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The ethereum community can fully go to The Enterprises and the mainstream users And uh you know can confidently say that This technology is environmentally Sustainable and uh as as revolutionary As web 3 is uh there should I think this Was the last uh kind of thorn in the Path to mass adoption for web 3 for us Like you know as you see polygon uh in The past few days like Starbucks and you Know Disney’s and Instagram and Facebooks of the world and all that you Know everywhere stripe eBay uh polygon Is being integrated [Music] Foreign Happy Friday members of the altcoin buzz Army there we have the co-founder of Polygon tickermatic by the way Sandeep Now while talking about how the ethereum Merge has paved the way now to benefit a Lot of the alternative altcoins out There the ethereum Alternatives such as Polygon in a big way and he’s getting or His project I should say is getting a Lot of attention now from big big names Like Disney like Instagram like Facebook Like eBay like Starbucks and like others We’ll be talking about that we’ll be Talking about bitcoin’s negative price Action unfortunately that we’ve been Seeing in these last couple of days Altcoin markets are also bleeding a lot Of that’s based on Ray dalio’s economic

Outlook he’s had some somewhat negative Things to say in terms of his forecast We’re also talking about the ethereum Merge we’re going to be talking about Cardano Cosmos and Solana so stay tuned This is your altcoin Buzz news [Music] Foreign So here we are the day after the Ethereum merge if you’re not up to speed With that development really the largest Of the Year arguably in the crypto Industry go back and check out our Previous videos I’ll link to them up Here just above and you can catch up and Get up to speed on what the merge Implicates why it’s such a momentous Transition from proof of work of course To proof of stake and now unfortunately We have some negative price action not Only because now we’re in the post merge Environment but because if you’ve been Paying attention to the rest of the World CPI that stands for Consumer Price Index the inflation metric basically uh The United States that has a lot of Investors worried a lot of the stocks And a lot of the indices in the U.S Markets have been underperforming it’s Been a very difficult week and now you Have Bitcoin teetering at this 19.6 k Mark about 19.5 K as I record it’s down Now along with a lot of other stocks as Ray dalio is predicting a 30 stock crash

But look it’s not all doom and gloom Just as polygon is experiencing a little Bit of wind in its sales due to the Ethereum merge we have other altcoin Projects that are also achieving major Milestones right now and again look eats Price is looking kind of ugly probably Sitting at about 14.50 right now so not Exactly great not exactly the Performance that we were hoping for but Silver Lining here you do have Competitors in the form of cardano it’s An ethereum competitor of course they Just reached 50 000 transactions as a Milestone they have a major upgrade they Have a major upcoming event and Checkpoint of their own that they’re Looking forward to of course and that of Course is the vassal hard Fork that’s Coming up pretty quickly on the 22nd of September here’s a quote by founder Charles hoskinson it’s becoming more Clear that the distance between us and Everyone else is growing we built Cardano to be the financial operating System of the world and we built it to Bank the unbanked now the price is Perhaps a little bit underwhelming Compared to previous all-time Highs but If we take a look at other metrics some Of the Alternatives out there when it Comes to Ada and cardana you can see Here it is the leader in terms of crypto Projects by them number of active GitHub

Contributors over the course of the last Month so not bad alright so the man you Saw at the beginning of this video was None other than Sandeep now while he’s The co-founder of polygon and they tend To benefit quite a bit we’ve identified Them as a great altcoin project we’ve Always been behind polygon and what they Stand for what they Envision but they Especially stand to benefit right now in This post merge landscape for a few Different reasons that we’re going to Break down right now you can check out The full interview here courtesy of Coindesk and in that interview send deep Referenced all of the very impressive Partnerships that polygon has been able To strike up recently including this one With Starbucks that’s in addition to a Few other big names such as Facebook Instagram Disney eBay and some others as Well so really great work on the Partnership front lately but there Really is a lot more to the interview so I suggest you watch it in full and Sandeep actually talks about how the Merge itself is not enough it’s not this Solution to all of ethereum woes that Some people would say suggest that it is And he talks about how dark sharding for Example is not really going to make a Huge difference especially with respect To TPS transactions per second and even Now that ethereum is POS that’s proof of

Stake post merge you still have users Paying as much as get this 36.8 eth in Gas fees that was to Mint the very first Proof of stake nft on ethereum that is Tens of thousands of dollars but look Beyond the Partnerships really what We’re most excited about when it comes To ethereum is everything that they’re Doing in the nft space the non-fungible Token side of cryptocurrency if you’ve Been following our videos you’re at Least partially familiar with some of These metrics they’ve been putting out Great numbers now for quite some time And are really making a name for Themselves in this space and polygon POS Has emerged as really a hub for some of The most important web 3 projects this Includes D5 protocols like Ave uni swap V3 nft marketplaces like open C and Mark Cuban founded lazy.com and the Network’s Technical capabilities which are Supported by a thriving ecosystem and The team’s commitment to sustainability Are also why companies like Adobe stripe And Dolce and Gabbana have chosen Polygon as their default gateway to web 3. and of course never Financial advice But if you’re interested polygon’s Market cap to tvl ratio right now is 0.86 and as you know if you’re Numerically and quantitatively inclined When that ratio dips below one the asset In question is usually very undervalued

And thus should be more attractive to Investors and in the event that you’re Interested in picking up some polygon Somatic on the dip here maybe some Ethereum or any other altcoin on that Matter the best place in all of Cryptocurrency to do that is on the Binance exchange and we have now for a Few more days this ongoing program with Binance where you can sign up and get Six hundred dollars free worth of Unlockables if you use our exclusive Altcoin Buzz link information can be Found in the description below we also Have a trading contest here details Should be coming up now on screen so Check that out as well if you’re an Active Trader guys we have a bunch of Great offers right now they’re going to Be going away soon but if you don’t Already have an account with binance if You’re not already part of this Competition it’s a great time to get on Board and check it out I mentioned that Everything is dumping but we do have Some projects that are up right now Including Cosmos ticker atom atom we Selected Adam even before this current Mini Spike for a lot of reasons Fundamental reasons we think that Ecosystem is a solid one it’s really Second only to ethereum’s ecosystem so Among sort of a lot of not failing Projects but faltering projects in terms

Of price performance Adam is definitely Up on this day on this Friday here if You’d like more information as to why we Think the price is moving up and why We’ve selected it as one of our Shortlisted winners in this altcoin and Crypto climate check out this video Which is uh just recently actually was Selected as one of our favorites in a Couple of videos in fact so I’ll be Linking to all relative videos above Check them out if you’ve not already and Just before we end the video we also Have news courtesy of Solana here also a Top contender in terms of projects that We’ve recently highlighted as being very High potential given the current crypto And altcoin climate so the first Solana L2 scaling solution it’s called Nitro It’s going to act as a bridge between Solana and Cosmos and it’s going to Launch in 2023. we’re excited about Nitro we covered it in a recent video go Back and check that one out if you’ve Not already but we have a lot of faith And long-term faith and confidence of Course in Saul s-o-l and Solana as a Broader project there it is that is your Altcoin Buzz news for this Friday 16th Of September 2022 of course Never Official Financial or investment advice But best of luck if you do choose to Invest and don’t forget you can still Avail yourself of the great offer that

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