Ethereum ethereum merge it’s been a Pretty crazy week and it’s probably Gonna get even more insane because there Are so many different narratives and so Many different variables floating around Right now in anticipation of the merge Okay but what if i told you that while Everyone has their eyes on the upcoming Merge on the sidelines there’s this one Project that is blowing up it’s making Millionaires right now in the current Bear market and there are two other Great projects that are also catching up Very very quickly so what are these Projects how crazy can it potentially Get and where and how can you invest in Them so while everyone else is focused On the upcoming merge and they’re Arguing about whether or not it’s going To be a good thing or a bad thing for Eth we’re going to reshift our attention And refocus on these three altcoin Projects that we are very excited about And that we feel you should also have on Your radar [Music] Welcome to the channel my name is matty And this is altcoinbuzz we are a crypto Investment research company and look Whether you’re interested in the three Projects that we’re going to be taking a Look at today or anything else for that Matter make sure to get yourself an Account on crypto’s leading exchange

Binance.com of course For a limited time we have this ongoing Offer you’re going to get all these Freebies when you sign up with a new Binance account it’s just free money Guys this is an easy layup as far as i’m Concerned if you don’t already have an Account there’s literally no reason you Shouldn’t take advantage of this offer Check out the details further Information can be found by clicking the Links in the description of this video Those are found below and you already Know this but of course remember that This video is not official financial or Investment advice if you’ve been living Under a rock you may not have heard About this but for those of us in the Space it’s becoming more and more of a Familiar name we’re talking about Ethereum name service this is the dot Eth provider that’s Actuallykilling.com ens domain name Sales are currently going off the charts You can see here we have over 19 000 Domain names with a total value of just About 8 million dollars that’s just over The last seven days by the way if you Are looking for more in-depth detail About ens how to get ens for example Then i highly suggest you check out our Ens dedicated video it’s playing right Now and that’s because this video is More about money making opportunities

With dot eth like other domain names and Right now it’s getting pretty crazy last Week for example ens sales toppled the Bayc that’s the board ape yacht club Sales on openc you can have a look here At the prices for the most expensive ens Names on openc and so it’s safe to say That this marketplace just got even Crazier and certainly more competitive And that’s why we’re also going to talk About two other projects in the space Where you can get the best domain names At comparatively lower prices but look Really it’s no wonder that the level of Competitiveness is rising just take a Look at the ens stats for the month of August so 300 1 000 new dot eth registrations now We’re at a total of 2.17 million names 4.7 million dollars in protocol revenue All of which by the way goes to the ens Dao 2744 Ether in revenue that’s the third Highest month 34 new thousand accounts With at least one ens name for a total Now of 540 000 and over 99 Of open c domain volume so currently as Far as pricing goes the average ens Domain name on openc is 0.32 Eth or at the time of this recording About 533 dollars the eath price of course Also keeps rising and falling and rising And falling it’s kind of volatile right

Now ahead of the merge that’s because It’s on the horizon and people are still Making their bets right so it’s a good Idea to look at some of the other Services as well that could blow up in The near future so ethereum name service Is definitely killing it right now but Look it’s always a good idea to survey The competitive landscape to get a sense Of what some of the other competitors Are doing in the space whether that’s Something better that they’re doing or Something that’s much worse but there is The chance that some of these other Services could also blow up in the near Future and we’re also going to explain How you can own fractionalized ens names And how you can make potentially Millions by flipping your dot eth domain Names so with that being said let’s take A look at our second project that we’re Considering today it’s another domain Name that’s gaining popularity and it’s Dot b and b and so this is the bnb Domain name service that ends in dot bnb In the same way that ethereum name Service domains end in dot eth and just Like dot eth dot bnb makes a crypto Wallet address readable and very easy to Remember so when you ask me for my Wallet address for example to send some Bnb or busd to me i may say for example Okay send it to 00x0nbk Etc you know how these addresses work

It’s not exactly a tip of your tongue Type of thing that you can just bring up In conversation but if we tell them for Example send it over to Maddie.bnb well that is infinitely Easier and this is what makes these Domain names so powerful because now you Can buy domain names for different Blockchains and unless you have some Special names or very short names it’s Pretty cheap to do on the bnb chain for Less than ten dollars a year actually You can have your own bnb name and it’s Not even all that complicated to set up In fact right now we’re going to walk You through how you can get your very Own dot bnb domain name the good news is That getting it is actually a pretty Easy and straightforward procedure and You can start off with a search of those That provide bnb domain names a few Different options should pop up we Settled on bns.id However there’s also trust domains now We did find them to be more expensive But then again here you don’t have to Renew your domain name so it’s kind of a Bit like the next one on our list which Is very popular at the moment but we’ll Get to that in just a minute and so in The end we went for bns.id Now here are all the steps it’s pretty Simple but before you start make sure You have some bnb in your wallet you’re

Going to need to pay for gas fees and The domain name the gas fees are small Really less than a fraction of a penny But make sure to connect your wallet to The bnb chain all right so to begin with Just check first and foremost to see if Your domain name is available in the Search box If your name is available hit the Register button and this will incur a Small gas fee Then you have to wait but only for about 30 seconds or so this is to make sure That nobody else has registered the same Name Now you can confirm your domain and you Can pay for it and you can pay for Several years in advance if you so Choose Then confirm the transaction in your Wallet there’s also a small transaction Fee here But really that’s how easy it is to Register your bnb domain name and as you Saw in the video which again is a major Selling point of the bnb chain gas fees Here are really just a fraction of a Penny however most of the juicy Potential here boils down to flipping Domain names stay tuned to the end of The video that’s where we’re going to Cover that particular topic but in the Meantime quick reminder guys you can Still sign up to get 600

Worth of bonuses when you sign up with a New account on binance especially if You’re a new investor this is a total Freebie and it’s not going to last for Much longer so check out the info by Clicking the links in the description of This video once again you can get up to 600 in bonuses when you sign up for a New binance account by using the links Below all right and finally now we’re Looking at project number three which is Unstoppable domains they recently Announced a major win with your favorite Private browser brave which i’m using Right now by the way i encourage you to Use it this is not a sponsor of the Channel in any way but i just think it Offers some great functionality they are Also crypto friendly so check out brave Browser and consider using it if you’re Not already but whether or not that’s Your choice brave now supports more than Two million unstoppable domains and that List includes dot Crypto.nft.x.wallet.bitcoin.blockchain. And that’s nice to see that’s all well And good but the real question is which Domain should you consider for yourself Well that’s more question of looking at Which chain you use and how much and Whether or not you’re ready to invest Ask yourself which chain you use the Most is it the bnb chain maybe it’s the Ethereum chain look even if you use both

Chains quite a bit it’s possible to have Both domain names as long as you choose A domain name with at least seven digits You should be fine because domain names With at least seven digits or seven Letters seven characters they’re going To be less expensive than domain names With fewer than seven characters so your Dot bnb or dot if domain names come with Different pricing options Bns.id and ens offer renewable domain Names and here we found that bns.id is Cheaper than ens so for a dot bnb domain Name on Bns.id we paid around 16 for two years Whereas Cost twenty four dollars for the same Name and the same amount of time but Then on the other hand unstoppable Domains for dot eth and trust domains For dot bnb are more expensive to mint Yes However you don’t need to renew them so Trusted domains was thirty dollars for Our domain name and unstoppable domains Was similarly priced and so our advice Is just to get both we have an e s dot Eth name and an unstoppable domain’s nft Domain name and now we also have a bnb Domain name and if you’re a viewer that Already has some of these domain names Already maybe you’ve registered your own Drop comment below let us know what your Domain name is extra points go out for

Creativity all right now we’ve gotten to That juicy part let’s talk about domain Name flipping and whether or not we feel There’s money to be made with this Practice so ens domain flipping really Right now is something that a lot of People are giving more and more Attention to because the most expensive Ens name to date was paradigm dot eth That sold for 420 eth or check this out how about the One million dollar offer on the Amazon.ethe domain name which by the way The owner didn’t react to and he only Bought this domain for 33 eth the Current best offer is 771 dollars which also shows some Reality of domain name flipping which of Course is not easy to do in real life Ens launched in may of 2017 and most of The worthwhile names are already long Gone And some people sit on their domain Names for a couple of years before they Choose to sell it but is it worth it if Potentially you can sell a domain name For over a hundred ether yeah probably And really that’s where unstoppable Domains comes in because in contrast to Ens yeah you pay a slightly higher price When you buy your domain but afterwards You don’t have any renewal fees and Unstoppable domains is also on ethereum And you can buy a variety of domain

Names names like dot crypto dot nft dot X dot Dot wallet.bitcoin.88888.zil.block chain Whatever and so with nine domain name Endings at the tip of your fingers there Are plenty of options available and most Unstoppable domains prices range only Between five dollars and twenty dollars And remember without renewal fees that Just represents a one-time cost and look We’re not saying to go crazy over domain Names but have a good think about what Can sell because maybe you can flip a Domain name as well it’s certainly Possible now we talked about Fractionalized ens earlier in the video Let’s elaborate now on this topic about A month ago we also had a video about Ens check out the link right now in the Upper right corner that should be Popping up however bluechip.if domain Names can be expensive this of course is Kind of the barrier to entry when it Comes to really being successful in this Space so the kucoin exchange cooked up Something new because they have a Project called fractional nfts their Fifth and largest edition is a Fractionalized Ensn okay but what’s a fractionalized Nft that’s one nft fractionalized in 1 000 10 000 or 1 million smaller parts so In other words you hold a fraction of an Nft it’s not unlike owning a stock in a

Company that you own along with many Other shareholders so we feel this is Great news because you may not be able To afford that single or complete blue Chip nft and kucoin uses the high Ens3 token to accomplish this it’s an Erc20 token there will be six million Tokens available you can get these only As fractionalized nfts if you’re Whitelisted and this is so as to avoid Bots scooping up all the tokens now Kucoin listed the high en s3 usdt pair Which today by the way is going for About 5.5 Pennies that’s a 12 Increase from the white listing which Happened between august 29th and 31st Now to get on the white list you needed To complete various tasks but it needed To be registered before 1600 hours on August 28th utc time between august 29th And 31st you needed an average daily ft Token holding amount of 50 ft that’s the Fractan token and it’s also the platform Where the fractionalizing happens on the Frackton protocol and that token has Been performing nicely as of late today The price of the ft token sits at about 2.1 as i record so why would you want to Invest in a fractionalized nft well a Couple of reasons first of all it offers A super low barrier to entry because you Don’t have to buy a complete blue chip Nft however you can still own part of it

And then secondly it’s also super easy To buy because you can buy and trade the Fractionalized kucoin ens nft on the Kucoin spot trading market so there you Have it with the current crazy prices And popularity of ens domain names it’s Pretty good to have an alternative and Generally speaking that’s mostly true Whether we’re talking about Cryptocurrency or otherwise and so the Unstoppable domains and dot bnb domain Names are these alternatives that we’re Thankful we’ve explored both are cheaper Options compared to ens and Fractionalizing nfts is also now on the Rise and to that point we showed what Kucoin offers with ens they’re going to Continue this with different blue chip Nfts as well now we also compared ens With unstoppable domains and dot bnb it May be a good idea to have all three of Them however each option has different Benefits and you’ll have to decide which Ones are most important for you and Whether you want to take that next step Into flipping these domain names let us Know guys if you’ve gotten your feet wet In this domain name space best of luck Of course if you choose to invest but Never official financial or investment Advice if you’re still watching the Video kudos be sure to like subscribe Share hit the bell to receive Notifications and if you like this kind

Of content check out these related Videos whether it’s technical analysis Whether it’s on chain analysis whether It’s daily news or whether it’s deep Dives into projects that we’re excited About similar videos should be popping Up here to my left to my right stay safe Out there members of the altcoin buzz Army tgif have a great start to your Weekend and as always we do hope to see You again soon in our next video take Care