FOMO pushes Shiba Memu to near $4M as presale inches to a close

  • Investor FOMO drives Shiba Memu to $4 million presale
  • What makes Shiba Memu unique compared to other meme tokens?
  • Is Shiba Memu a good investment?

Shiba Memu extended its presale after an initial offering saw massive demand from an excited community. Now with cryoto in bullish mood and the presale extension nearing a close, the fear of missing out on what could be a great investment opportunity is driving new interest. 

Shiba Memu presale near $4 million

While speculation on what Shiba Memu can achieve is likely behind part of the early enthusiasm about this project, most of it could be down to what makes it unique from other meme tokens.

Global investors keen to diversify their portfolios with this token have poured millions into the project via the Shiba Memu (SHMU) presale. Having launched for an initial 60 day period in July, the Shiba Memu team moved to extend the offering to October 31. 

The new timeline has accorded interested investors an opportunity to buy SHMU.

As of today, the countdown to the presale is down to seven days. Evidently, FOMO has kicked in and as the programmed daily price increases move towards the final offer price of $0.0379, the total amount raised could be well above the $4 million mark.

Data on the official presale page shows investors have allocated $3,996,517 to SHMU positions.

Why could Shiba Memu be a good investment?

As a new meme token, Shiba Memu looks to tap into the power of blockchain and artificial intelligence to create a unique crypto project. The whitepaper outlines how it seeks to leverage AI to create a marketing powerhouse and self-sufficient ecosystem.

Unlike other tokens that rely on hype generated by influencers and celebrities to gain traction, Shiba Memu will create its own 24/7 marketing machine, underpinned by its AI dashboard. Analysts say this outlook has the capacity to see the native SHMU token eventually overtake leading meme coins in the market.

This possibility begins when Shiba Memu’s presale ends and SHMU begins to list on some of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges. According to the roadmap, this is expected to roll out in the first quarter of 2024, with BitMart already snapped as the first CEX partner.

Key Shiba Memu developments lined up

As the trading support unlocks token utility and helps bulls push higher amid price discovery, the AI marketing tool will launch in the following quarter. Machine learning, launch of the AI dashboard and integration with decentralised applications (dApps) will follow as the market moves deeper into the expected bull market period.

Community engagement via these developments could put SHMU in the mix as likely revelations among the next bull cycle gems. The FOMO currently being witnessed will only intensify as investors recall the staggering gains tokens like Shiba Inu and Pepe notched during their respective market debuts.

It means taking a bid during the presale could offer the best route to better returns should the Shiba Memu token rally.

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