#BITCOIN ALERT!!?This has NEVER happened in 5 years!

After the collapse of FTX and the Cryptocontagen that continues to spread Through the industry bleeding its way Into things like block fi Genesis and Who even knows what other companies Might come out next Bitcoin finds itself At its most critical support a legacy Level that we have not ever seen Bitcoin Break in over five and a half years you Could see dating back here all the way To July 10th of 2017 we've had support On this Legacy trend line we've never Broken below it with the exception of Right here for covid which we only Dipped below it for just a few days but We have always always closed a weekly Candle Above This level so will the Bulls be able to defend this level or Will the crypto contagion continue so as We could see the Bulls absolutely need To defend this level if you guys are Interested in up-to-date cryptocurrency News and ta make sure that you guys get Subscribed check out the crypto Zombie On YouTube and Twitter