Crypto Whales Ditch Their Dogecoin Bag to join DigiToads presale as it takes Center Stage in the Meme Coin Craze

If there’s one thing that has been constant throughout 2023 in the crypto market so far, it is the craze over meme coins. Over the past few months, there have been many meme coins that have left crypto users and analysts impressed by their market performances. DigiToads (TOADS) has been one of the most famous among them. The Ethereum-based platform unleashes many opportunities for earning passive income and has been rated as one of the altcoins to watch out for in 2023. Such is its popularity that many Dogecoin holders have even switched to DigiToads.

DigiToads: Taking the benefit of decentralization to the masses

DigiToads is a hybrid DeFi platform where one can access multiple options to earn residual income. Be it staking, trading, winning tokens in play-to-earn games, or winning daily and weekly prize draws, you can find all this on DigiToads. The platform’s main utility coin is the TOADS token. This native cryptocurrency is the medium of exchange of the DigiToads ecosystem. 


For many analysts, the TOADS token deserves a spot on their best cryptocurrency ico list for 2023 as it shows tremendous potential. In its presale stages, the token has raised over $6.1 million so far. DigiToads presale process still has two more stages left and has wrapped up eight stages till now. 

DigiToads’ key USPs include its play-to-earn game where the players get to participate in 12 seasons in a year. The game requires the players to defeat their enemy in a challenging virtual arena. For help, players can trade or purchase a special breed of virtual creatures who are known for their strength and unique powers – DigiToads. Other in-game assets that the game offers are training equipment and food for these DigiToads. All in-game assets can only be bought with the TOADS token. When the season ends, the players who are among the top 25% of the highest scorers are rewarded with TOADS tokens.

DigiToads will be organizing a trading contest every month. In these competitions, the participants have to trade and book the highest volume of earnings. The one clocking the highest trade volume in a month will get to share the profits they earned with the platform. The winners will get to learn about managing the treasury from the DigiToads team. They will undergo a brief training session and then help the team in managing the treasury. These competitions not only allow the DigiToads team to attract high trade volumes regularly but also find skilled traders to help with treasury management.

In the coming months, DigiToads’ fans would even be able to purchase official merchandise from the platform. The amount collected from the sale of these items would be donated to an organization that has been working to preserve rainforests across the world.

Dogecoin is one of the first meme coins that the world saw and it has been charting its own path since then. Even years after its rollout, the meme coin’s native token DOGE is one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy in the market. Dogecoin is inspired by a Japanese breed of dog and is a peer-to-peer token. Twitter owner Elon Musk recently shared details of how the microblogging site is rewarding content creators for the ad revenue they bring in. According to the reports, the first tranche of payments worth $5 million has commenced. Dogecoin creator Billy Markus was paid $37,050 which highlighted his brands’ engagement on social media. Markus has around 2.1 million followers on Twitter.


DigiToads and Dogecoin are dependable options to consider whenever you are confused about what cryptos to buy now or want to diversify your portfolio. However, according to many analysts, DigiToads has the edge over popular meme coins like Dogecoin because of its hybrid DeFi model – where users can try their hand at multiple options for earning residual income and even turn them into a steady source of earnings. Another USP that has been drawing more crypto users to DigiToads is its versatile token. Apart from the utility it provides as a medium of exchange, it also functions as a governance token which its holders can use to participate in the decision-making process.

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