Cosmos Crypto: 3 Reasons ATOM Will Blow Up

Cosmos has had a rough 2022 and if You're a holder of Adam you probably Feel like it's due for some price Positivity but whether we like it or not Adam is following a logical sequence Because when we zoom into the atom price Chart here you can see a short price Spike happened in late February 2022 and It probably feels a little bit random For me to say that but the actual cause Was the big atom 2.0 announcement and Interchange security and this is one of The reasons why we're talking about Cosmos again today but while we were Researching atom 2.0 we also came across Two reasons not the ones announced at Cosmo verse that are likely to send Cosmos to the Moon guys stay tuned in This video we're going to Deep dive into Cosmos and we'll give you some concrete Reasons as to why Adam atom must be on Your altcoin radar Foreign [Music] Welcome to the channel my name is Maddie And this is altcoin Buzz we are a crypto Investment research company as a Friendly disclaimer I'm not a financial Advisor by trade so this video is meant To be informative only in nature do not Consider it to be official Financial or Investment advice it is not with that Being said let's talk a little bit about Cosmos at the macro level because it has

A lot going on they have one of if not The best ecosystems in all of Cryptocurrency and as far as layer zeros Go they're miles ahead of other projects Even projects that we very much like Such as polka dot for example Cosmos is Definitively ahead of all the others Whether it's bnbcoin Cava Secret or now the community owned Luna Classic Cosmos has its hands and a lot Of growing and very successful projects And let's specifically break down the Important aspects of the atom 2.0 Proposal okay we're starting here with Reason number one as to why you have to Pay attention to Cosmos and we're Beginning with the atom 2.0 roadmap so First of all Cosmo verse this year in Medellin Colombia it's just finishing up Now and whenever big conferences like This take place big announcements tend To follow and if you're up to date with The cosmo versus updates you can use the Timestamps below to know the two big Reasons why Adam could explode soon but Far and Away the biggest thing that We've heard about is the atom 2.0 white Paper and here's a quick summary in The Proposal draft the cosmos lead Developers feel that Adam's initial goal Of enabling interconnected chains Through their IBC is now complete and The SDK is working for many different Chains and IBC is working to connect

Those chains together the most important Thing to understand here is that this is Only a proposal now we have a proposal Draft to look at because the community Votes on it of course so this may or may Not happen although we think that there Is a lot of Community Support currently Behind this and this is for the next Phase of atom development or atom 2.0 And among the important developments in This paper are number one an interchange Scheduler to sell or rent block space Then they use those revenues to help get Newer Cosmos chains started faster Number two an interchain allocate to Help Cosmos chains collaborate more Easily number three a new issuance Policy for Adam based on using the new Liquid staking options available and Eventually this will move to a fixed Issuance policy like many other chains Follow and number four the formation of Cosmos councils and assembly for Governance and to help realize the goals Previously stated yes yes yes a lot of Fancy words but what does this mean for You well first of all Adam should become More valuable because both the new Scheduler and allocator will be using Adam as the allocation and settlement Asset this is all outlined in the white Paper by the way so quote the result is A renewed role for Adam as preferred Collateral within the cosmos Network

Next liquid staking is coming to all of Cosmos and the developers are building a Module for liquid staking for any chain To use and the new issuance policy is Going to start at 10 million atom per Month then it declines steadily over 36 Months now that more atom will be staked Through liquid staking options than is Currently staked now so by month eight And Beyond this new issuance will be Less than the old issuance schedule Making Adam more scarce it does not take An economic Nobel Laureate to understand The supply and demand curve as Adam Becomes more scarce Adam's issuance rate Will also slow down dispose pretty well For the price of atom of course and Cosmos is also making a big bet on Liquid staking as a way to help us earn And keep the network secure and defy Levers will see that the new allocator Could help introduce under Collateralized lending to Cosmos so Instead of only over collateralized Lending where you pledge ten thousand Dollars for example to borrow five Thousand dollars you could pledge five Thousand dollars to borrow ten thousand Dollars kind of the inverse and this Could work both with individuals and as A fundraising mechanism between chains Bullish for D5 of course on Cosmos and Then the last section of the white paper Deals with governance improvements that

You should read if you're bullish on the Ecosystem but if you choose not to read It and you're looking for my opinion Here I see these changes as a net Positive and it looks to me as though The proposal will pass reason number two That you should start paying attention To Cosmos is the Terra shift now we're Calling this the Terra shift it's kind Of what happened to some of the apps Terra Luna is slash was building before The UST implosion but thanks to Anchor And its unsustainable 19 helping to Bring down UST many investors lost the Plot on Luna and what people missed Because investors lost lots of money was How easy to use and seamless the apps Were they were some of the easiest apps To use individually and together in any Ecosystem in all of crypto and that's Gotten lost in the headlines Unfortunately amid the implosion of UST And some of the arrest warrants out There for dokwan all of the negativity Two protocols in particular stator and Kujira made the terror shift so instead Of staying only in the 10 our ecosystem These two protocols made a shift to Cosmos it's an easy shift also since Terra built on Cosmos 2 but yes it still Represents a shift kujira decided to Build its own Cosmos chain and now it Offers its liquidation Services across The entire Cosmos ecosystem instead of

Terra only now anyone using any Cosmos Chain can access their services and Stator who specializes in liquid staking They went even broader because they Support liquid sticking on six block Chains including hedera BNB near and Polygon all right and finally reason Number three why you need to be paying Attention to Cosmos all the ethereum Integrations happening evmos for example Is an evm that's an ethereum virtual Machine on Cosmos that operates as its Own chain we've seen this smart design Before like avalanche's C chain for Example and cardano's nokomita that's Where evm apps are separate from the Rest of the Chain's activity there are Both design and security reasons for This and Cosmos tends to stand up pretty Well to attempted hacks and any kind of Unusual activity just go back to Luna For an example of how not to handle it But some Eve apps and Protocols are Vulnerable to hacks so this keeps that Activity separate and Cosmos is working On two huge Integrations that will make Moving within ecosystems easier those Two are the eth beacon chain now that The merge is complete and polka dot and That is huge news because soon three out Of the four biggest ecosystems are going To have Integrations with each other and Will make moving back and forth easier Faster and cheaper and so there it is

Despite a pretty Rocky year we feel that The network effect right now is really Working in cosmos's favor their tools And SDK for building blockchains past The tests during the Luna meltdown and Everything worked the way it was Supposed to work there are so many new Apps protocols tools building on it and Not only is Cosmos getting the chance to Integrate with more ecosystems like eth And like dot as we mentioned earlier but Now the cosmos ecosystem is so big that Other chains are actually coming to them And asking how they themselves can be a Part of the action so Cosmos went from Seeking to integrate with others to Being the most sought after project for Others to build new Integrations with And that's what happens when you have Tools to build out a BNB a cro a secret And A Kava so needless to say we feel That the future of Cosmos and Adam is Going to be pretty bright and whether You are looking to pick up Adam or Pretty much any other altcoin you desire Don't forget our special binance Promotion it has been extended due to Popular demand this is where you're Going to get some free money and you can Qualify for bonuses when you open and Fund a new account up to 600 in bonuses As per the information that's available On the screen click the link in the Description below and check it out make

Sure you use our exclusive altcoin Buzz Link you're going to get all of these Bonuses this is free money if you don't Already have an account with binance hey Check it out it's a no-brainer let us Know what you think about the cosmos Ecosystem system and the atom token in The comments Below guys never Financial Advice but best of luck of course if you Do choose to invest if you're still Watching this video kudos to you be sure To like subscribe share hit the Bell to Receive notifications check out these Other couple of videos that are Materializing to my left to my right Stay safe out there members of the Altcoin buzz Army happy hump day by the Way have a good midweek and as always we Do hope to you again soon in our next Video Take care