and You can stake on those apps with your Wallet connect feature you can link up To any of the available apps and you can Stake from there really this comes down To a personal preference if you prefer Direct staking within your wallet then You're going to want to go with option Number one of course option A but if not Of course you can go with some of those Other options let us know guys if you're Staking actively right now if so what is Your favorite staking coin go ahead let Us know share your thoughts with us in The comments below