50x Your Crypto Portfolio by the NEXT Bull Run

Listen I'm a pretty simple guy like many Of you my only humble desire is to build The world's greatest crypto portfolio One that first of all balances risks and Returns and also one that secondly Performs well at all times even during The bear markets so with that in mind I Sat down and expanded upon my crypto Portfolio specifically looking at coins That could 50x and that is exactly what I did I looked at the best altcoin Projects that gave me the greatest Likelihood of 50 Xing in the next crypto Bull Run that doesn't mean it's going to Be tomorrow or next week or next month Or even next year but if you have a Little bit of patience in terms of your Investments we're going to share with You in this video all of the Intel That's going to go into constructing a Bulletproof portfolio for the next time The market really does pump watch this Video to the very end because when you Do that of course it encourages YouTube To recommend it to more viewers but You're also going to want to stick Around till the end of this video we'll Be revealing Three altcoin Gems that We've incorporated into this portfolio Leo these three projects are going to Give you the best chance to hit that 50x Multiplier the next time the crypto Bulls decide to run [Music]

Welcome to the channel happy Monday my Name is Maddie this is altcoin Buzz we Are a crypto investment research company Just quick disclaimer by trade I am not A financial or investment advisor this Video is meant to be informative in Nature now we are sharing with you Legitimately our own investment Strategies but we cannot recommend them Officially for the reasons I just Mentioned so hopefully this video is Useful to you in one sense or another But don't consider it to be official Financial or investment advice because It is not all right with that being said Let's get right into it here's the first Step in how I constructed my 50x Portfolio as I mentioned right off the Bat balance is going to be a key Ingredient of this portfolio and so for Coin number one we are recommending Bitcoin because look we've said it Before in all kinds of videos going back Years if Bitcoin is not a meaningful Part of your portfolio then you are Doing it wrong this is cryptocurrency it Needs to be part of your portfolio it's Actually going to represent a big chunk I'm allocating 35 to BTC my attitude is Keep buying keep huddling keep doing Your DCA that's dollar cost averaging Strategies at the current levels BTC is Wildly undervalued right now in my Opinion it is oversold I keep picking it

Up I'm making sure it represents a good 35 of my crypto allocation and So Eventually ultimately when each BTC is Worth individually five hundred thousand Dollars which I think it will get to Imminently at that point the difference Between buying at 18K 19k 20 21k it's Just gonna be a rounding error you're Not gonna care okay moving right along To coin number two in this portfolio we Are incorporating binance coin ticker BNB we're giving it 15 as well for a Couple of reasons first of all it's a Bet on the continued success of binance And secondly we're pretty big fans of Their burn program which is designed to Get their total Supply which is Currently at 165 million it's designed To get it down to a hundred million that Is their stated goal and we think that They're going to get there they actually Burned almost 2 million BNB last quarter And they're on track to burn a little More than 2 million this quarter we love The flationary tokenomics and so this is Getting 15 of our portfolio and guys While we're on the subject of Finance You literally only have a couple of days Left to take advantage of this exclusive 600 offer but you can still do so for The next couple of days if you hurry by Clicking on the link in our description Below we're giving away six hundred Dollars worth of bonuses if you sign up

With a new binance account using our Exclusive altcoin Buzz link you're gonna Get all these bonuses that you see here On screen as a warning this is ending The 28th of September and I sit here Recording this video on the 26th of September so you don't have much time Left this is free money if you don't Already have a binance account this is a No-brainer to go ahead and sign up and Get yourself all of these bonuses that You see here also for a couple of more Days we have the one thousand dollar Binance trading competition check that Out as well guys all the details are in The description below you are running Out of time this is a great deal that You absolutely must take advantage of if You can Point number three that we are Incorporating into our portfolio is none Other than polygon ticker Matic which is Getting a full 12 of our allocation and We know it seems like we have this song Going love affair with polygon but it's For good reason because from my point of View you're going to get the best of Ethereum with app access while also Getting the best of all layer twos Variables like speed low fees good Tech With zero knowledge proofs and you're Getting this all in the same place so This is a bet that we've made this is One that we are sticking by polygon we Feel has a lot of good things going for

It plus Matic is a full 4X away from its Previous all-time high and so the idea Of a project this big being able to do a 10x or a 50x in a sense is pretty Reasonable to us and fundamentally they Continue to look very very strong so Matic gets 12 allocation in our 50x Portfolio for coin number four it's a Bit of a shared category this is going To be comprised of stable coins and we Are allocating 10 two stable coins in Our portfolio which means that right now We've already covered 62 percent of our Allocation in just our three biggest Tokens I.E binance coin polygons and Some of the stable coins really whatever You choose to incorporate as a stable Coin along with bitcoin's 35 we're now At 62 percent of our portfolio and Personally I am okay so far with this Concentration because we think all of These choices are great long-term holds Okay but what happens if you just have This incredible new opportunity that Presents itself something that you can't Predict something that presents itself a Year from now two years from now well if You choose to mimic our strategy then You should have at least 10 percent of Your portfolio in stable coins ready to Make that new buy if and when given the Chance to do so but in the meantime you Can continue staking saving and earning Some interest on those Stables since you

Get anywhere between two and fifteen Percent depending on where you choose to Stake by the way if you are interested In those two to fifteen percent passive Income strategies check out this video We made a step-by-step tutorial on how To get the most bang for your stable Coin bucks so to speak stable coins are Thus a must-have in any portfolio Because they offer that passive income Opportunity while also being ready Willing and able to be deployed as Needed when opportunities present Themselves next up we're looking at coin Number five which is the graph ticker GRT we're given this eight percent Because they're indexing and querying Protocol for blockchain data and apis Really make it easier to build apps for All kinds of players and individuals in This space so this play really comes Down to if you're long on dapps and the Building out of ecosystems because the Graph is number one in its category Moving right along not wasting any time We're at Point number six and we are Unveiling here polka dot which we're Allocating to the tune of six percent in This portfolio and you're probably Noticing the theme here picking sector Leaders so in this case once again polka Dot ticker dot dot is getting six Percent now you might be thinking why Didn't we choose Cosmos they seem far

Ahead of dot in some ways in the Development of new layer ones for Example and you know what you are right And that regard but we actually prefer Dot in this case for two specific Reasons number one dot has more room to Grow just to get to where Adam atom is Right now and number two dot uses crowd Loans bonding and parachain leases to Restrict the circulating Supply and Create many long-term holders of its Coin in a way that Adam doesn't And so that's why as an investment we Prefer Dot and coin number seven in the Alt layer 1 group is Avalanche ticker Ava X which we are big fans of which we Are giving five percent and despite the Bad publicity and accusations of suing Its competition in U.S courts I still Like avax I still like it a lot and Mostly for two reasons number one There's subnet technology and number two I think their D5 Protocols are some of The best in the industry okay so in this 50x portfolio we have 10 choices we've Uncovered the first seven now we're Gonna get to the Three Gems the three Probably lesser known altcoin projects That you may or may not be familiar with But as a reminder if you haven't already Done so be sure to sign up with the new Binance account you only have a couple Of days left to do so if you also want To get up to six hundred dollars in

Unlockables all the links guys are in The description below this is a great Deal it's only around to the 28th of September and the same goes for our Trading contest also happening with Binance if either one of these interests You you only have a couple of days left To act probably less by the time you're Watching this video so be sure to check Out all the links all the information They can be found in the description Below okay let's get to the gems now Because we've already covered 91 if you Add together all of the allocation that We've been discussing so far we only Have nine percent left to play with and So we feel this is where we add onto our Portfolio with small cap exposure this Is where we're going to look at those Gems that could 100x potentially even 500x if they become the next BNB the Next polka dot the next Matic and the Idea here to a certain extent is kind of Like planting seeds because a success in Any of these next three can really pump Up the total return in your portfolio Gem number one that we're considering is Kujira we're given this three percent They have great apps and they've Survived the Luna the l-u-n-a debacle And they've gone on to start their own Chain really to help all Cosmos Investors they've weathered this storm Extremely well gem number two is Luxo

And look I like physical nfts Non-fungible tokens and we as a team Also to think that fashion has a lot of Room to grow in this space check out Luxo including some of the recent videos That we've done which have examined Luxo In Greater detail we are also giving This project three percent and finally The 10th entry on our list which is also Getting three percent is fuse we are Very quickly becoming fans of the fuse Cash app which is intended to make Crypto easier for beginners along with Voltages Innovative defy options check Out fuse dot IO for more info nobody is Ever going to agree a hundred percent With somebody else's portfolio Recommendation especially when you get Down to the percentage allocations but Once again here's the takeaway from this Video you make your money on the buy not The sell and the best time to buy for Pennies on the dollar is during the lows Of the bear market so as always not Financial advice but best of luck if you Do choose to invest to invoke another Quote or another philosophy be greedy When others are fearful and fearful when Others are greedy I'll leave you guys to Make up your own minds and make your own Decisions but that's pretty time tested Advice let us know what other gems we May have missed what you would Incorporate into your own portfolio but

If you're still watching Kudos be sure To like subscribe share hit the Bell to Receive notifications check out these Other couple of videos popping up here To my left to my right stay safe out There members of the altcoin buzz Army Happy Monday have a great start to your Week as always we do hope to see you Again soon in our next video take care