Cardano ADA Turning Unstoppable! ?

At this point we've lost count of all The relief rallies the crypto market has Experienced in just the last 30 days and Interestingly a recent survey revealed That the monthly inflows to cardano have Been increasing and have been doing so At the expense of ethereum but in spite Of all the volatility cardano's ada has Been holding its ground no wonder ada is Among the top gainers over these last Seven days but as usual there is more to This story than meets the eye that is Why in this video we are deep diving Into an altcoin buzz favorite cardano And we asked the question if ada can Really emerge as one of the winners once This crypto winter once this bear market Finally ends [Music] Welcome to the channel my name is matty And this is all point buzz we are a Crypto investment research company we Have documented many 100 x returns on Coins and tokens that are top projects Today really before anyone else was even Talking about them and if you want to See our detailed process for researching Such projects then our new and improved Altcoin buzz access group is for you our Plans start at 99 Monthly be sure to click the link below For more information whether we're Talking about ada whether we're talking About other cryptocurrencies or any

Other investment asset know that there Is a lot of corresponding risk when you Do invest so we're giving you Information and a lot of our own Opinions in this video but it should not Be considered official financial or Investment advice let's kick off with a Look at some of cardano's stats going Back to last month may 2022 so the first Science year of potential growth came From the cardano foundation this is the Organization behind cardano and it Posted on its twitter handle the monthly On-chain stats for may of 2022 and Honestly we're very impressed because in The month of may the number of wallets Increased by 1.84 Now hitting 3.36 million the staked ada Decreased to 71.7 So that's 1.35 percent less than the Last month among other indicators and The number of transactions reached 42.5 Million that's 7.74 More than the month of april so really In spite of the bear pulling down the Market in general cardenas ecosystem had A good month furthermore developers are Continuing to build protocols with more Proposal funds and pluto scripts in fact Its weekly development activity Outranked polka dot and ethereum last Week and higher development activity is Always a healthy sign for a project

Especially in a bear market like this Really regardless of what the price Activity is doing so could this Development surge translate into a fresh New price rally in the month of june That's the question we're asking it is Always a good idea to check our Technical analysis so if you haven't Checked out our recent ada ta video it Should be popping up right about now do Be sure to give that one a look we are Optimistic but right now it's time to Talk about vassal this is cardano's Latest hard fork it's a major upgrade And it's gonna happen at the end of june The date that we're seeing right now is June 29th and it's gonna add all kinds Of new features to cardano with four Cips those are cardano improvement Proposals we have cip 31 32 33 and 40. Cip31 is particularly expected to reduce Cardano's transaction costs by a Significant amount and the other Benefits of the upgrade are that Developers are going to be able to code Pluto scripts and send them to the Blockchain in a more optimal way Transactions are going to be smaller and Lighter which by extension will require Lower fees and developers will have a Better on-chain data storage solution For its community both cardano and Non-cardano communities are pretty Excited about this major upgrade as the

Private test net has been aggressively Tested by over 986 projects so that's great But there is a catch According to an iohk report cardeno Network will not see all features and Improvements immediately after the hard Fork and the main reason for the delayed Project implementation Is the fact that there's this Complication associated with the Transferring process of dapps based on The current version of the cardano to The new foundation So this possibly may dampen the price Rally a little bit let's talk now about Cardano's block production which is Becoming fully decentralized so when a New node in cardano is created it finds Other peers through a centralized Connection and this represents a Weakness ultimately in a platform that Aims to be fully decentralized but on May 6 the cardano foundation announced That block production on cardano will be Fully decentralized and this is the First major step to make cardano a full P2p network it also means that cardano's Nodes will be entirely organic and Self-regulated You're looking here at a demo where you Can see how each node integrates we also Need to discuss revolutionary babble Fees so cardeno is working on babel fees

This is a feature that will allow users To pay transaction costs in any currency That they want and cardano babel fees Will give cardano a significant edge for Adoption by allowing users to pay Transaction fees in currencies they Already hold cardano simplifies the user Experience and creates flexibility for Said users think about this in contrast To ethereum for example because with Cardano it will soon be possible to buy A stable coin from an exchange and Instantly send it to your wallet paying The fees from the same stable coin you Just bought so this flexible approach is More viable for mass adoption especially For the large numbers of users that Blockchain aims to reach with simple and Decentralized banking solutions so for Example if you make a transaction for Let's say 100 usdc you can pay 0.15 dollars in usdc not necessarily in Ada but ultimately it's up to you okay And ledger support is also huge a very Important piece of news related to Cardano is the latest integration with Really one of the most important cold Wallets Ledger and this is going to enable ada Holders to manage their assets in a more Secure way now it's possible in the Future some cardano dapps will allow Their users to inject liquidity directly From their ledger

We're not promising anything here but That is the speculation just like you Can do it now with thor swap admittedly That's just conjecture for now but we Feel that there are a lot of Possibilities that will come out of this Announcement so very exciting let's all Stay tuned cardeno also has six apps in Particular that we are especially Excited about because let's be candid Let's be honest here In any blockchain you're gonna have some Projects and some apps that have more Potential than others and from our Perspective these are the six that we Especially have our eyes on beginning With ardana this is the all-in-one hub For cardano's native stablecoin d usd Which will be announced very soon by the Way but in short users are going to be Able to mint trade stake lend borrow and All kinds of other stuff all in the same Place then we have maladex this is the First native decentralized exchange in Cardano's ecosystem and on may 22nd just Recently they released their white paper And it means that this protocol hasn't Even started yet so this is a good one In our opinion to keep an eye on next we Have genius yield this is an advanced d5 Protocol that gets together really two Of the most important features liquidity Dex and an automated yield optimizer This is another project that has also

Just recently released its white paper Next up is liquid finance and we like This one because when you add liquidity To a staking pool in the decks you get Liquidity tokens as rewards which of Course you can either sell or stake if You like now imagine borrowing those Same liquidity tokens and getting extra Yields in a non-custodial protocol That's liquid finance and it's a project That you may want to keep on your radar Aida finance is another very interesting One it is the first amm that's automated Market maker protocol on cardano and in Short anyone can lend and borrow assets Like nfts for example and earn interest From them finally we're keeping our eye On orbis which is the first zk roll up L2 solution for cardano it offers Optimized scalability and tps that wants To embrace the global financial system And what makes orbis different from the Other zk roll ups is that off chain node Operators cannot steal funds and users Can withdraw their funds even when nodes Are malicious a lot of great projects in Our opinion but despite all of these Positives ada has still been the victim Of pretty severe volatility in terms of Price swings maybe that's just the Fundamental nature of cryptocurrency Markets but it's a shame to see a Project doing so well fundamentally um And being punished at the level of its

Price performance that being said here's Our outlook in terms of the factors that We feel are most closely going to affect The price of ada going forward in our Opinion a lot of the unstable ada price Action we've seen has been caused by the Fed the federal reserve On may 30th the price of ada was at About 48 cents and the very next day it Climbed to 68 cents that's great but Then it dropped 13 in the same week like I said high volatility Because of this many specialized Financial analysis companies didn't Trust the long-term increment of ada Unfortunately but one of the most Important factors that explains the Unstable behavior of ada really are the External factors that exist on june 1st For example the federal reserve started Developing an asset portfolio that Harmed cryptocurrencies And cardano of course was no exception We all know that the most important role Of the fed at least supposedly in theory Is to control the money supply and Control inflation they ostensibly do This to maintain the price stability of The economy but during coveted times They printed a lot of dollars to give Them to the people as an economic Stimulus which of course caused the Current inflation crisis that americans Are seeing and what does the fed do to

Fight inflation well incremental Interest rate changes and when they do That all the economy suffers as a result Including the crypto industry which is Highly correlated with the stock market For better or for worse just prior to The vassal hard fork we have the cpi Report and Fomc meeting coming up very quickly Which to be candid could hit the crypto Market hard again And we do have to be careful here Because ada would be no exception Ultimately we have to hope for the best While preparing for the worst that's Always the most responsible mindset to Adopt but putting all the fud aside it's Important to note that the main stats of Ada and cardano's ecosystem are growing Consistently and very positively and With the vassal hard fork transactions Are going to be cheaper and faster which Is great news for development if there Is any project that you should keep an Eye on right now at least in our opinion It is cardeno and the ada token never Financial advice but best of luck of Course if you choose to invest guys if You're still watching we know there are A lot of cardeno fans out there kudos to You be sure to like subscribe share hit The bell to receive notifications check Out these other couple of related videos To my left to my right stay safe out

There members of the altcoin buzz army Have a great monday a great start to Your week and as always we hope to see You again soon in our next video Take care