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About a month ago we put out this video Called 50x your crypto portfolio by the Next Bull Run and here we sit a month or So later and as you can see we have very Fittingly 666 comments on this day October 31st on Halloween but the point really is that There's been a lot of great Communication a lot of conversations Were started by you guys in the comments With obviously a lot of opinions that Were shared and communicated and a lot Of interaction which is always fantastic So thank you very much truly this 50x Portfolio video really hit on something That you are altcoin Buzz Army and Viewer want to know more about and at The end of the day that is my job to Serve you by giving you actionable Information about crypto that you can Use today we are going to revisit that 50x portfolio take a look at how we've Done over the course of the last month Did we make money did we lose money and One way or the other how would you Construct your ideal crypto portfolio so Stick around for this video not only am I going to explain my black eye we are Also critically revisiting our 50x Crypto portfolio [Music] Welcome to the channel my name is Maddie And this is altcoin Buzz happy Halloween We are a crypto investment research

Company even though we are laying out Pretty much verbatim our own investment Strategy when it comes to the Information we're providing here that's All that should be considered Information and so hopefully this video Is informative to you but I am not a Financial advisor therefore don't take This video to be official Financial or Investment advice all right quick Explanation as to why I look the way That I do don't worry I had a very Peaceful weekend always good I actually Participated in my first Judo tournament Uh and I've never really done martial Arts I've only been at Judo now for a Few months but I'm enjoying it so far And I was able to finish with a Podium Placement which I'm very very happy About I'm certainly nothing special but It's a sport that I enjoy and you do get Banged up from time to time so just so You guys know alright so with that Update out of the way let's now get into Just A Brief Review of the 50x portfolio That we presented back in September it Probably makes sense here to provide Some context so effectively we did a Deep analysis and looked at what why and Exactly how much we were allocating in That original video check it out if You've not already and so that video Really set the foundation we went into a Lot of detail in today's video we're

Going to tell you that we have 81 Percent of our money in large Blue Chip Or potentially Blue Chip projects and Many our leaders by the way in their Sector of the crypto economy Bitcoin is Part of that but eth is not and that was Part of the commentary in our last video It's not to say we don't like eth but It's not part of this particular Portfolio that being said we do have Some other leading projects like the Graph and polka dot and Matic as well Another feature is that nine percent are In small caps and two of our three are Small cap gems additionally 10 percent Are in stable coins so if we so choose We can buy more with that dry powder at Any time we have not not added to any Value by staking lending or adding Liquidity with our stable coins although Obviously you can as long as you stay Liquid for a purchase if that's the move You want to make and just to refresh Your memories here is specifically what Our Holdings were in order of portfolio Percentage so starting with Bitcoin at 35 BNB at 15 polygon AKA Matic at 12 Stable coins then represent 10 and then We have the graph at eight polka dot at Six Avalanche at five kujira Luxo and Fuse each at three and so in this Spreadsheet we based those numbers and Those metrics on our film date of September 26th on that day we looked up

The prices and the portfolio represented Ten thousand dollars in allocations then We calculated our p l based on the Pricing from just a couple of days ago I.E a month later now let's briefly go Over the rules for a moment because Those of course are very important when It comes to trading you cannot plan your Trade and trade your plan if you have no Plan so here is our plan with our rules First of all when it comes to taking Profits when we hit 50 profit we always Sell ten percent to take a little off The table and book those profits when it Comes to cutting losses because I know We selected quality projects yes a drop Is a chance to buy the dip but that Being said negative circumstances can And do happen in crypto so at a 20 drop That's when we re-evaluate the position Of the project in its sector we also Reconsider fundamentals and technicals And decide whether to sell hold or buy More and when it comes to rebalancing We're not going to be rebalancing just On a whim or to try to chase returns Because we bought quality and we're Confident in that quality we are looking For a big fundamental or technical Analysis change in order to cause us to Sell or swap out one of our nine Positions logistically I'm actually Curious as to how you guys track your Portfolio do you have rigid rules that

You would buy I buy are you a little bit More flexible different approaches are Okay just hopefully you are unemotional And you take the sentiment out of your Investing that's kind of a universal Truth let me know in the comments below How you guys do it whether you use Excel Or maybe Google Sheets or something else To track whether you track at all I'm Curious as to how your process works Okay now we talk benchmarks I.E how we Did against the market so despite our Sizable holding of Bitcoin I really feel That the best gauge of the market is to Look at both Bitcoin and ethereum's Performance during a given period of Time so that being said how did Bitcoin And ethereum do in the last month the Month has been kind of quiet Um at least quiet for crypto bitcoin's Return has been negative 3.38 and ethereum's return has been Negative 1.24 Benchmarking which is what investment Pros call this this is a measure of how Our portfolio does versus the General Market after all nothing operates in a Vacuum so so it's important to consider What it is you're competing against if Market conditions are tough as they are Now then really thinking you can crush The market with a 5x return in a month That's just not realistic and if you see Here the market lost money in the last

Month with 35 of our investment in Bitcoin you'd think that we lost money Too and the truth is that we did but Thanks to the solid construction of our Portfolio we lost less than Bitcoin did Our other eight choices other than Stable coins actually did better than The market we know this because our Return for the month is negative 1.03 percent so did we lose money yes Did we lose less than holding both eth Or Bitcoin over this month also yes Let's talk about the profits on a Project by project basis here so this is Where portfolio construction becomes Very important and I want some Diversification but not that much I Don't want to be the market I want to Beat the market after all and I have 10 Holdings here and one the stable coins Really has no change it would only Change really if it were used to Purchase another project which was not The case here we're still keeping our Stable coin allocation for the purposes Of illustration so that means of our Nine Holdings three of them made money Plus our stable coins held their value And you can see in these four rows that Fuse made a small Profit just above Break even that's profit of fifteen Dollars on a 300 investment the numbers Are small but it's still a five percent Return in one month which is good

Performance then after that we had Polygon our investment of twelve hundred Dollars earned us a hundred and sixty Six dollars that's an Roi return on Investment of 13.8 percent in one month And for one of the biggest projects in The industry that's pretty good then we Had our top performer one of our gems Luxo which pumped more than 50 percent This month earning a hundred and fifty Eight dollars on an investment of just 300 hundred dollars there we had an Roi Of 52.6 percent which is very impressive And based on our rules and if this still Holds after filming we will sell 10 Based on our trading rules again it's Always important to book some profits Now look you might be thinking oh man if You could have put all your ten thousand Dollars into Luxo look how much you Would have made yes we always think that Way but look hindsight is always 20 20. You can never predict with certainty and If you think you can you're just Gambling so it means that it's Absolutely not only the wrong way of Thinking but it's also a dangerous way Of thinking so don't beat yourself up Over the fact that you could have made More you could have always made more and Look I like Luxo in fact almost everyone At altcoin Buzz really likes Luxo but What happens to our risk when we spread It out from nine projects plus stable

Coins into only one risk skyrockets Under those circumstances so again don't Build that kind of portfolio our goal is To be here for the long term not to live And die by any one project especially One that didn't even exist three years Ago and honestly and candidly may not Exist three years from now therefore our Portfolio allocation addresses these Risks based on the amount that we've Invested in our assets do Bitcoin and Polygon have a lower risk of project Failure than Luxo yes of course so their Portfolio allocation is higher and again This is kind of a middle of the road Portfolio when it comes to risk but that Is specifically how it was constructed So if you would like us to make another Portfolio based exclusively on small Caps we can do that we can make another Video based on only small caps if that's Something that you'd like to see be sure To comment below your comments last time Were fantastic you guys really got the Conversation going which is why we're Doing this follow-up today so whether It's small caps whether it's something Else if there's something that you'd Like to see shout it out in the comments Below we'll be sure to follow up with a Video particular to your suggestions all Right we have to be fair now we're going To be discussing losses by project and The Biggest Loser by percentage

Unfortunately was the graph GRT lost 18.7 percent in just a month and this Just shows how unpredictable the market Can be really you have the number one Without question project for querying And organizing blockchain data and in a Month it drops 18 well look that's why We have other Holdings next is another Of our small Holdings kujira with kujira We lost 42.50 on an investment of 300 or Negative 14.1 percent this is why we Want some portfolio concentration but Not too much and it's entirely Conceivable that kujira and Luxo could Trade places in terms of performance in The next month and I don't know when or If that could happen neither do you but That's the point of this particular Portfolio construction the next two Biggest losers are unfortunately two of Our favorite layer one and or layer zero Projects polka dot and Avalanche they Lost 12 percent and 10 percent Respectively but for the long term we Don't expect that Trend to continue and Finally now for losses and covering 50 Percent of our total Holdings are Bitcoin and BNB they lost 3.38 and 0.4 Percent in the last month and as I said That got us to negative 1.03 for the Month and so as you can see the overall Trend was downward we lost 103 dollars But that was mitigated by the fact that We had some strategic diversity but not

Too much in this portfolio all right so What lessons did we learn in this last Month well number one we learned that Our portfolio construction looks pretty Solid given that risks are relatively Low secondly for that risk we beat both Holding BTC and eth both of which are Common long-term strategies number three For our other eight Holdings aside from Bitcoin and stable coins it's absolutely Impossible to cage where their price may Go in the short term and in the short Term we're talking the next month or so And because of that third Point here at Number four we have no idea as to where Things will go and so we choose nine Solid projects and then build out the Portfolio percentage based on risk and Lastly we learned that what we're doing Seems to be working like I said this is A long-term Endeavor we're going to be Having updates about this exact Portfolio Construction in the future Stay tuned next month we will be Revisiting this in the meantime don't Forget that for a limited time our Amazing altcoin Buzz access group is Going to be offered to you for free Which means you can get all of our most Up-to-date research as soon as it comes Out and not only that you can also Interact with and talk directly with the Great researchers this is a 99 per month Value we're allowing you to try it out

For free you can check it out by Clicking the link in the description Below best of luck if you choose to Invest I mean that with a lot of Sincerity but of course Never official Financial or in investment advice if You're still watching this video guys be Sure to like subscribe share hit the Bell to receive notifications check out These other pieces here popping up to my Left and to my right stay safe out there Members of the altcoin buzz Army have a Great Halloween and as always we hope to See you again soon in our next video Take care