BEST ALTCOINS Post Cardano Smart Contracts! PART 1

The hype around cardano is pretty Undeniable right now aydah has been on a 3 33 Bull run in this last year as we’ve Covered in a recent video all of this Hype around cardano is based around Alonso which is the rollout that is Getting ada ready for smart contract Functionality and that is huge and Cardano is officially going to be defy Ready in just three days now one Strategy may be just to stack up on ada But from our perspective another Strategy would be to bet on the cardano Ecosystem which as we see it is on the Verge of a major explosion so among Those projects in cardano’s ecosystem Which ones do we especially have our Eyes on that’s exactly what we’re going To cover in this video [Music] Hey everybody i am maddie and we are Altcoin buzz a crypto research investing Company and as always with Cryptocurrency our goal is to get in Early we spotted quand when it was just Eight dollars by nance at seven dollars Engine at four cents matic at just three Cents and many many others as well if You don’t want to miss out on the next Crypto gym be sure to like this video Subscribe to our youtube channel Altcoinbuzz and hit the bell to receive

Notifications that way you are alerted Every time we put out a new video but if You want to go to the next level and Have access to our insider secrets You’re going to want to check out our Premium service that’s altcoin buzz Access we have a platinum plan which is Sold out and a pro plan which is going To be launching soon that is about to be Released and to be a part of it you’ll Have to add your name to a waiting list But all the information can be found Using a link in the description below All right but without any further ado Let’s talk about cardano this represents The state of cardano back in may of 2021 Just a few short months ago but take a Look at this this is cardano in august Of 2021 within just three months cardano Added more than 100 projects to its Ecosystem spanning from d5 decentralized Finance all the way to nft’s Non-fungible tokens and in this video We’re going to filter it all down we’re Going to be talking about some of our Favorite projects that are recent Additions to this cardano ecosystem Number one on our list is ergodex Ergodex is a decentralized exchange on Ergo and cardano and it’s going to allow For quick and effortless secure Transfers of liquidity between ergo and Cardano networks and ergodex combines an Amm that’s an automated market maker and

An order book type exchange in a single Protocol which very few dexes have been Able to achieve If you’re aware of the crypto scene you May have heard of dexes like uni swap Pancake swap sushi swap maybe some Others and you might have even used some Of them yourself these exchanges work Fine enough but the block chains on Which they work have been known to cause Some issues uni-swap for example Operates on ethereum and suffers from The infamous gas issues this is where Ergodex has an advantage over uniswap as It operates on cardano which is a Low-cost blockchain so let’s compare it Against pancake swap which has its own Set of issues pancake swap operates on Binance smart chain which does Occasionally face network issues because Of its centralization ergodex might not Face these issues as it’s built on Cardano which is also in addition to Being low-cost a highly decentralized Blockchain it also impresses us that Ergodex is quickly striking things off Its roadmap and is working to solve the Concurrency issues and it’s amm it’s Automated market maker is also live Right now for public beta testing as per The team almost 1 100 test swap Transactions on the beta amm have been Successful if you’re at all curious and Want to test the irgo decks amm you can

Click on this link enter your ergo uroi Wallet address and get some free erg Tokens to test the dex we’re gonna leave More information about this via a link In the description below so check it out And when you get those free erg tokens Test out the ergo decks and let us know Your experience in the comments section Below whether positive or negative Project number two on our list in the Cardano ecosystem is occamfi this Project’s mission is to become cardano’s Smart defy layer and for that it brings Users a suite of defy solutions that Have been tailored for cardano and the Tools range from launch pads dex tools All the way to liquidity pools and There’s even a bridge that you can check Out at Dot phi Swap akam razer is the first complete Launch pad solution built on occamfi for The cardano ecosystem it’s become a Primary go-to launch pad for cardano it Successfully completed six ido’s and There’s a long list of upcoming ido’s Now because launch pads have done very Well in the past on other blockchains Quackham razer is also expected to do Pretty well the akamfi ecosystem even Has its own token occ which has multiple Use cases within that particular Ecosystem for example use number one occ Holders can stake tokens to get access

To private occum razer pools you simply Need to have occ staked in time for the Ido registration off right now there are Five tiers and each one has its own Stake requirement the second use case is That occ holders can stake their tokens They can choose not to participate in The ido but still get rewards use case Number three occ holders who participate In idos can also earn razer rebate Rewards these are like cash backs Basically but they’re paid out in occ Also occ holders will be able to Participate in liquidity mining through Occam razor pools and earn rewards at The time of this recording occ is Trading a little bit above nine dollars But it’s still down Pretty significantly from its all-time High which was set in may of 2021 at 21 We feel that this is about to change and That new all-time highs will be achieved Soon it’s simply a function of occ’s Utility which is about to increase as Occam x the occamfi de-x is nearing its Completion just check out the holder Count of occ over 9 000 wallets hold occ At the time of this recording in fact on The 3rd of september ocomfy announced The launch of ocx a new token for occum X and announced a reward for early Supporters and occ holders just like uni Swap rewarded its earliest users with The uni token you can also get free ocx

And here are three simple ways to do so Number one hold and stake occ by doing So you’re going to receive ocx in the Future number two provide liquidity to Occ trading pairs that’ll mean you’ll Receive ocx in the future as well and Number three stake ada on the occamfi Cardano stake pool and then you’ll Receive ocx in the future for that as Well now at the time of this recording The ocx token airdrop has not yet been Announced but if that changes by the Time this video is published or maybe by The time you’re watching this video then Do be sure to sound off let us know the Information and share that information In the comments below with your fellow Members of the altcoin buzz army project Number four on our list is cardstarter The first insured project accelerator For cardano’s ecosystem so being an Insured launchpad means the ido Participants are insured against any Risk of financial loss in case of a defy Exploit which we find very interesting So right now card starter is running on Ethereum and has already conducted some Successful insured ido’s like charlie 3 Which did exceptionally well in fact Card token has ranked as the number one Launch pad coin based on roi and that’s Because card starter ido participation Requires users to stake card tokens Based on the cards they state users can

Participate in lottery or guaranteed Pools but We can’t ignore the fact that the cost Of participation in the card starter ido Right now is really high in fact the Minimum staking requirement starts at 100 cards and costs about 2 100 Because the card token at least right Now is trading at about 21.40 At the time of recording It is significantly down from its may 2021 all-time high of 80 But it might rally again as card starter Is about to enter its great migration Phase with cardano’s mainnet launch on The horizon cards bridge will facilitate The migration of over 100 million Dollars worth of liquidity from the Ethereum network to cardano This marks a significant milestone for Card starter as it moves to a low-cost And completely decentralized blockchain And once the migration is complete erc20 Card token holders will be airdropped One to one for the official mainnet Token at the time of recording over 12 000 wallets hold cards tokens which is The third highest holder count of Cardano projects number four on our list Is singularity net it’s a decentralized Marketplace for ai that’s artificial Intelligence algorithms that is secured By blockchain technology So basically singularitynet is not a new

Project building on cardano but is one Of the projects that is migrating from Ethereum due to its infamous gas fee Issues and of course some of the Scalability challenges that exist Singularitynet plans to run trillions of Api calls in the future in fact when we Took a look at its api marketplace 51 Services were listed there and you can Request a demo for which you need to pay In agi x the singularity net token this Means the platform has developed an ai Developer base in fact charles hoskinson Has been promoting the singularity net And this seems to be working in the Project’s favor taking a look at Etherscan shows us that the number of Agix holders has been going up gradually Since august of 2021 and as of right now That means it is the project with the Highest holder count in the cardano Ecosystem in a nutshell singularitynet Is that kind of project that is really Already developed it’s already in use And has a token again it’s simply Waiting for the alonzo hard fork to port To cardano and start scaling up and Finally at number five the last project In today’s video is sunday swap which Claims to be the uni swap of cardano and Is one of the early stage projects on Cardano that created a lot of buzz for Ada so much so that its official twitter Handle has as many followers as sushi

Swap so take a look here at sunday swap With about 130 000 followers and sushi Swap with a little bit more but only Marginally so definitely pretty Impressive this popularity can be Attributed to the fact that sunday swap Announced an initial stake pool offering That’s an iso Way back in may of this year may 2021 if You’re not aware or have never heard About iso let me explain it to you Basically an iso allows you to delegate Your ada to a project pool in this case It would have been sunday swaps pool and In return the idea is you’d receive some Sticking rewards as ada and the rest as Project tokens in fact the community is Still waiting for the iso to happen and This could become one of the most Profitable isos on cardano as per their Latest updates the decks will launch Somewhere close to mid-october and the Iso will follow the deck’s launch as to Why sunday swap sounds exciting to us Well recently sunday swap demoed its First live test net swap which means the Product is ready you can clearly see That sample liquidity pools are Functional and that they’re also wired Up to real data just as the team claims What differentiates sunday swap from Many decks is building on cardano is the Fact that sunday swap has established Multiple partnerships to bring in

Liquidity to the decks on day one for Example they’ve partnered with other Projects in the cardano ecosystem like Liquid and according to liquid sunday Swap will be integrated to liquid at the Time of the alonso hard fork and this Means users will be able to trade their Tokens on sunday swap at true market Price No slippage basically which is a big Problem with as you guys know many other Popular dexes so there it is guys that Is it for today’s video our quick take On our five favorite projects currently Building on cardeno as we anticipate and Are very enthusiastic for the alonso Rollout none of this is ever financial Advice but if you watched this video in Detail maybe if you were diligently Taking notes you may be able to take Advantage in terms of some opportunities Out there and stay tuned because in the Next few days we’ll be doing a follow-up Video for our second set of favorite Projects in the cardano ecosystem while Our team is busy scouting some of those Projects let us know guys in the Comments below why you’re excited about Cardano and particularly which projects You’re most excited to see in the ada Ecosystem if you don’t want to miss out On future videos guys make sure to like Subscribe to the channel also hit the Bell to receive notifications that way

You never miss a publication add your Name to that waiting list guys for our Insider secrets altcoin buzz access the Pro plan is going to be launching soon In the meantime if you’d like to learn More about cardano about the alonzo hard Fork and some related videos that we’ve Made they should be popping up right About now best of luck guys if you do Choose to invest stay safe and as always We hope to see you again soon in our Next video take care