4 Cheapest Ways to Trade Crypto | Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance, USDT

If you're currently active in this space You know that exchange fees are one of The hottest issues right now in crypto This video will walk you through the Ways to best trade your crypto with the Lowest possible fees in some cases even Zero fees and believe me it really Required us to go through a lot of terms Of service and all kinds of conditions And fine print to figure out the four Cheapest possible ways to trade your Cryptocurrency and if you don't yet have An account on which to trade and you Haven't checked out our ongoing Promotion with binance links and Information can be found in the Description below but we'll discuss that Later in the meantime let's get right Into the first tip on how you can save Big time on your crypto trading fees [Music] Foreign [Music] My name is Maddie and this is altcoin Buzz we are a crypto investment research Company now if you choose to invest of Course we wish you only the very best of Luck but I am not an official Financial Or investment advisor I am not Accredited in any sense so take this Information to be just that informative And hopefully that's what this video is But don't take it to the official Financial or investment advice because

It's not alright so getting right into Tip number one and this is the kind of Thing that sometimes people take for Granted but it's very simple advice use BNB many of us don't realize just how Much trading fees can eat into our Returns many exchanges for example Charge anywhere between 0.5 and 1 per Trade now this includes coinbase it Includes Kraken but there are more and More players out there these days so the Good news is that trading fees are Actually coming down thanks to more D5 Protocols and centralized exchanges Lowering their fees in order to better Compete binance is one of the better Exchanges out there charging about 0.1 Percent and some some other exchanges Charge as little as 0.3 percent which is Good but we can always do better so it's Pretty simple tip number one is to use BNB to pay for your trading fees and you Can set this as your default with ease In your spot wallet by the way once you Have some BNB in your account and by the Way we already think BNB is the best Exchange token to own due to binance's Strength and its burn program we talked About this just the other day check out This video if you've not already but Assuming you already have some BNB in Your account then you can save 25 on Your trading fees if you pay with BNB so Take this example right here it's some

Very simple math and it's not going to Make or break your Investment Portfolio But as you can see based on this ten Thousand dollar trade you save two Dollars and fifty cents which again may Not be anything to write home about but It's still two dollars and fifty cents If you're an active Trader you trade in High volume this is the kind of thing That can add up and you may not even be Realizing it so look hold BNB it's Already a great token with a bright Future and it'll save you a few dollars As well in the long run tip number two Here is to use binance gift cards now You may not have heard of these but with Binance gift cards you can buy or send Crypto to anyone for free that includes If you wanted for example to send to Someone in exchange for your local Currency we actually have a tip related To just that topic coming up but first Let's talk about the even bigger secret Which is the binance code so this is Where you get a prepaid voucher that you Can send to anyone even outside of the Binance ecosystem it's API supported and Great for small businesses by the way That want to use crypto to pay for items Or perhaps to increase adoption through Offering loyalty programs that kind of Stuff and again it's all free so there Are no fees incurred when you choose to Move your crypto in this way and if you

Haven't already done so check out our Ongoing promotion with binance you can Sign up for a new account and get up to Six hundred dollars in bonuses Essentially free money now this has been Extended it was ending on the 28th of September but we've had a very strong Response and due to popular demand this Is now extended into October so you have A few more we weeks at the time of this Recording to take advantage of this Offer and if you don't already have a Binance account I keep saying it but It's a no-brainer you get all of these Bonuses that you see on screen here Check it out more info can be found by Clicking the link in the description of This video alright tip number three Getting right into it here zero fee Crypto trading pairs this is not Something that everybody necessarily Knows about but did you know that for The next few weeks binance is offering All kinds of popular zero feed trading Pairs this is only for a limited time Though so it's a time sensitive entry Here on the list there are 13 different Bitcoin spot trading pairs including the Two most popular BTC usdt and BTC busd Which are now trading for free and some Of the other pairs are Bitcoin and Certain other Fiat currencies like the Euro the Australian dollar the Brazilian Real the Russian Ruble you have others

As well and the truth is you may not Need any added incentive to want to buy Bitcoin but now you can do it for free And perhaps that may add to your Motivation to hoddle it or you can use That Bitcoin to exchange anywhere else For low fees for the crypto that you Want so check out these pairs once again They won't be around for too much longer Alright and finally for our last tip Today tip number four we're talking About binance P2P that's peer-to-peer Trading this is our favorite tip because It allows us to convert Fiat to crypto On binance for free by also harnessing The power of the community so to speak And as far as services on binance go the P2P once again peer2 peer trading is Really one of the unsung heroes and one Of the reasons why binance is number one All over the world many Emerging Markets Effectively cannot send their naira or Their pesos to the exchange their Limited geographically so the way they Use binance is through peer-to-peer Services it works great and is a pretty Smooth process and using it you can First of all link your bank account in Fiat currency you can also send to Another account holder at the same bank Or to a different bank within your Country tree and binance also releases The crypto to you once you show proof of Payment so it is a terrific and very

Quick way to use your Fiat to buy crypto And it's also free and I think almost More importantly it's a way for a lot of People to circumvent the geographical Limitations that they find themselves in Through no fault of their own so there You have four pretty easy ways to save On all your crypto trading fees when Using binance and if you don't already Have an account on binance check out our Exclusive link we have an ongoing deal With binance until late October you have A few more weeks to action this but if You sign up with a new account and fund It you're gonna get six hundred dollars Worth of bonuses guys this is free money It's been extended due to popular demand You have a few more weeks but may as Well take advantage of this especially If you don't already have a binance Account this is a freebie it's a great Offer and you're tapping into the best Exchange ecosystem in all of Cryptocurrency so I'll say it again no Brainer check out the link in the Description below so best of luck if you Choose to invest although never ever Officially Financial or investment Advice if you're still watching this Video all the way at the end here Kudos Be sure to like subscribe share hit the Bell to receive notifications check out These other videos popping up here to my Left

To my right stay safe out there and as Always we do hope to see you again soon In our next video take care