Earn Crypto Passive Income: BEST PLATFORMS Revealed!! Nexo, BlockFi and More

Okay so this last wednesday's bitcoin Sell-off resulted in 800 million dollars In liquidations and the market sentiment Has turned extremely bearish very Suddenly as well but even in such Markets there is an opportunity wait for It because we're not talking about the Very obvious buying opportunities in Altcoins created by most of the high Potential projects that are now Available at a heavy discount but in This video we're going to be talking About your stable coin positions and Where you can park them in order to earn Interest rates anywhere between six and Twelve percent Also you can earn heavy and i really Mean very heavy returns on your stables In liquidity pools that could go up to a Massive 434 That's 5.52 million percent apr yield While you wait for the altcoin market to Pump again but how where and how much is It safe that's also a question that You're likely asking yourself and Justifiably so let's explore stable Coins let's answer all these questions And more [Music] Hey guys i am maddie and this is altcoin Buzz we are a crypto investment research Company we've been in this space in the Crashes in the pumps really through all The highs and lows making millionaires

Since all the way back in 2017 And that's not been an accident either It's because we've been judicious Careful confident investors in a lot of Terrific projects that have borne out Terrific profits over the years and Because we were early investors in the Crypto space we've developed a keen eye For 100x potential projects but just so that We're clear we are talking about our Opinions on this channel not financial Or investment advice never but that Being said if you like our opinions then Be sure to like this video subscribe to Our youtube channel it is altcoinbuzz Also hit the bell to receive Notifications because that way you'll Get personalized notifications by Youtube and alerts every time we publish Time sensitive content with that being Said let's talk about stable coins and Precisely how you can optimize your Yield gains by using the correct Platforms so for some context there are Over 50 stable coins out there and all Have one goal in mind i.e price Stability but that doesn't mean you Can't earn anything while you're holding On to them in fact during markets like This one that we're currently seeing Where you're unsure whether you should Buy the dip or not holding your money in Stable coins and earning yield on them

Is a very safe and very profitable Strategy let's talk about wealth Generation through yield one of the most Valuable use cases for stable coins is For trading and investing why well Because stable coins maintain their Price hence their name and crypto to Crypto trades are easy and fast and Every major coin and most minor coins Have trading pairs with leading stable Coins so it's common for many of us in Crypto to keep some of our assets parked In stable coins to wait for really the Next opportunity to invest whether or Not you want to buy the dip that's up to You but that is a common strategy but That money isn't doing anything in the Interim while you wait and it's Unfortunate because you could be earning Some pretty significant yield during That waiting period and the great thing Is almost every option we're going to Show you today in this video means your Money is available immediately when that Investing opportunity strikes so with That context in mind we're now going to Take a look at some of the best interest Rates you can avail yourself of with Stable coins so call this a coincidence But it just so happens that some of the Most favorable rates we found do indeed Come from centralized platforms c phi And you can be sure we're going to Explain defy options in a later video

But for now this has been the trend and The first platform we're considering is Nexo and they have some good safeguards In place these guys are based in europe But americans can use the platform So some of these safeguards include Military-grade security regular audits From armanino custody by bitco and Ledger and 375 million dollars in Insurance on deposits other positives Include exchange services which means You can buy right from your nexo wallet Two percent higher interest rate if you Decide to take in their nexo token There's a debit card which is coming Soon and you also have one of the more Established leaders in the industry and The rates they pay are 10 For usdt uh usdc or die stable coins and Six percent in gold backed pax g coin That's p a x g coin all these rates Increase also by two percent if you Receive your payment in nexo instead of In the stable coin you deposited now as We mentioned in the intro you can also Park your usdc in liquidity pools on Projects like francium which is built on Solana to earn aprs really as high as 141 000 or in beefy finance on binance Smart chain where you can park b usd and Earn up to 5.52 million percent apr we're not sure That those metrics are going to stick Around forever but that is a snapshot of

What they look at right now and remember These are not interest rates but the Aprs you can earn in farming pools and With that i would say the higher the apr The higher the risk so these are things That perhaps you want to consider as red Flags proceed with caution but those are What the figures are right now if you Want more details on such high aprs and Which such stable coin pools are safe Probably should join altcoin buzz access Group for more weekly updates the second Platform that we're looking at today is Celsius which is an american based and Registered with fincen they also take Security very seriously for security They use 2fa that's two-factor Authentication and biometric Authentication a status called hotel Mode where you won't be able to transfer Funds or change whitelisted withdrawal Addresses as well as a 24-hour delay Before deactivating this particular Security mode you also have automatic Logouts and multi-party computation Other pluses include the new swap Service it's in beta version right now Easy pay service to pay other celsius Members and you can earn more again if You take payment in their c e l cell Token the rates they pay are 10.02 On all fiat-based stable coins like usdc And usdt and 4.6 On multi-collateral die

Celsius returns are pretty good Especially on usdc and tether but if you Like the idea of using your stable coins In a liquidity pool that could earn over 500 on bsc yes seriously more than 500 Per year if that's the case then again Come join our altcoin buzz access group Where we show you where these Opportunities exist platform number Three is block fi this is a us-based Crypto lending platform and they pay on Your stable coins like a bank style Savings account they call it their Interest account in fact the gemini Exchange is their custodian and block fi Works with bitco the custodian behind Wrapped bitcoin and wrapped ethereum Other benefits include a trading account That you can use to swap your stable Coins for other crypto the fact that They don't have their own token which Means they're not pushing you to buy it They have a bitcoin rewards credit card And institutional services if you're a Whale and need to do some bulk buying or Selling the rates block 5 pays are 9 Percent for usdc and die and 9.5 for Usdt if in all three cases you deposit Less than 40 000 u.s deposit more than 40k and your interest rates drop by one Percent platform number four and a Personal favorite of my own is Crypto.com they are a very lightning Fast growing company with offices right

Now in 22 countries and crypto.com works With ledger vault for security and uses Cold storage solutions they also carry 750 million dollars in cold storage Insurance and they use custodian banks In certain countries including the us For holding fiat funds here are some of The benefits if you want to earn more by Getting paid in their cro token the Token is actually a great performer in Recent history it's one of the best Crypto debit cards out on the market Right now check out our related video on That subject if you'd like to learn more There's a trading account and a defy Wallet as well and there's nft Non-fungible token capability and Derivatives trading options too the Rates that crypto.com pays out are six Percent for flexible accounts on usdc Usdt and die and eight percent if you Lock up your money for one month Commodity coin packs p a x g pays one Percent and finally platform number five We're looking at freeway which is from Obit this is our last one on the list Here and it's a newer player on the Block relatively and abit is regulated By the eu the european union and has Licenses with baffin in germany and Mifid 2 and is fca compliant in the uk They use the steady state defy insurance Protocol to protect investors and from a Compliance point of view they are eu

Regulated as far as brokerages go other Pluses include eighty percent of fees Are shared with investors on the Platform there's zero ongoing platform Fees unlike most managers with the two And twenty model which is two percent Fee and 20 of the profits their Philosophy is to go from custody that Costs you money to custody that pays you Money some trade fees are as low as a Dollar their token fwt gives you Discounted trading fees if you choose to Use it and one last thing that we really Liked is that they don't have brand Ambassadors they call them guerrillas as In guerrilla fighters that's g-u-e we Like that aggressive hustling culture Which is definitely part of it as far as We can see freeway offers interest rates On two stable coins usdc and tether and Without staking their fwt coin they pay 12 Which is the highest rate we've seen so Far so there you have it guys we have Five platforms that pay you anywhere Between six and twelve percent while Really you wait for the next opportunity To use those stable coins you may prefer An option with debit card access like Crypto.com or maybe nexo or you could Prefer a rewards credit card like block Fi but then again maybe your jam is the Secure huddle mode of celsius or the Sharing network fees of freeway either

Way these are five solid options where You can park your stable coins again While you wait for the next great Investment opportunity and remember if You like the idea of putting your Staples in liquidity pools instead you Can find the best apys across many Blockchains like bsc Avalanche phantom harmony polygon solana And more of course if you subscribe to Our altcoin buzz access group that's Where you can get our deepest level Research which is currently available You can check that out today once again Guys never financial advice but best of Luck if you do choose to invest if You're still watching be sure to like This video subscribe to our youtube Channel altcoinbuzz and hit the bell to Receive notifications check out these Other couple of related videos which Should be popping up right about now Have a great weekend members of the Altcoin buzz army and as always we do Hope to see you again soon in our next Video Take care