Experts Optimistic About Metacade and EOS Price Predictions for 2023-2030

Crypto market investors are looking to put a rough 2022 behind them. With the first signs that the bear market might be easing, investment circles have been turning their attention to the process of identifying the next big thing to maximize their crypto returns this year and over the longer term.

While EOS has seen a significant fall since the highs of 2018, there are some who believe the project might now be in a position to climb back up the charts, and more than one EOS price prediction is reflecting this shift in sentiment.

A new and disruptive GameFi project, though, is really generating buzz across the investment world currently. Metacade is stealing the investment limelight, as those looking for profits jump into a red-hot presale in the hopes of securing their seat on the exciting ride awaiting its holders.

Metacade could lead the market revival as Presale Nears Sell Out

Metacade initially excited investors, thanks to its landmark whitepaper released in 2022. It defines a plan that could realistically see Metacade at the heart of the GameFi movement, one which many analysts are predicting to see explosive growth over the coming years.

This excitement has led to a massive crush on the project’s presale, with an astonishing $8.3m raised in just 14 weeks. Since then, the pace of interest has continued virtually unabated, as the total amount continues to increase, with the presale now in stage 5.

What is Metacade?

Metacade is a project of epic proportions, having laid out compelling plans to revolutionize gaming and transform the space. By creating a virtual P2E arcade, it’s aiming to set up a one-stop gaming destination for gamers to make the most out of their favorite hobby, with opportunities to earn an income in the process.

By building the largest play-to-earn (P2E) arcade on the planet, Metacade is putting the pieces in place to enable it to dominate the GameFi market for years to come. A strong community focus combined with lucrative rewards to help entice further growth, the platform looks well-placed to expand rapidly over 2023 and beyond.

How Metacade Works

Metacade is fueled by the MCADE token, which functions as the ecosystem’s currency. It is used across an extensive rewards system, which allows gamers to earn for playing games of all varieties. This means that regardless of whether gamers prefer solo campaigns, playing socially with friends, or trying their hand at beating the best the community has to offer in competitive tournaments, Metacade has them covered.

The MCADE token also supports staking, meaning that investors are heavily incentivized to hold for the long term. With a supply of just 2 billion and staking rewards paid out in stablecoins to avoid inflating the circulating supply, holders of the token have clearly been carefully considered when designing how the token functions across the platform. 

Can EOS reclaim its 2017 highs?

EOS has faced a painful few years, and while the project was once one of the darlings of the crypto market news, it has since lost the vast majority of the momentum it once had. With issues relating to banned addresses and ICO fraud settlements with the SEC, the project has destroyed much of its appeal, reflected in most EOS price predictions for a while now.

Some experts are now saying that they believe this is the perfect time for EOS to begin a slow climb back up to its previous highs, and if the project can start to regain some momentum, it could well see the price reflect an increased level of optimism.

Metacade Price Prediction

While the EOS price prediction is conservative, Metacade’s is anything but. As the project has releases planned for later in 2023, we can expect user growth to place a large amount of demand on the MCADE token. Based on the high appeal of the project, it is expected to drive the price of MCADE up by around 50x, all the way to $1 following its general release.

With user growth likely to continue for many years to come, a $7 MCADE in 2025, increasing to $15 by the end of 2030, seems like the minimum that most investors are expecting from the project. 

EOS Price Prediction

If the bottom is in for EOS, it certainly makes for a more positive EOS price prediction than it has seen in a while. Should the project be able to capture some of the enterprise use cases arriving on the market, 2023 could see the EOS token price rise to $2 as renewed interest hits.

If it can build on that momentum, we could see the EOS price continue to increase, reaching $4 by 2025 and perhaps even a lofty $10 by 2030.

Metacade appears to be a superior investment choice overall

While EOS may have some more positive times ahead of it than it has seen in the past, the returns are still very modest compared to the high potential for big gains represented by the Metacade project.

With a limited amount of MCADE available in the presale and ever-increasing exposure as its stages continue to sell out, it’s clear that the window for this potentially life-changing investment is sure to close in no time at all.

You can participate in the Metacade presale here.

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