6 SUPER BULLISH Polygon MATIC Competitors | Arbitrum & more

Foreign [Music] Pop Quiz what do the Disney accelerator Program Starbucks Coffee Company Starbucks Odyssey and Robin Hood all have in Common well they all chose polygon as Their preferred blockchain and in total Polygon now hosts over 53 000 dapps polygon is currently the king Of layer 2 Solutions and they seem to be Making all the right tactical decisions Because big companies are flocking to Polygon and weekly unique active users Numbers are going through the roof can Anybody touch them at all at this point Well maybe not but we do think there is Some stiff competition out there Especially in the layer 2 space here in This video we're looking at six polygon Competitors that I think are worth Keeping an eye on we at altcoin Buzz Lovematic just as much as anybody but in This video we are taking a look at six Altcoin competitors to polygon [Music] Foreign Hey guys my name is Maddie and this is Altcoin Buzz we are a crypto investment Research company of course you've heard Me say it before but I have to mention That look I am not a financial or Investment advisor do I look like one For God's sakes hopefully this video is

Very informative for you but don't take It to be official Financial or Investment advice it is not Oh All right let's kick off the list with Entry number one wasting no time we are Considering here as the first competitor To polygon immutable X whose sticker is IMX and it's also one of our long-term Favorites in fact just a few months ago We did a deep dive into this project and The IMX token check out that video if You've not already a card should be Popping up right about now but immutable Access focus is on nfts non-fungible Tokens and they are a layer 2 built on Ethereum immutable X uses ZK roll-up Technology from starkware AKA ZK Starks Now these improve on the Z case snarks Because they remove the need for a Trusted setup and in turn this allows For 9 000 nft transfers trades or mints Per second and that's without any gas Fees by the way so that is to say they Are a power to be reckoned with in the Nft space in fact they overtook polygon In nft volume and they're also making a Pretty big name for themselves in the Metaverse and gaming sector and actually When it comes to gaming they have a very Strong blockchain gaming roster which Includes for example Book Games shown Here we're on vfriends.com God's Unchained Guild of Guardians and of

Course eluvium all of which by the way We've covered before on this channel They also have a massive 500 million Dollar ecosystem fund however they're Not active in other fields but they do Have a strong team and some very serious Backers for instance temasek they Actually more or less own Singapore in Case you're not familiar with that name Annie mocha Brands known for axes and Errington taking a look here at the Token IMX it sits at currently just over 56 cents with a market cap of 319 Million dollars now their Max token Supply is 2 billion of which you have 25 Percent in circulation or 570 million Guys if you're a fan of IMX as we are Let us know in the comments below but Without any further Ado let's move on Now to our next project [Music] Major polygon competitor number two not To be underestimated is arbitrum which Is also a layer 2 incidentally built on Eth and as such they offer faster Transactions and cheaper gas fees Compared to ethereum and just like IMX They take advantage of ethereum's Security since they're built on top of It and they both use the ethereum Consensus mechanism but polygon on the Other hand has its own proof of stake POS consensus arbitrim uses an Optimistic roll-up solution so in other

Words they roll up batches of Transactions and deposit these on Ethereum they're L1 ultimately this Makes them computationally less complex And if we look at tvl or total value Locked polygon has 1.24 billion dollars And that means it's currently at number Five among all chains and polygon Currently hosts 323 protocols now with Tvl arbitrum directly follows that Number six with 948 million dollars and 127 protocols Call arbitrum their home and arbitrum Achieved all of this without having its Own token yet which is hard to believe Actually now the crypto space expects an Arbitrum token launch and airdrop to Happen pretty much imminently actually About a month ago we showed you how to Take part in this airdrop you can check Out the video whose cards should be Popping up right about now but for Context polygon launched in October 2017 Whereas arbitrim launched in May of 2021 And I personally see lots of potential In this project so look nothing's for Certain in this space you guys know that But don't be surprised if arbitrim will Keep making moves and keeps growing it Really has the potential to be a serious Polygon competitor and given that its Token isn't even out yet we're really Just getting started let us know in the Comments below if you're as excited

About arbitrum as we are but with that Being said let's move on to polygon Competitor number three [Music] Seller network is a layer one blockchain Interoperability protocol and it also Hosts L2 Solutions mostly for finance And they use ZK starkware Solutions now You may know the C bridge this is Another well-known product of theirs and They support well over 110 tokens and Over 30 blockchains an interoperability Is their first middle and last name they Are very much known for interoperability And the transaction volume now is well Over 10 billion dollars however in August the bridge was hacked during a DNS attack and losses were around two Hundred and forty thousand dollars which Is actually an unusually low amount for A bridge hack in crypto but then again Seller has a strong ecosystem of Partners and so many other strengths to Compensate for that one failure Especially when it comes to Seabridge Now seller has a strong team that Consists of multiple phds they also Boast some very strong investors for Example Arrington and binance labs and For those interested in tokenomics high Emission periods are already over the Price of seller currently sits at about 1.4 cents with a market cap of 79 Million dollars the max token Supply is

10 billion of which 56 or 5.6 billion Tokens are currently in circulation if You are a fan of seller as we are let us Know about it in the comments below Thank you moving right along to polygon Competitor number four we're looking at Loop ring here this is the first ZK Roll-up layer 2 on ethereum and in the Same L2 vein they reduce gas fees and Speed up transactions up to 100 times Lower fees when compared to ethereum so It's a big big difference their main Focus is on the defy space more Specifically decentralized exchanges Polygon is more diverse with their Attention to GameFly and nfts among Other things but Loop ring again is Specifically focused on the defy space And just like IMX and arbitrim actually They ride the ethereum consensus Mechanism for safety which makes them Much more scalable when compared to Polygon for example if we compare tvl Polygon still has 1.24 billion dollars And loop ring exchange has 109 million Dollars the price right now of lrc sits At just above 25 cents with a market cap Of 311 million dollars the Max token Supply is 1.3 billion of which almost 100 percent 1.2 billion is currently in Circulation so Loop ring the first ZK Roll-up layer 2 on ethereum let us know What you guys think about this OG this Veteran in the space let us know your

Thoughts in the comments below Okay next up and at number five on our List the penultimate entry here we're Looking at Stark net and if you haven't Already seen it go back and check out Our recent video we did a pretty In-depth tutorial on starknet and what It's all about how that integrates with Some of the airdrops that we talked About in this video that's popping up Right about now but in a nutshell Starknet is an L2 built on top of Ethereum but they use ZK Roll-Ups Instead of optimistic Roll-Ups and the ZK Starks that's their technology so Instead of ZK snarks ZK Starks you can Probably pick up on the Game of Thrones Theme here if you're a fan now immutable X and seller also use this and ZK Starks Allow you to share data with a third Party which can be used for computation However you don't reveal the data to This third party which is one of the Reasons why it's so popular polygon Moves towards using ZK Roll-Ups they Also use the polygon ZK EV But that's not all they're also Developing polygon maiden and this also Uses ZK Stark technology so look we see Polygon using the tech developed by one Of its competitors this is one of the Reasons why I think starknet May well Become a serious Contender for a spot in The L2 Limelight they both use a

Different coding language though polygon Uses solidity whereas starknet has its Own language named Cairo that's C-a-i-r-o starknet currently doesn't Have a token but I expect an airdrop Soon again go back and check out that Airdrop video from the other day if you Have not already and if you want to be On top of these kinds of announcements Guys you got to check out our altcoin Buzz access group on telegram we Actually have a starknet airdrop Strategy ready to go you can access it And currently the group for a very Limited time is free to use and check Out and try out you can check out the Link for more information which can be Found in the description below foreign Ly rounding out the list here at number Five ZK sync we've talked about this one Recently it's another L2 built on top of Ethereum and the way they want to reduce Ethereum congestion is by using ZK Roll-Ups now transactions should be Faster this is because they use ZK Mathematical proofs for transaction Verification but because of this ZK sync Is less evm compatible so both polygon And ZK sync are strong competitors in The evm market and with ZK sync 2.0 ZK Sync actually hopes to bridge this evm Gap and I expect this to launch before The end of this year polygons ZK evm is Due for early 2023 assuming they can

Even meet that deadline at all but this May give ZK sync and other evm Compatible l2s an advantage and ZK sync Also has no token just yet so this means That I can't give you any comparison on Tvl and the like however it's well worth Keeping an eye out on ZK sync it's an Other promising L2 solution and we do Expect a token at some point so that is It guys that brings us to the end of This list of six polygon competitors Which one among these six that we've Outlined do you feel has the most Potential are there any significant Projects that perhaps we've left off This list if that's the case let us know In the comments below but look basically Polygon is currently leading the L2 Field and big companies have flocked to Them and everything seems to be going Right but there's always somebody else Waiting on the side waiting to pounce Waiting to take advantage of a Competitive advantage and competition is Certainly stiff in the L2 space so we Looked in this list at one of my All-time favorites immutable X and at Seller and at Loop ring and arbitrum and Two other projects that don't even have A token yet starknet and ZK sync these Are great opportunities for future Airdrops again check out our airdrop Video but in general keep an eye out on All six of these projects they're likely

Going to make waves be before you know It I honest to God wish you all the very Best of luck if you choose to invest Guys but it's never official Financial Or investment advice if you're still Watching this video kudos to you be sure To like subscribe share hit the Bell to Receive notifications check out these Other couple of videos guys popping up Here to my left to my right stay safe Out there members of the altcoin buzz Army that's first and foremost always Stay safe and as always we do hope to Again soon in our next video take care