50%+ Passive Crypto Income for ATOM, ADA and SOL-USDT Pairs

We’ve been hitting passive income Strategies hard during all this market Uncertainty and for good reason our Research team is constantly looking for Great opportunities to make some money Extra money with the two things you have In your portfolio already those being Number one high quality projects i.e Altcoins and stable coins today we’re Looking at seven that is right seven Farms that have only high quality Projects and stable coins in other words These are projects crypto coins you Already own coins you have no intention Of selling we are pretty excited about These passive income strategies so in This video we are looking at seven farms That you’re going to want to check out [Music] Hey guys my name is matty and this is Altcoin buzz in case you’re tuning in For the first time we are a crypto Research investment company we’ve Documented 100x returns on all kinds of Projects but that’s taking a snapshot of Them today the key is that we were Talking about them before they were Considered top projects before anybody Else was really talking about them and If you want to learn our detailed Process for researching new projects Effectively then our new and improved Altcoin buzz access group is for you you Can check it out here is the website

Access.altcoinbuzz.com And if you’re interested you can also Check out more information by clicking The link in our description below if you Haven’t already done so guys be sure to Like this video subscribe to our youtube Channel altcoinbuzz also hit the bell to Receive notifications because that way You get alerts by youtube every time we Publish sometimes what is very time Sensitive content and as a friendly Reminder just keep in mind that we’re Sharing our opinions we are in fact Sharing our own strategies but this Should not be considered official Financial or investment advice all right Let’s get right into it all seven of This week’s passive income opportunities Take place on baby swap and we’re here On the website home dot baby swap dot Finance slash farms if the layout looks At all familiar to you that’s because it Looks almost exactly the same as pancake Swap but with baby instead of pancake Baby everything basically certic Recently audited their contracts and They scored well on security and on Having no bugs in their smart contract Code which is extremely important to us They do have their own native token it’s Called baby b-a-b-y and this is the Token That we will receive some of our rewards In so here’s some info about it it’s a

Bep 20 token it’s got a total supply of 522 million with a circulating supply Right now of 715 000 and the price Currently sits at about 23 cents now the Initial max supply was 1 billion but Baby has a burn mechanism so the market Cap is only right now 166 000 so look not financial advice but If you’re an aggressive investor you may Want to take a chance on it otherwise You’re going to want to follow our more Conservative recommendations our team of Technical analysts took a look at baby And clearly you can see that the project Has been in a downtrending channel over These last few weeks we’re looking at The last 90 days here in fact so the Last three months but we do have support And resistance at 21 cents and 29 cents Respectively so the next support level Will be a full 10 lower at 18 cents and Then 14 cents after that if baby breaks Out above the 29 cent resistance then we Could certainly see an increase of Almost 15 percent to the next resistance Level at 33 cents it has as we explain In this upcoming video lost 90 percent Of its value from its all-time high so The video that you’re looking at now Explains a little bit more about baby Swap and shows things like the many Wallet options so these include wallet Connect metamask trust wallet token Pocket and others and with any assets

Already on bsc as the video explains you Won’t need to wrap anything which makes Things easier and makes things cheaper You can just use the assets as they are Okay so with all of this being said we Do like baby swap we think it has a lot Of potential but let’s move on to our Passive income recommendations farm Number one is adam usdt so we’re Starting out with atom atom we’ve been Talking a lot about atom and the cosmos Ecosystem atom of course is the native Cosmos token and we’re combining that With another favorite usdt The farm currently pays 24.5 In baby and 11.7 in atom for 36 total we Like that this farm pays double digits In adam regardless of the other payment And that these are two large project Coins for cosmos and tether yes there’s Still some risk of impermanent loss Since tether is a stable coin but at Least some of the difference in adam’s Price whether it’s positive or negative That could generate in permanent loss is Offset by you earning more atom but There are ways to enhance your apy the Strategy here is to sell the baby for More atom and to stake it within your Kepler wallet kepler is a great cosmos Native wallet and holds most cw20 tokens And here’s how to do it number one sell Baby for adam on baby swap number two Send atom to binance number three

Withdraw from binance to kepler wallet And for our american fans who can’t use The full binance service account here’s What you do number one sell baby for Adam just as we just mentioned number Two use the secret network bridge to Bridge between cosmos and binance smart Chain and number three move to kepler Wallet in order to stake why would you Want to do all this well staking adam Alone is about eight to ten percent net Of validator fees but you can beat that And reduce your downside risks as well This technique earns us more with 11.7 Percent plus the returns on our 24 newly Staked atom but with less volatility Since half of our lp is in usdt farm Number two is saul Usdt here we have another high value Project coin paired with tether this Time it’s solana so the lp pays 30 in Baby and 8 In sal for a 38 Total and like our first farm the return Just on saw is pretty good with anything More being a bonus and a chance to Increase our returns and as far as Increasing your apy we want to keep it Simple here we would sell our baby for More saul or usdt right here on baby Swap and if you like the lp performance You can buy equal parts of both saul and Usdt and increase your position in the Pool farm number three is bitcoin and

Usdt here’s a rare opportunity to stake The king of all crypto btc you can earn 14 With 9.7 paid in baby and 4.4 paid in Bitcoin this is a high interest rate to Pay in bitcoin and that’s why we like This farm as far as being able to Enhance your apy well on this one there Is a choice for enhancing it sell baby And buy bitcoin very simply farm number Four is ada usdt this one like the Others features a quality coin cardano And tether it pays 30 percent 19 of Which is baby and 11 of which is in ada Again this return in ada alone is a good Return and if nothing else a reason to Consider the pool a recommendation to Enhance here is to sell the baby for More usdt farm number five is matic usdt Here we have polygon and usdt and the Returns on this one are 35 with an Almost even split between baby and matic With 17.4 percent in baby and 17.8 In matic pretty good as you guys may Know matic has come under fire in their Community for not having enough high Quality staking options for small dollar Retail investors we just wrote about This on our website Altcoinbuzz.io so this is a refreshing Option this farm that is matic usdt Where you don’t need thousands of Dollars and huge gas fees just to Participate if you want to enhance your

Apy here with this pool well we Recommend you sell baby for more matic Moving right along farm number six here We like link that’s chain link and usdt It pays 21 The baby part is 15 with six percent Payable in link l i n k As far as enhancing your apy well we do Like link but our recommendation is to Sell your baby to buy either link or Usdt or bitcoin usdt would be Appropriate to buy the dip opportunity While link or bitcoin btc would be a Good fit to add to existing positions Farm number seven is Ksmusdt we saved the highest paying one For the last spot here on the list we Have kusama and ksm pairs with usdt and It pays 52 Now 41 of that is in baby but you still Get 11 In ksm if you want to enhance your apy Well here we have a shift despite the Fact that we like ksm on this farm we Think you should swap both your baby and Your ksm for polka dot that’s d-o-t and Stake it from your native dot wallet That will give you a chance to earn Another 13 interest in dot there you Have it guys seven great Crypto passive income options on one Platform baby swap and again some of you May want to be aggressive and keep those Rewards in baby to see where the coin

And the project might go but we think That most of you will want some of our More conservative options they are Either usdt for waiting for a buying Opportunity or more of the existing High-value projects such as chain-link Solana ada cardano to add to your Current positions in those projects Check out these options guys once again Home.babyswap.finance Do keep an eye on the return rates Because like anything those could change With time so like anything just make Sure you are aware of what they are hey If you watch this video to the end good For you give yourself a pat on the back And maybe you’ll implement some of these Passive strategies if you do we wish you Only the best of luck be sure to like Subscribe share and hit the bell to Receive notifications check out some of These other videos which should be Popping up right about now stay safe Members of the altcoin buzz army as Always we do hope to see you again soon In our next video Take care You