Bitcoin IT’s LIGHTS OUT… [but not for bulls]

Oh Getting quite comfortable aren't we Sent them himself can you please be Respectful I am welcome back to crowns map Also no laughs allowed okay Welcome back to the aircraft crypto Channel it is finished Independence Day And we are independent from I don't I Don't even know I don't even know what's There they don't own Finland anymore Anyways with that said I would like to Wish you a happy healthy start to the Sides Tuesday morning over here a lot of Things to be discussing on this Particular video won a continuation of The lower term time from analysis Obviously the higher term time from now It's not really changed here obviously But the hpdr indicator the historical Price Delta range indicator is now Officially live on the uh on the store By the way if you did or if you do have Access to the caretakers STC indicator Um please email support With your receipt and they will actually Give you the hpdr Um the new indicator for free anyways Other than that Um yeah I think it's a good time to just Jump right on into this analysis so I Wanted to start off things a little bit Different here I want to start off Things with an analysis of the dollar

Index Dixie as there's a couple things Of of great interest here actually first And foremost on the short term you know Is this one getting ready for a bit of a Bounce after a pretty hefty downside Move yes I do think so the reason why I Think so is because one daily uh RSI is Starting to show multiple drives of evidence come off the lows and Then obviously the daily volatility Reads over here are starting to go into A contraction mode so I'm looking for a Bounce but very likely just a balance And and and the volatility indicator Tells us that it's probably going to be A corrected move so bounce into Continuation essentially anyways as we Go through it though I do want to Maintain that on the higher term time Frames I'm still looking further south One because the monthly is going into a Contraction phase and then more just as Important I'd say is the monthly RSI Showing bearish Divergence coming in From the highs of 2015 to the highs that We're seeing right now in late 2022 so Long term still looking for this one to Come further south somewhere between About 101 to 102 for the next you know Major bounce attempt short term probably Gonna try to bounce here Um and then we'll come back to it maybe Later this week maybe early next week Intimbo rat from there anyways other

Than that I want to now jump into the Higher term timeframes for Bitcoin just To remind uh why my biases are the are My biases here and one of the one of the Big ones comes in from the weekly Accumulation and dispution indicator Chart which we went over in detail um on Sunday's video so if you want the full Explanation check out that video it's Still very much relevant and nothing's Really changed here um the weekly story Remains with this upside curvature and Based off of this setup we have seen on Average throughout the full history of Bitcoin here an average Gainer of about 49 Um don't over the course of well about Two and a half months Um a lot of variants right there by the Way uh basically any anywhere between 50 Days to 90 days is where we typically do See that take place and then of course We can also see the first in aviation Um for that average move as well so Ultimately coming into like end of this Year january-ish I'm still looking for Bitcoin to very likely bounce much Higher before potentially going lower Now in the short term does that mean That Bitcoin can come back down to its Current lows sure yeah I mean my my main Message here is that it's very unlikely At least I believe it's very unlikely That Bitcoins can be closing on new lows

And especially like trending towards Massively new lows before first playing You know a nice uh you know a nice and Greater bounce like a Bitcoin bounce Right like a big Bitcoin bounce Tulsa Corroborate the story we can also look At the two-day time frame uh as well This one's still building a signal but Um it's a volatility versus stochastic Momentum signature as usual I won't go Through the full explanation because It's just it's it's not in there just Yet but the stats here very similar to What we see on the prior chart so I look At that as great Confluence and once we Actually get this one especially with The volatility indicator uh starting to Expand that's probably going to be the One that actually times this move within You know two to three weeks basically Um so that's that that's kind of what I'm looking for next to really Um to really I guess look for Immediately or more immediately uh that Next major upside move until then Sideways and maybe a little bit of Downside as we were looking for Yesterday is the name of the game so Let's actually get into that right now Or actually before we get into that I Should also denote that hey whoops I Just I'm going on the wrong chart uh I Should denote that on the three-day time Frame uh for CME which is closing

Tonight it's gonna very likely confirm Regular bullish to evidence which with Any sort of a closure here or higher That being above 16 950. again another Reason why I you know I generally have a Bullish buys Um On the higher term time frames for a Greater bounce you know probably above 18 and then once the other charts take Over then that can be propelled Significantly into maybe even the Shallow 20s very possible there anyways As I check my other screen because it Looks like looks like all sorts of Interesting things going on right now But yeah but that's not the focus let me Get focused once again let me get Serious on these charts and let's go Over here and follow up on yesterday's Short-term time from analysis so Yesterday's short term time frame Analysis we were looking for a pullback Based off of momentum officers we're Looking at bearish evidence we were Looking at stochastic momentum coming Down but but but Likely to play Within the range and my Line my line on the hourly was violated It was Violet and my lights outlined They turn out the lights it's Dark as hell over here and we came down To the next uh you know to the next Color low as you can see uh sorry just

Having a little bit of fun Um but uh but you can kind of see on the On the hourly here how this indicator How this indicator can play Um you know rather well I'm not gonna Say simply but rather technically let's Say Um as we did close below it's Technically just below 17 1 or so and Then yes you get your next move down Right here which was oh what do you know 16 750 which is uh CME range low there For the hourly but here's the thing when We look at the four wire when we look at The daily you know uh while I do think That there are some indications that we Might see a greater pullback um Definitely possible based off the Dixie Chart and based off someone else Something else that I'll Um uh uh speak about in a second if I Can stop saying um then uh then We can see that the range loads are Really more accurately around about 16 Uh 700 what I mean which were the ones From yesterday as well just on uh on the Four hour time frame so that is to say That I would not be looking for the Major move down in this case and when I Say major relative to a medium time Frame I mean coming back down you know To low 16s maybe even mid 15s until we Do get a closure below that specific Region again

16. let's let's call it 6 16 7 or so It's not going to be like super exact But close enough in this case actually a Few bucks lower than that anyways um as Far as that goes if that were to happen Yes I would be looking for next move Down somewhere around just below 16. uh Somewhere somewhere between 16 and 15 5 Or so by the same token to the upside Continuation is a lot easier to call Here obviously anywhere above basically You know the current high and very Likely looking at a move towards 18 000 Somewhere between 18 to 18 3 or so Anyways now that we've gone through that Okay we've got that we've got that yes All right let's go check out the daily Range on this one um I think that this One's still very well gets very well Gets very well uh accurately represents Kind of what we're probably probably Most likely looking at for the next Couple weeks here you know the overall Range in the tight uh in the tight Blue Area here are relatively tight Blue Area Would put 18 three highs and about you Know our current lows are the lows Obviously so again that's another reason Why do you say it's unlikely that we're Going to see uh you know any major new Lows coming in from this exact region Right here I do think it'd be a lot more Likely to maybe test somewhere around The current lows and then actually play

Out a You Know Much Greater balance into Maybe end of December probably more like January if I had to guess anyways as far As that goes I do want to reference this Chart over here and talk about the six Hour time frame which is actually in the Process of potentially putting in Hidden Bull Shepherd and says we do have lower Lows on six hour RSI right there with Potentially higher lows on six hour Price action how would you confirm that Is higher lows need to see a six hour Closure basically above seventeen Thousand one hundred or so Um let's call it 17 150 be a little more Exact at that point you know probably Looking at a move somewhere between the 0.5 Um and 18 or in 18 3 there by the same Token or by the opposite side of the Coin the 12 hour time frame is in the Process of confirming hidden bearish Efforts on the other side so which one Do you go with well in this case the the 12-hour time frame is a lot more of an Easy call for looking for you know a Pretty big move to the downside or Reasonably big move to the downside Compared to what we've been looking at For the past month Um but that would be with a 12 hour Closure anywhere below basically this Even the full hour range lows at 16-7 at That point very likely cannot move back

Down to very low 16s probably more like Upper 15s before the next sort of Bounce Attempt Um uh if that one's gonna play out so Again that's kind of The Tale of Two Cities right there so still contingent Upon validation on both sides but the 12 Hour being that it is a higher time Frame does hold precedence to be quite Frank anyways going back to the Stochastic momentum we actually have a Similar setup to the last few days as Well Um in this case the 12-hour stocast Momentum is still pointed to the Downside it will be remaining with Downside pressure as long as Bitcoins Below 17 100. this is again on CME now It's about price action which does have A small discount relative to spot six Hour time frame is going to be downside Pivoted as long as bitcoin's below 17 250 four hour time frame is going to be Downside pivoted as long as bitcoin's Below 17 2 and the hourly is also nope It's actually up no it's actually up as Long as bitcoin's above 16 855. so what Is that what does it all mean what does It all mean Um what does it all mean same thing as Like the last couple days I mean If you've been paying attention to the Last like I think it's three to four Days now the analysis has been more or

Less the same and uh even on the Short-term time frames just given us Well multiple uh chances for that it's Like okay is there going to be another Another test towards the range lows Probably yes is there going to be a Break of the range lows I would say I'd Still probably wait for an actual Confirmation of that personally I Wouldn't front run anything right here Um personally speaking I do think you're Going to get a test of the range low Similar to what you had yesterday And then you're probably going to see Another bounce attempt Um and uh in real direction will be Revealed maybe maybe Wednesday Ultimately you know the focus here is on The higher term timeframes because yes I Do think that uh Bitcoin again is a lot More likely to bounce up to uh to new Hans on this um on this current you know Off of this current load than it is to Make massively new lows just yet again Not saying that Bitcoin can't make Massively new lows from here which I Think it's more likely oh and by the way I forgot to mention that there is hidden Bullish Divergence also um in progress Here as well Um But uh I wanted to finish that Sentence I forgot where I was where Where was I yes uh uh uh yes if Bitcoin

Is gonna come down and make new lows Alongside basically all markets again It's probably most likely to happen in Q2 of 2023. Um you know the the the these sort of Segments segments of the market are you Know they're difficult man They're difficult because well It takes a lot of patience you might be Very well right on Direction Um but uh but but the patience aspect of This can be an absolute killer Anyways I think that's a good place to Leave off on this particular video I Want to once again give once again give A shout out to buy bit uh just because They still have their promotion going on I don't know how they're doing This promotion by the way because They're they're they're offering zero Percent on maker orders uh for both spot And derivatives with my with my link Um now well you know maybe maybe so many People use Market orders that just Doesn't matter but uh but they Still have that uh promotion available For you also they got their Apex Exchange which is in the links there too You um which is well I figure it's Relevant to a lot of people because a Lot of people are looking for no kyc They're also looking for you know Decentralized exchange where you can Essentially hold your coins in your

Wallet and trade from there so fair Enough if that's relevant to you maybe Check it out Um other than that I'll be signing off Again if you have the STC definitely Email support they'll hook You up for free and um yeah that's gonna Do it for now I want to wish you the Best best as always take care much love And see you hopefully soon