All personal and mass choices affect the global climate crisis at various rates. The biggest of these effects is due to the carbon emissions emitted into the environment. Evadore is a Regenerative Finance project created to leave the world in the best way for future generations and find solutions to environmental problems worldwide.

About project and Token

Evadore is an Ethereum-based blockchain network project created to minimize the carbon emissions in our world and completely eliminate it in the sectors that have the opportunity, which keeps commercial activities in the background and was established to contribute to the ecological system in our world. It uses most profits made on exchanges or direct trades to prevent carbon emissions.

Eva Chain is much more than a blockchain. It is an ecosystem not designed by any person or organization, but rather a structure that develops organically with the support of green people who feed the ecosystem. Tokens can be recorded on the Evadore, also known as the Eva Chain. The project uses Solidity for this purpose. With the help of the remix compiler, you can write tokens and publish them on the network. Evadore will be happy to see anyone who can support the project to protect the environment and reduce carbon emissions.

Mission of the Evadore project

The Evadore is a leader in reducing emissions to zero and helping to achieve the goal of a carbon-free world. The project aims to reduce carbon emissions worldwide and sees the world’s health as the first point where the creation of a carbon-free blockchain should be evaluated differently than other blockchains. Evadore considers the most important points on the way to a long-term green future and takes the necessary steps for you!

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