BIGGEST Crypto Airdrops: How to Claim Them & WIN BIG!

Pretty much the easiest way to make free Money in a crypto bear Market is through Airdrops but finding the valuable ones That are worth at least a few thousand Dollars are number one a lot of work and Number two means sifting through a whole Lot of scams we have done the legwork For you guys we've done the research in This video we're looking at two Potential air drops and one that is Confirmed and thus represent a great way To prioritize passive income in this Current bear Market [Music] Welcome to the channel my name is Maddie And this is altcoin Buzz as always we Wish you the very best of luck if you Choose to invest but just remember this Video is not meant to be official Financial or investment advice Airdrop number one let's get right into It we're looking here at Lens protocol This is a decentralized social network Or graph and it's also known for having A low carbon footprint so that right There is already a nice bonus and it Links to Ave The Lending protocol and They have the same owner actually Stanier kulachov he built lens protocol On polygon and this seems to be a good Choice especially if we look at all the Recent big new Partnerships that polygon Have announced so the question is why Would you want to get involved with the

Lens airdrop and that's fairly easy to Answer because quite simply Decentralized social identity is going To be pretty big in the future but Here's the thing to get your hands on a Lens handle isn't easy actually only a Specific group of people can claim it or You can grind your way through events I Myself am personally not eligible but Wider access is about to roll out soon Nevertheless lens already has over 105 000 profiles many feel that this is Quite important getting a lens handle And if you agree then this should be Your priority one of the ways of getting That lens handle is by following their Twitter account shown here at Lens Protocol they have regular updates on Handle drops but to qualify for the Potential airdrop that we're talking About here visit the apps that are Already built on lens as many as Possible really that's our advice we're About to name a few suggestions in just A moment however for most sites you're Gonna need that lens handle before you Can enter but for example shown here is Lens friends where you can check a Variety of profiles and handles on lens There's also lenster this is a social Media app kind of think of it like Twitter memes this is very simply where You can make memes on lens there's also In lens where you can find Twitter

Contacts on lens and finally lens drop Which allows you to airdrop tokens so You probably get the idea there are tons Of dapps on lens and really the Utilities range from music players to Creating poaps or for example how about Posting all your lens posts on Twitter But look most importantly get a lens Handle if you already have a handle let Me know what it is guys in the comments Below or how you're liking lens and its Dapps and its ecosystem but with that Being said let's move on now to airdrop Number two In the middle of this list we're looking At airdrop number two here which is Spin And this is a defy trading platform it Is built on near which is a great choice Because near has the best market cap Revenue ratio in the top 50 blockchains And by the way this is a confirmed Airdrop this is guaranteed but before You can join you will need a near wallet And you're gonna need to add some near N-e-a-r into it the link for that is Right here by the way as we now know After FTX and that whole debacle dexes Are doing pretty well because they offer An alternative to centralized exchanges So in other words you are in control of Your own keys and a decks as we know Requires no kyc procedure talking However about spin specifically they are Claiming to have the best combination of

Centralized and decentralized finance All in one on-chain trading solution it Is also very encouraging to see that Their tvl their total value locked keeps Growing we're looking here at last six Months on D5 llama and they've done very Well the trajectory is steadily going Upward despite what you know we've all Gone through as far as some very choppy Crypto Waters their tvl has performed Very very well and spin has already Launched a spot and a Perpetual trading Market and really the best part is that An audit is in the can for them already Which of course surely boosts trust in This particular platform and the spin Token that's s-p-i-n that is what we're After in this case and it also has some Pretty good utility including things Like governance staking benefits it can Be used for collateral or with incentive Programs okay but to get a chance to Qualify for this confirmed airdrop we Need to visit the two working parts so Here we go check out their spot Market Shown here that's Trade.spin dot Phi then connect your Wallet deposit some funds and complete a Few buys and sells currently they have 10 trading pairs all with usdc so for Instance near eth usdt or wbtc and then Their next step is to visit the Perpetual Market that link is shown here Perp

Perp.spin dot Phi you're going to need To connect your near wallet again and You're best off with some usdc in this Case try out their long and short Options in the Perpetual trading feature If you like and that's going to be your Best chance of setting yourself up for This confirmed airdrop see their Official tweet here this was published On the 21st of October so simple enough For spin best of luck with this one Again it is confirmed with that being Said let's take a look at our last Airdrop for today it is li-fi protocol Li-fi is an advanced cross Chain Bridge And Dex decentralized exchange Aggregator they cover quite a few Blockchains in fact no fewer than 15 for Example we have ethereum the arbitrum Optimism Phantom polygon Avalanche Binance Moonbeam Moon River okx chain Fuse Silo Chronos Villa and Aurora and They connect some pretty massive Ecosystems as well and of course they're Currently also the best Bridge solution To and from arbitrum they're swap Bridge App looks pretty cool and it's also easy To use okay but how can you get your Hands on this potential airdrop well it Should come as no surprise that you're Gonna need to use their Bridge start First of all with connecting your wallet They are all evm chains so a metamask While it will do any other compatible

Wallet is also fine whatever your Preference is really if you're not Comfortable with metamask for example Then feel free to use another wallet Okay then May make sure that you have at Least some funds in your wallet in order To swap now you can use their bridge to Move your assets around between networks Just be aware that transactions may take Some time between certain networks you Will also have to pay gas fees of course For each transaction and costs vary Depending on the chosen Network and That's pretty much all you have to do For this potential airdrop which brings Us to the end of this episode so let me Know guys in the comments how easy you Think it is whether you're comfortable Or uncomfortable with those bridging Requirements for some of you after all It may be a new experience if that's the Case best of luck also don't forget that For a limited time our altcoin Buzz Access group is free for you to check Out and while it is that means that you Can get your hands on our terrific Weekly update reports these cover the Crypto and nft markets these come from Our outstanding research team you can Try them out now for free either click The link that's popping up now on screen Or the one that's found in the Description of this video Guys these are High quality reports use them to your