4 RED HOT Crypto Metaverse Games | Oct 2022

Blockchain games as you know is one of The hottest sectors and one of the most Rapidly growing segments of the crypto Economy or more specifically at least They were because you also probably know That many crypto gaming projects have Gotten crushed in this ongoing bear Market so you may be a little bit jaded Right now you may think that this is Ultimately slowing down the progress of Gaming development you may also think That games crypto games specifically Right now are less attractive investment But you'd be wrong to think that because There has never been a better time to Invest in blockchain games than now and Despite the negative CPI metrics that We've gotten that have further tanked Not only the crypto Market but other Markets despite that despite the Negativity bear markets don't last Forever and so it behooves you to get Ready to prepare yourself while we're Still in the midst of this bear Market Because those that get in early into Profitable Investments of any kind but We're talking right now specifically About profitable games you can do a 50 a 60 a 70 80 90 a 100x return possibly More and so in that Spirit we are taking A look today at our top four favorite Crypto and blockchain games in this Space [Music]

Welcome to the channel my name is Maddie And this is altcoin Buzz we are a crypto Investment research company whether it's Cryptocurrency or any other kind of Investment be careful you can lose money By making Investments and by gambling in This space and remember that I am not a Financial or investment advisor so don't Take this video to be official Financial Or investment advice because it's not All right with that being said let's Launch right into our list here entry Number one belongs to ape iron and we've Talked about recently how getting in Early really is the key to making big Money big returns really when it comes To any kind of investment and with ape Iron it's pretty sweet because you're Not going to be able to get in much Earlier than you would with this project Because in fact their land sale right Now which they call Stars instead of Land that's starting its pre-sale phase In just a few days so that gives you a Sense of how early you actually are and Ape iron is a God game it's the first One that is nft based and these nfts are Planets stars or relics and weapons and You use these nfts to build out your Planet and earn through gameplay so the Point of the game is to grow your planet Into something prosperous something to Really behold and then you can align With other planets or play in a PVE or

PVP environment and one of the limiting Features of metaverse games is that They're often kind of a closed loop Meaning that you can only Cash Out by Selling to another player in that same Game but that's not the case with ape Iron because you're going to be able to Trade or sell to another player yes but You can also use these nfts in other Games or sell them on an Open Marketplace such as open C so this Versatility means a lot more utility for Ape iron nfts especially while the game Is still new now the token model is also Unique with three tokens instead of the Standard one or two that most other Games on this list have and we like this New model and we'll explain why in just A second but we'd like it for a few Different reasons first of all we're Unbelievably early when it comes to ape Iron and the pre-sale of 11 498 Stars Again that takes place on the 18th of This month so if you register and get Yourself on the white list you can jump Right in and start building by the way We are giving away 10 white list spots Check out this tweet for more info Another reason why we really like the Three token model is because the three Tokens are first of all anima which is The in-game token that's A-n-i-m-a apparos or aprs is the ticker That's the governance token and ringu

R-i-n-g-u that stands for regularity the Special rewards premium token now the Ringu token is a real differentiator all Games do governance and in-game tokens And sometimes it's one token and Sometimes two but the ringu token here Is a genius move by ape iron it's a Specific token meant to attract the Gaming guilds so they know most new Gamers will come through a guild and in This way game guilds like for example Yield Guild games and Merit Circle they Have a lot of influence now this token Is a premium token given out when Large-scale events take place so you can Only participate in these events through A long sustained commitment in game Galactic events or through alliances and Gvg that's Guild versus Guild playing so The message here is pretty clear they're Effectively saying hey guilds bring us Your players and you can expect them to Be rewarded which is a pretty brilliant Marketing strategy to use the regularity Coin in this way and it should help ape Iron grow faster than other games plus All three plus all three coins including Ringu are going to be available to trade On exchanges so this way if you're not Part of the guild per se but do want a Chance to unlock these bigger benefits You can just buy the token game number Two on our list today is one that we Have covered before it is krixibia now

To set the stage here really the main Knock against p2e that's played to Earned games is that they can feel like A job to really earn the money because They're not all that fun to play at Least not always krixibia is very much The exception to this rule you may Remember this video from earlier in the Year we actually like this project so Much that we did this dedicated video About six months ago here's a link you Can check it out when you finish with This particular video we'll also make Sure that this is included in the Description below and the deal here is That with quicksilia you can play either Individually in groups or in a PVE Environment so you have lots of Flexibility lots of ways to earn and the Game is built with unity multiplay and Has a medieval setting with pretty cool Graphics and it really is fun to play And we like it for a few reasons But it Includes that last one that we mentioned Because really the fun cannot be Understated games ultimately are only Successful long term if they are fun and Most of this generation of blockchain Games let's face it are not that fun to Play so far but this one is and so That's a major competitive advantage and Secondly we like them because they use Both nfts and two tokens in their Gameplay and this means you have a

Couple of different burning mechanisms And ways to either spend or cash out What you make now the nft use is unique Here in that you can Import and Export Nfts into the game directly from the BSC Blockchain or you can sell it here when The nft marketplace opens and they have A two token model as I mentioned which We like for games to have they offer a Blockchain governance token in the form Of kxa and an in-game token in kxs game Number three on our list here for today Is alterverse and hey disclosure and for Full transparency altcoin Buzz's Investment arm has invested in this game But we're going to try to be impartial Here ultraverse and its metaverse Skycity look like if you kind of Transported Dubai maybe into the 25th Century and the metaverse is going to Expand into models of other cities as Well so London New York Real World Locations but I mentioned skycity that Is the main Hub of the ultiverse and It's a city that is free to get into and Build upon kind of like decentraland and Scott city has 17 large floating Platforms that are called Halo spheres That are kind of like groups of Neighborhoods bound together and by the Way along with this are two other games In the works one is an FPS that's a First person shooter game and the other Is a survival strategy game we like this

One for a couple of different reasons First of all ultraverse is in the Binance labs incubator and we cannot Understate how big a benefit this is to Any game or any project for that matter Because binance gives it money and tons Of expert advice on how to make its Metaverse successful it's a great Partner to have in your corner arguably The best secondly binance just invested New money along with other investment Leaders like polygon and engine starter To help them advance and reason number Three as you may have already guessed From reasons one and two you are Seriously early here in this one that is To say you're going to be able to invest In all these coins at the same time Venture capitalists are investing in the Platform you're very very early and Lastly these guys are built on engine Which is a team that we've admired for Years now really from the beginning they Have a rock solid reputation and Pedigree not to mention all of their Groundbreaking work on nft token Standards like erc1155 all right and Last on our list today at game number Four we have an arcade which goes back To kind of old arcade and casino games But it's a web 3 integrated mini-games And casino platform dedicated to Hardcore Gamers specifically so the Platform is built on a combination of

Web 2 and web3 Technology that's for User safety and the platform also hosts A variety of games these include Raffles Coin flip and blackjack where users can Deposit really as little as two dollars If they want to play and as the platform Scales it will host more native arcade Games and peer-to-peer competitions and The team's mission for the platform is To provide the opportunity for anyone Regardless of their financial or Economic background to provide them with The ability to participate in the games With low entry and fair chances to win Big Or alternatively just hang out and Connect if they want and arcades socials Are growing pretty rapidly especially With the announcement of their free Mintable collection of 777 nfts that mint is coming soon which Is another chance to get in early and Then the team's next step is to Implement a range of arcade and casino Games such as slot machines that's going To be followed by peer-to-peer poker Where the platform is going to host Tournaments and live poker games for web 3 communities we like it because look Real blockchain gambling is a niche Within gaming that's small but that we Feel is positioned to grow and Blockchain is in unique position to make The game provably fair which is

Critically important to show the games Aren't scams or just to bring money into The house this is so important when it Comes to the legitimacy of projects that Are operating in this gaming gambling Space and so the nfts that you buy give You a chance to earn a piece of the Profits and if of course you probably Know the saying The House Always Wins so With this particular kind of model You're going to have a share or a stake You're going to have some rewards that Will accrue to you every time the house Does win so it's an incredible mechanism There you have it guys that's our quick Look at our four favorite crypto games Right now in the blockchain gaming space Be sure to comment below as to which one Is your favorite if we've left one of Your favorite games off the list also Comment below on which project that is Lastly and this is uh kind of an ultra Limited time thing but it's something We're trying out so again for a very Limited time our altcoin Buzz access Group is free you can have a free trial And get all of the best research and Talk to our research team that puts all The stats and the metrics together now This is regularly a 99 monthly value Right now you can try it out for free Once again for a very limited time more Info can be found in the description Below check it out this is not going to

Last very long best of luck if you Choose to invest but as you know never Official Financial or investment advice Guys if you're still watching this video Way to go be sure to like subscribe Share hit the Bell to receive Notifications check out these other Couple of videos popping up here to my Left to my right stay safe out there Members of the altcoin buzz Army and as Always and genuinely hope to see you Again soon in our next video take care