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Bitcoin and the rest of the Cryptocurrency market have been dumping In these last 24 hours now part of this May be in anticipation of the upcoming Ethereum merge but today we’re going to Go through a number of on-chain Indicators for BTC some on the positive Side some on the negative side and Whether or not you agree with our Analysis here we’re going to go through Each and every one of these indicators Looking at metrics like the fear and Greed index the inflows into exchange Reserves the grayscale premium and Binance inflows as well you may come Away with your own independent opinion Upon analyzing these but it’s always a Good idea to have these statistics on Your side so stay tuned and this video Will let you know where we think the Crypto Market is heading in the short Term [Music] Foreign [Music] To the channel my name is Maddie and This is altcoin Buzz we are a crypto Investment research company now we never Offer Financial advice because we Ourselves are not official Financial or Investment advisors but if you’re in the Market to open up a new crypto account And you haven’t already done so on Binance now is a great time to get in on

The action you can Avail yourself of all These bonuses here that you see on Screen based on our partnership with Binance and this is just a layup I mean If you don’t already have an account you May as well sign up you may as well take Advantage of all of these perks this is Easy free money effectively so take Advantage while this deal is still Available it’s not going to last for Much longer alright with that being said Let’s launch right into today’s first Indicator we are taking a look at the Bitcoin fear and greed Index this is Effectively a measure of Market Sentiments based on a famous quote Actually about investing that we’re Gonna get to in just a second but you Can see right now we’re measuring in at 24 that is equivalent to extreme fear And we’ve been in this territory over The course course of the last week in The last month dipping slightly actually And it’s sort of a metric that’s Associated with this quote by Warren Buffett famously I’m sure you’ve heard Of this be greedy when others are Fearful and fearful when others are Greedy the idea being that market Psychology is very often wrong and Although it can’t be done with absolute Precision you get a sense of Market tops And Market bottoms as well as chances For reversals if you keep your eye on

This index we’re on a bit of a local Decline but we’ve actually ticked up Since earlier this summer in June as you Can see that’s coming down from lows in The mid 80s at this time last year October November 2021 just to give you Some context so it’s from zero to a Hundred zero indicates extreme fear and 100 would indicate extreme greed and as I mentioned numbers have been in that Fear section and extreme fear for a Little bit of time generally speaking if The metric is over 80 that means the Market is overvalued and if it’s under 10 the market is undervalued and Generally undervalued is a good time to Really increase any position via DCA Dollar cost averaging and to secure some Entry points so if you did so in June Kudos to you but once again it’s not an Absolute science it’s not the ultimate Precision it’s good for timing big Trends but you’re not going to get a Sense of exactly when the top or the Bottom occurs it’s just something to Keep in mind and therefore right now we Are keeping in mind that we are in Extreme fear territory as I record this Video in the last 24 hours or so Bitcoin Has dipped below nineteen thousand Dollars we’re sitting currently at about Eighteen thousand eight hundred Translation a fear and greed index score Of 24 equivalent to once again extreme

Fear okay so it’s pretty obvious that First indicator does not bode well for Market sentiment let’s take that in Combination with indicator number two Right now we’re looking at exchange Reserves and this indicator today is Also going to Signal some negativity Unfortunately for the market because Reserves on exchanges are increasing and Generally speaking reserves are only Added to exchanges when people are Looking to either trade or more Importantly when people transfer from Private non-custodial wallets to sell But spot trading volume is low and most Of these reserves are going into the Derivatives Futures Market instead and That leads to an increase in volatility That could affect spot prices because Futures are often a hedge against your Spot Holdings and the most popular Futures trade in the carry trade that’s Where you go long spot and you start the Futures and pocket the difference in What is essentially a risk-free trade More or less and when Futures lead Pricing versus spot that means that more Volatility is coming because not just Hedgers but also speculators I.E those Betting on prices rising or dropping That’s increasing in the Futures market So if you’re keeping score a couple of Negative indicators so far let’s take a Look at number three for the day which

Is the grayscale premium and just to Give you a heads up it’s pretty much at An all-time low right now it’s what Indicates the institutional bet on Bitcoin and right now it is suffering a Setback so as a regulated product one of The few ways institutions in the U.S can Access Bitcoin is through the grayscale Trust and because the ussec that’s the Securities and Exchange Commission will Not approve an ETF grayscale is kind of The next best thing and the result is That it’s been able to trade at a Premium to bitcoin’s price for quite a Long time so think of it as an Expression of institutional confidence In Bitcoin now this lower level that We’re currently seeing has led some to Suggest that institutions are turning Bearish on BTC because a drop in the Demand for grayscale means a drop in the Premium but it could also potentially Mean that they’re looking for and Perhaps have found better ways to invest Their money and their customers money However on the whole we have to Acknowledge that a lower grayscale Premium is not a good thing at face Value our fourth and final indicator Today will cover the inflows into Binance it is the biggest crypto Exchange and so what binance does truly Matters and with the price of Bitcoin Being what it is right now many miners

Are feeling the pressure to sell their Coins in order to recover their ongoing Monthly equipment costs for their mining Operations and binance is the most Popular place for miners to do that so Miners are sending lots of coins right Now to binance in order to sell which of Course adds volatility to the market and That’s not a great sign to be perfectly Honest so the crypto market right now Really seems to be hinging on the Outcome of the ethereum merge if you’re Hearing about eth 2.0 or the merge for The first time check out these other Videos that we’ve published recently for A full recap on the significance of the Merge it very much is possible that this Is going to be a buy the rumor sell the News kind of event but we’re also Waiting to see subsequent to the merge What happens whether or not it’s Successful whether or not it’s Ultimately going to be a good thing for Crypto if it is that’ll help bring Prices up generally speaking but if it’s Not it’s certainly possible that we’ll See some negative consequences the Short-term data is inconclusive we Expect some more sideways trading or Possibly brace for it we could see some Downward price action followed by more Sideways trading there’s just not a lot Of positivity right now in the market if We’re being perfectly honest and maybe

We’re wrong about that but that is our Interpretation of this week’s on-chain Indicators if you have a different Indicator you’re following a different Metric or a different Stat or you have a Different interpretation let us know What that is in the comments below this Stuff is somewhat subjective in nature After all just remember guys it’s never Official Financial or investment advice If you still are watching the video However at the tail end here kudos to You be sure to like subscribe share hit The Bell to receive notifications and Once again check out our offer with Binance if you don’t yet have an account With the world’s leading crypto exchange Now is the best time ever to sign up for Free and Avail yourself of all these Options right now you see on screen Screen you can check it out all the Links and information are available in The description of this video you can Find that all below check out these Other couple of videos guys if you’ve Not already they should be popping up to My left to my right stay safe out there Members of the altcoin buzz Army happy Hump day and as always we do hope to see You again soon in our next video take Care