Crypto News Shows Broader Market Stall, But Investors Are Still Swarming To Metacade

The beginning of 2023 saw further positive signs of improvement for crypto markets, which have had to endure a prolonged period of red candles for most of 2022. A spattering of green has produced some positive sentiment across the wider industry, although judging by certain price movements and the crypto news over recent weeks, the market is seeing signs of a plateau.

While the markets can change faster than crypto news can keep up, one thing that crypto news sites have all been in agreement on is the flood of ferocious interest, focused intensely on the presale of a disruptive new project called Metacade.

This project has been turning heads across the entire crypto scene, in no small part thanks to the revolutionary plans laid out in its recently released whitepaper. Metacade’s remarkable strategy could see it taking a leading role in the explosive development of GameFi expected over the next few years, delivering huge returns for holders of its utility token, MCADE.

Metacade: potentially one of the best crypto to invest in now

Seasoned investors appreciate that the best time to get in on a project, to generate huge returns that everyone dreams of, is in its early presale stages. By acquiring tokens as early as possible, investors can capitalize on significant growth, and it’s well understood now that these opportunities can turn into incredible gains.

It’s exceedingly rare to be able to invest early in a project with such high potential, but Metacade is clearly a project which falls into this category. It certainly explains why the project has seen incredibly heated presale action, already raising an unprecedented $9.4m in just the first 15 weeks, with the presale now on stage 6.

With GameFi bringing all of the benefits of decentralized finance (DeFi) to the $200 billion gaming market, Metacade has a potential total addressable market (TAM) of 3 billion gamers worldwide — a number of target customers that most projects can only dream of.

Can MCADE reach $5 in 2025?

With the amazing potential of the project established, many are now looking at just how high MCADE could reach. With many projects in the GameFi arena already having posted strong performance, they can offer some guidance as to a floor price for the future of MCADE.

Looking back to the cryptocurrency prices at the height of the 2021 bull run, GameFi project Axie Infinity reached a market cap of around $10 billion. Metacade seems set to comfortably exceed the performance of the Axie Infinity ecosystem, and with the MCADE token benefiting from just 2 billion tokens in its supply, this would result in an MCADE price of $5.

Of course, MCADE could go even further than this, but as a $5 MCADE represents a 250x from the end of presale price, this could still mean unbelievable returns for investors savvy enough to get in early.

What is Metacade?

Metacade is an incredible new project that is putting itself at the heart of the GameFi revolution. The Metacade team has outlined its plans to construct the biggest play-to-earn arcade of its kind, which could have a huge impact on the way that people game.

The project has a robust rewards system that rewards players for enjoying games of all types, regardless of whether their preferred playstyle is casual or more competitive. The platform also benefits from a number of smart design choices, such as the extension of rewards to non-playing activities that benefit the ecosystem. In creating these systems, many believe that Metacade should see consistently strong user growth over time.

The project uses a utility token called MCADE to enable its ecosystem, with the token acting as the currency for all exchanges of value across the platform, as well as having a number of practical use cases.

Metacade could be an incredible investment choice

The coming years are likely to represent an extended period where Metacade begins to lead the crypto market and dominate crypto news. Its projected user base is expected to be massive, and once the platform goes live later in the year, there will be substantial demand to drive up the token price. This, coupled with the investor-friendly tokenomics and staking options, means that Metacade is incredibly well-positioned in order to capitalize on its vision.

Those users who are able to get hold of MCADE during its frenzied presale (with now only 3 stages remaining) are likely to have an exciting year ahead of them in the world of cryptocurrency prices. With more and more investors realizing the platform’s incredible potential, the presale is all but guaranteed to sell out sooner than later. 

You can participate in the MCADE presale here.

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