FTX Crypto Crash | 5 Altcoin GEMS at 90% Discount

Bear markets are actually there to make You rich bull markets just tell you how Much some of the best projects in crypto Are down 90 and we know the bear Market Is really really bad there's no denying It but that's also where the huge Opportunity lies which cryptos are the Survivors out there in other words which Ones are going to survive this massacre And bounce back in the next Bull Run After some extensive research we have Five top altcoins that we are buying at 90 discount in the aftermath of this FTX Collapse guys stay tuned we're counting Down our top five favorite projects that We are buying up in today's bear Market Foreign My name is Maddie and this is altcoin Buzz of course we wish you only the very Best of luck if you do choose to invest And that is something I say with Sincerity but just remember this is not Meant to be official Financial or Investment advice Launch right into the list today with Coin number one and that is polygon Whose ticker is Matic M-a-t-i-c and again our theme of today Is bear Market gems and coins that have Lost about 90 percent give or take of Their value from the bull market highs And surprisingly or I don't know maybe Not all that surprisingly we had a lot Of projects to choose from which is a

Negative in the sense that a lot of Projects are now down but which is a Positive if you think of it if you frame It in terms of opportunity and Matic is Our first pick on this list its all-time High was 2.92 just under a year ago in December Of 2021 and the bear Market low was 34.6 cents in June so summer of this Year and it's currently higher than that Price it currently sits at just over 90 Cents so it's down 88 percent right now That's from the all-time high to the All-time low and it's currently right Now today down 60 from that all-time High of 292. honestly you probably don't Need me to rehash all of the positives All of the reasons that we love polygon We've covered it extensively of course On this channel but it's worth noting Here a couple of major developments in The last couple of weeks so polygon has First of all executed the first D5 Transaction with global bank JP Morgan They've partnered with none other than Instagram to integrate nft's Non-fungible tokens to that platform's 1.5 billion users and they've also Onboarded Franklin which is the first Ever us compliant cash and crypto based Payroll platform and if you take it all Together they are fast becoming one of The go-to blockchains for web 2 and Legacy companies to get their first

Partner and their foot in the door with Crypto we have never been sponsored by Polygon and yet just about everybody at Altcoin Buzz myself included by the way We are super super bullish on Matic Next up and at number two on our list is Solana ticker Saul s-o-l And this is going to be a pretty ugly Chart the truth is that it could get Even uglier now look we have a big Warning for you here uh when it comes to Solana there's an excellent chance Unfortunately that Solana could drop Even further from here and let's be Honest the drop has already been Disastrous we're looking at the last Year so the last 12 months of price Activity you should understand that you Know it could dip even further Um and you may want to wait to buy it or If not you should buy understanding that It will likely drop before it starts Rising again soon it still has some Choppy Waters ahead of it as a project Why do we feel that another drop may be Imminent well we have two events that we Want to keep in mind first of all number One all this FTX binance stuff if the Deal goes down or Alameda research has To help bail out FTX which is its sister Company then they will be a big seller Of Saul it's just that simple and Alameda was an early investor and it's One of sbf's sambachman Freed's favorite

Projects but he has some other things to Worry about kind of in the meantime and At the moment there is unfortunately However an excellent chance that they Become a seller short term secondly There is a huge staking unlock that is Happening right now currently and as I'm Filming here this epic with 18.2 million Saw it's available now to restake either To take back or to sell and anytime you Have this kind of situation it's almost Certain that at least some will sell Saul's all-time high was 259.96 so that was about a year ago November of 2021 the bear Market low and Its current price is 13 and about 90 Cents so that is down 95 from its All-time high but again if you're buying Now if you believe in this project long Term it's because you have a long time Horizon if not you may need to wait for The dust to settle on this whole FTX Scandal scandals plural and maybe look To buy some after all of that calms down Curious to know your thoughts if you Feel that Saul is going to be impacted By all this FTX Alameda nonsense that is Ongoing do you care do you feel that This is a good buying opportunity Because you're long-term on Solana Anyway it's another perspective that's Valid let us know in the comments below Next up and at number three on our list Is a personal favorite although we

Haven't really talked about it in a Little while it is Cava and they are Helping to bring evm that's ethereum Virtual machine and Cosmos Interoperability together and here's Something new and pretty interesting From them so cava's three pool on curve Of die usdc and usdt now pays an Impressive 14.2 apy for holding three stable coins And Cava rise is becoming a great Developer incentive plan to get more Apps in the ecosystem as well by the Numbers here you can see the all-time High was 9.12 cents that was back in August of 2021. the current bear Market Low and current price is at about a Dollar and three cents so we are down About 90 percent from last year's All-time high we like Cava for all kinds Of different reasons we see this as a Great long-term buying opportunity if it Were to go back to only its previous All-time high we're talking a 9 X and we Feel that's definitely doable check out This explainer video if you've not Already we explained Kava and what it's All about in two minutes All right coin number four and another Personal favorite of ours another gem on Our list is Luxo we've been reporting on Them recently we actually featured them In our 50x portfolio model if you didn't Catch that particular update that we did

Recently you should watch it I'm gonna Make sure a card is popping up right About now and one really cool thing that Luxo is working on among many others by The way is universal profiles to help Make all web 3 easier to use buy the Numbers here as you can see luxo's All-time high occurred about a year ago In early November of 2021 when it Reached a price of 41.18 the bear Market low was actually Lower than we are now that occurred in June of this year so June of 2022 L-y-x-e hit 3.37 but the current price is 5.88 so We're down about 90 from the all-time High at current prices and down 95 from The all-time high to the bear Market low And look honestly it can be pretty scary To buy an asset that's down 90 maybe 95 But at the end of the day and once we've Vetted for Quality that's actually Exactly what we want to do we want to Buy low and sell high and this is a Project as with all the other ones on This list that we like for the long term And so we are scooping it up at these Prices Finally the last on our list for today At number five is our weave and they're All about decentralized file storage and Actually like polygon that we talked About earlier are we've have some pretty Great news with meta so the nfts from

Polygon that are part of the new Instagram partnership are going to use Our weave for storage so Instagram's Integrations are going to include both Polygon and our weave both should see Increased adoption from this major Partnership I mean this is a big one Over the course of the last year now we Saw an all-time high of 89.24 that was last November 2021 which Seems to be a pretty well represented Date when it comes to altcoin all-time Highs but then the bear Market low for Our weave was 7.98 and we have a current price of nine Dollars and 44 cents so that's down 94 To the bear Market low and about 90 from Its all-time high to where we stand Today for our weave if it goes back to Its previous all-time highs which again It's a quality project we fully expect It to that's an 8X that is very much a Sign of just how significant these Discounts are right now and maybe we'll Get to an 8X a 9x a 10x but keep in mind That even a potential 50x that's a lot Easier right now for all these projects To achieve given that they're starting At lower market caps so we're Intentionally being a little bit Conservative here we keep talking about Going back and matching the previous All-time high chances are for Quality Projects the next time the bull market

Hits we're going to surpass those All-time highs we're gonna go beyond Them let me know what you liked on this List let me know what's missing maybe You have a favorite that was not Included never Financial advice but best Of luck if you choose to invest stay Safe out there