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Ethereum has been killing it these last Few days more specifically in the last Seven days ether has pumped 37 all of This in anticipation of the ethereum Merge which is happening soon and as Ethereum gets hot evm chains have now Started to steal the show as well we’ve Seen explosive adoption of evm chains Especially in November of 2021 and the Following month in December just look at The big jump shown here the polka dot Ecosystem has Moonbeam and the near Ecosystem has Aurora that Bridges it to Ethereum but what about Cosmos the Answer is evmos evmos this is an evm That connects the ethereum ecosystem With Cosmos and which makes possible Interoperability between the two we’re Looking at a 20x in total volume locked Of 8 million dollars since its launch on April 26th evmos has soared in Popularity there’s no question about That and more because of its ongoing Airdrops almost 150 million dollars Worth of airdrops are actually still Unclaimed and with a staking APR of 452 percent we’ve got to ask the Question is evmos worth it are these Airdrops worth it and how can you Collect your share of these free air Drops guys stay tuned we’re covering These questions and More in today’s Video Thank you

[Music] TGIF welcome to the channel happy Friday My name is Maddie and this is altcoin Buzz we are a crypto investment research Company we have documented many 100 x Returns on coins and tokens that are top Projects today really before anyone else Was even talking about them and if you Want to see our detailed process for Researching such projects then our new And improved altcoin Buzz access group Is for you our plans start at 99 monthly Be sure to click the link below for more Information as always whether we’re Talking about evm Os or any other Project in the crypto slash altcoin Space there is a lot of corresponding Risk that comes with this territory so Hopefully this information is useful to You but do not consider to be official Or financial investment advice because It’s not all right let’s talk about Today’s project in a little bit more of An introductory tone here so evmos is a Proof-of-stake blockchain it’s scalable And has a high throughput and we think That the most interesting part about it Is its link with ethereum so evmos is an Ethereum virtual machine compatible IBC Enabled blockchain and that means that It’s the first chain that makes ethereum And Cosmos interoperable in essence Evmos actually dates back to 2016. the etherman project already

Looked into deploying evm-based smart Contracts on tendermint because they Wanted to use POS proof of stake as Their consensus mechanism but then after The IBC launch in March of 2021 the evm OS team picked up on this again IBC is Of course the inter blockchain Communication protocol and on evmos all Ethereum apps can mingle in the cosmos Ecosystem and so as a result of this all The apps can build on ethereum and Cosmos this also brings faster Transactions and lower costs it also Offers high security through POS and Through cosmos’s IBC other Cosmos Blockchains can also take part like the Secret Network Cava osmosis or even chain so what is the Fundamental strength of evmos well it Brings two big ecosystems together Obviously ethereum and Cosmos and you Combine the two ethereum plus Cosmos Equals evmos and so the strength comes From three features specifically first Of all Cosmos SDK this combines two Features its modular framework with Ethereum’s smart contracts and it also Connects all other blockchains on Cosmos The second feature is the application Blockchain interface or ABCI because This connects the POS consensus Mechanism and dapps this is how the Cosmos POS performs similar to the Ethereum pow proof of work third and

Final big feature the ethereum virtual Machine of course also known as evm this Is the computation engine of ethereum it Executes and deploys smart contracts and Evm Os allows for running vanilla Ethereum as a cosmos application Specific blockchain and in this setup Vanilla just means a simple form of the Ethereum framework there are also a few Other unique features throughput and Performance for example so as we Mentioned this enables faster Transaction speeds with better Scalability there’s also the benefit of Interoperability via IBC so the Potential user base expands Significantly with IBC developers can Deploy quickly on all compatible chains And so in short this combines two Massive ecosystems the cosmos ecosystem First of all which has a total market Cap of 58.2 billion dollars it has 49 zones and Over 250 apps and services and then the Second ingredient here of course is the Ethereum ecosystem which has over 3 300 Apps and the market cap of the ecosystem Is 204.5 4 billion dollars all right all Right so impressive numbers so far but Let’s consider the entirety of the Landscape here who exactly are evm os’s Competitors there’s always stiff Competition out there between Blockchains and at the end of the day

It’s all about liquidity and usage we Can find evmos as competitors in two Verticals specifically so first of all Evm smart contract platforms like Avalanche Phantom Harmony and other Ethereum l2s and the other vertical is IBC smart contract platforms like Juno That’s j-u-n-o however evmos is the First one to combine the two biggest Crypto ecosystems and this puts them in A unique position because it gives them A head start on all the other Competitors in the market and their Novel tokenomics also helps them it Attracts devs because they get immediate Incentives but having said that almost All Cosmos projects do have developer Grants are there any risks that we C With evmos well yes there are always Risks in everything that we do Especially in the crypto space so Participating in evmos has some risks But do they weigh up against the rewards And how so let’s have a look so first of All combining the two biggest crypto Ecosystems is no small feat and this is Something that the evm OS team found out The hard way because they scheduled Their launch for February 28th of this Year 2022 however it got postponed all The way to March 2nd the launch saw Quite a few bugs as well and so as a Result they had to stop the chain within A few days after launching it took six

Weeks to sort this all out before they Could relaunch but we do see some big Names like Ave frax finance and Diffusion 5 building on evm OS that’s True but there is still a big risk Related to their tokenomics and Inflation we’re going to talk about that In more detail a little bit later in the Tokonomics section of this video but for Now other risks are sticking risks Especially slashing and this just means That when a validator doesn’t fulfill Their contract correctly they get Punished or in this case slashed the Validator loses all of them or has their Tokens jailed and the delegator loses Five to ten percent of the tokens let’s Talk a little bit now about the team so Tharsis is the company behind evmos they Are all deeply rooted in the cosmos Ecosystem and the team has also received A grant from Cosmos here are the three Co-founders first of all we have Frederico kunze kulmer he’s the CEO Chief executive officer he’s from Chile But currently lives in Berlin Germany And Federico has an engineering Background he also has vast experience In crypto which is always a plus then we Have Nick Z he’s a co-founder and a Cosmos OG he does take part in the Occasional AMA let’s ask me anything Then finally we have a cash coleslaw He’s also an engineer and lives in Miami

In the U.S and Akash has several years Experience in the crypto space alright Let’s talk about the all-important evmos Ecosystem so they currently have 64 Players but some pretty exciting players That you may not have expected in a Cosmos environment for example Ave and Metamask are in the mix here it’s still Relatively small for now however if you Look at both the ecosystems of Cosmos And ethereum there’s a lot of potential Growth here because currently they offer Apps in defy like Ave and osmosis in Nfts tofu nft for example and orbital Apes in protocols in the form of sevmos And kive tools like defy llama fire Blocks and incentives as well staking we Mentioned 460 percent apy somewhere in That range and osmosis LP also Centralized exchanges such as who will Be Global and me XC and wallets Including the Spurs wallet Kepler and Metamask and we expect more exciting Additions in the future as well okay on To tokenomics the native token is the Evmos token and at Genesis there will be 200 million tokens however as we Mentioned it’s highly inflationary by Design for the first four years and That’s because the team will issue Another 800 million tokens over the next Four years no less than 125 in the first Year that’s another 300 million tokens And 500 percent by year four now the

Current price sits at just about a Dollar and 93 cents that’s a market cap Of 395 million dollars at this moment All the 200 million Genesis tokens are In circulation the token for reference Saw its all-time high at 6.84 cents that was a few months ago on The 28th of April of 2022 and over the Last 30 days the token is up by a good 30 percent the token distribution of the Original 200 million tokens is as Follows so 40 for the Strategic fund 50 For the airdrop and 10 for the community Pool so evmos has a 1 billion total Supply of tokens and a 200 million Initial circulating Supply which means That evmos has around 125 percent Inflation so even though it offers a Pretty staggering 460 percent apy Staking there’s going to be a lot of Selling pressure make sure you Understand there was no sale for Pre-minder minted evmos tokens either They airdropped all tokens and you Qualify if you either use the osmosis Chain made use of major ethereum D5 apps Used atom tokens to vote on specific Proposals used interchain Bridges or got Wrecked in ethereum or Cosmos this was The most important factor for the Airdrop so with regard to the infamous Wrecked drop you qualify if you got Wrecked so-called on either ethereum or Cosmos there was a snapshot on November

25th 2021 however because of halting the Chain many people missed out on the Airdrop we’ll give an explanation as to How to check if you qualify shortly We’re also going to explain how to take Part in the airdrop so here’s a quick Video that we prepared explaining how to Check if you are indeed eligible for the Airdrop and how to claim it and there Are two important links you need to know About this is for the original article On the rec drop and this one here is a Tutorial on exactly how to claim the Current one so these are probably worth Referencing if you feel you qualify and As per this tweet which was issued on May 29th just a reminder make sure you Claim before August 1st if you have not Finished claiming your airdrop by August 1st 2022 at 2300 hours 6 minutes and 40 Seconds very specific then your Claimable airdrop amount will start to Decrease every second and this Decay Process continues until all unclaimed Tokens have been returned to the evmos Community pool that’s going to be Happening on September 30th 2022 also at 2300 hours six minutes and 40 seconds so Be sure to claim before for August 1st So there you have it we’re at the end of Our deep dive into evmos this is the First layer one chain that combines the Ethereum and Cosmos ecosystems this puts It in a pretty unique position it’s also

A POS chain and the potential for this Combination is huge Cava is another Project that is evm compatible now we Talked about them already we talked About them just recently actually However the first mover Advantage is With evmos all ethereum apps now have Access to the cosmos ecosystem and Cosmos is now compatible and Interoperable with ethereum we looked at The evmos strengths and we pointed out Some risks to be fair we also showed you The team and their competitors and the Tokenomics are interesting to say the Least with their wrecked drop features And benefits however here we also see a Very highly inflationary token for the First four years so be warned that that Is the reality also make sure you know How to check to see if you qualify for The wrecked drop and how you can take Part overall after admittedly a Difficult start evmos does seem to be on An Unstoppable trajectory it’s going to Have its highs and its lows but we think This is a project that you’re going to Want to keep on your altcoin radar never Ever Financial advice but of course best Of luck if you choose to invest guys Happy Friday TGIF have a great end to Your week a great start to your weekend If you’re still watching this video be Sure to like subscribe share hit the Bell to receive notifications also check

Out these other couple of videos popping Up to my left to my right stay safe out There members of the altcoin buzz Army And as always we do up to you again soon In our next video Take care