I would actually argue it's probably Good for most 18 to 25 year olds to get Scammed and lose the substantial Majority of their life savings like I I Actually think society would be better Off in the long run if that happened to Most 18 to 25 year olds because they Will teach them a lesson about risk and About trust and due diligence that like They are never going to forget what's Going on guys it's kdub here with Another episode of crypto zombie welcome Back to the channel hope you're having a Great start to your weekend now having a Look at the s p it did open a little bit Higher than yesterday but it is pushing Downwards today Bitcoin still being Indecisive as to what it wants to do Whether it wants to break out or break Down it's basically kind of like the Calm before the storm if you will for Bitcoin we still have the dxy falling Below this previous high so you would Think that we would be seeing more of a Rally for Bitcoin in stocks but yet We're not really seeing that still Especially for Bitcoin so I do want to Talk about a few Bitcoin related things Stick around for that guys because we do Have some big things to talk about out But in a Twist of events now we're Having news come out from the Bahamas And everyone is asking wait so did the Bahamas actually instruct FTX to

Essentially hack their own platform and Does this ethereum wallet right here That has about 294 million ethereum Making it the 35th largest wallet is This now in the hands of the Bahamas and Do they control the funds this is not a Conspiracy this may shock you and Another thing that we spoke about in Yesterday's video was the amount of Bitcoin leaving the exchanges well now We have new data that actually shows That there was about a hundred and Thirty eight thousand Bitcoin that Actually just got deposited into binance So while we're seeing all these other Exchanges losing their Bitcoin why are We seeing this go in to binance and Finally there is one analyst that says That we just saw the biggest Bitcoin Sell signal since 2021 so we're going to Go over all this today not spreading fud We're gonna just go over the facts and See what's going on guys uh and before We do actually I just want to just let You guys know so finally after much Deliberation I've decided to start using Tick Tock because I guess that's where All the Gen Z kids are now so if you Guys want I only have 99 followers it's Pretty pathetic guys it's literally just Crypto zombie you guys can follow me if You want I'll put a link to that if you Guys are into Tick Tock I want to start Using it a little bit more

Um and maybe putting some more exclusive Content over there but uh yeah I'm gonna Need more than just 99 followers so if You guys want to help me out get started I would love to start sharing some tick Tocks for you that being said if you're Not subscribed to the YouTube channel This is where we do most of the content So you know if you're here good on you Get subscribed drop a like let's dive in And have a look now we can see right Here that Bitcoin is still being held Down by this area so we're not really Seeing too much we are still expecting a Bigger move I do want to talk about the Charts there is something I'm seeing Right now but again I'm gonna push this To the end of the video because we have A crazy twist in events guys did the Bahamas government order the FTX hack Now check this out this is crazy because We actually have an official statement From them okay listen to this story the Bahamian authorities ordered Sam bankman Freed uh to transfer hundreds of Millions of dollars of crypto from FTX To a wallet controlled by the Securities Commission of the Bahamas the commission Confirmed it ordered the transfer in a Thursday press release so there you go Guys that's it's not a conspiracy in the Statement the commission said that on November 12th officials took the action Of directing the transfer of All Digital

Assets of FTX to a digital wallet Controlled by the uh commission for safe Keeping the note added that FTX was Ordered to move the assets to protect The interest of clients and creditors Now look at how fast this happened fkx Filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy on November 11th after suffering from a Bank run and then you can see right here The FTX hack happened on November 12th In which 600 million worth of digital Assets were moved to external wallets U.S general counsel Ryan Miller Confirmed that some assets had been Moved to Cold Storage to mitigate damage Following the incident after the assets Were transferred they were swapped for Ether blockchain security firm boson Estimates that the Bahamian Authority Holds over 330 million dollars making it The 35th biggest ethereum whale whether The commission responded appropriately Is a matter for the court to decide but The announcement has sparked controversy Within the crypto community and we can See over here they definitely have uh 241 471 ether that's about 294 million Dollars by today but they also have 14 Million dollars in uh tokens you could See some of the tokens that they have in Here with the the largest holding being Uh Paxos gold

Koala token and uh in NBC whatever that Is so mostly they're just holding Ethereum and paxos gold tokens so there You go guys it looks like what we're Seeing is that it wasn't really a hack It was an inside thing that was ordered By the Bahamas like this story just Keeps getting crazier lawyers for FTX New Management also said in court papers That the government of the Bahamas is Disrupting the exchanges chapter 11 case Filed last week in the U.S bankruptcy Court in Delaware the paper escalates a Budding dispute for control of ftx's Insolvency proceeding between its U.S Management and its security Regulators In the Bahama the chapter filing is if The chapter 15 filing is successful it Could move at least a portion of ftx's Bankruptcy proceedings to courts in the Bahamas so now we're having this tug of War sort of between the Bahamas and the US chapter 11 bankruptcy which happened In Delaware but the incident itself Happened in Bahamas and now apparently We have confirmation that this Mysterious wallet in which a lot of People were saying is the Hacker's Wallet is actually the wallet of the Bohemian regulators Absolutely crazy massive stuff never a Dull day in crypto now obviously we have Had the contagion spreading we have the Troubled crypto lending and trading firm

Genesis right who did a lot of OTC deals Who is you know pretty much looking to Go under it says that they were in Search of an emergency one billion Dollar loan before closing redemptions For clients earlier this week apparently They would have needed that money by 10 Am on Monday well we're obviously now Four days late on that payment so they Admitted in the documents that it was Experiencing liquidity crunch due to Certain illiquid assets and we've Obviously seen a lot of these earned Products Gemini earned for example going Down I think at this point If anyone is offering you yield or eight Percent or earn I would just stay away From those products the only one that I Could say that you could somewhat trust Is if you're providing liquidity on Something like uniswap and you know you Have ether and I don't know usdc in a Pool and you're providing liquidity for The swaps and then you're getting a Percentage of the cut right because that Makes sense right you're providing Liquidity and it is you know on a smart Contract on a decentralized platform but Any of these centralized earned yield Products I would have to say at this Point guys stay away from them because Also in the wake of the recent FTX Scandal another crypto business is Feeling the market effects so first we

Have Genesis and now we have Genesis Block which is a front runner for Providing cryptocurrency retail services In Hong Kong Has announced that it will cease trading So another one guys Winston hung CEO Told Reuters that the company has cease Trading as the counterparties continue To shutter in light of the FTX Fallout And no one can tell who is next so we Would rather close out all our positions To regain some of our liquidity but Guess but guess what guys billionaire Adventure is Tim Tim Draper is still Convinced that we're gonna hit 250 000 For Bitcoin and he thinks it's going to Happen in the first half of next year You got to give it to him he's sticking To it right he says no change in the Price prediction still 250 000 Bitcoin By early next year I mean hey I'll take It I'll take it um but I I don't see how That's happening FTX was centralized Reliant on a single founder he says when A currency is centralized a central bank For instance has a single point of Failure and can also be manipulated According to Draper although the Dramatic fall of FTX had triggered some Negative outcomes on crypto prices on The positive side it would most likely Trigger more decentralization in crypto He says I think this Fiasco is going to Bring on a lot more Bitcoin maximalists

Note that your money is not secure in a Centralized system whether it be crypto Or Fiat right So he's still sticking to his 250 000 price prediction so just figured I'd Throw some potential positive bullish Hopium in there but um as we can see Right here this is the very very very Crazy part so we saw Bitcoin on Exchanges right we just talked about This yesterday at some of the lowest Levels since 2018. however today plot Twist guys the latest on chain figures From binance could provide an additional Catalyst for nervous markets The Exchange has seen its biggest daily Inflow on record partial data from Crypto Quant puts current inflows at Over a hundred and thirty eight thousand Bitcoin for the day so far to put this Deposit into perspective even taking Into account outflows not just at Binance but other major exchanges the Inflows are still the largest since November 30th of 2018. now why is this Scary well we know that when tons of Bitcoin tends to flood the exchanges Usually in the past it has signaled that They are looking to sell now do we know Where this Bitcoin came from was it just A wallet that maybe binance had that They sent it in we're still waiting on That data but you know as far as we Could see here this is crazy and just to

Point it out when this did happen back In 2018 two weeks later Bitcoin bottomed which is good right but It was after falling 40 so there was a Big set there was a big sell-off the Last time we saw something like this Happen but then the bottom was in so Does that mean we're due for another 40 To 50 percent crash well that's what We're going to talk about today because In the charts as you guys can see right Here we don't have a lot of you know Vpvr volume the next area right above Here starts at around 13 900 with its Strongest area at around thirteen Thousand three hundred and you could Just see right here all the volume Obviously the strongest area is down Here at around nine thousand will we Actually get down to nine thousand I Don't know but as you guys could see We're still just trying to break out so On the you know on the lower time frame Technically you know we did break out of This so you know we could wait for the Retest down here now and that would be a Good potential opportunity to put in a You know a long maybe assuming that it Doesn't break to the downside right but As I said I am just sort of playing it a Little bit cautiously right now seeing Where the price action goes because you Can see there's not really it's sort of An equilibrium of buy and sell it's just

Kind of hovering and it is coiling up And it is looking to make a relatively Big move soon but we're not quite seeing That yet now I did want to give a shout Out over here to trading shot and this Is the analyst that I spoke about in the Intro that says we're seeing the biggest Sell signal since 2021 so obviously this Is not my analysis but you know having a Look over here they say if you take the Three day and you look at the macd over Here what you can see is every time we Get this bearish cross and you know they They talk about this um you know we had Drops of you know the the the smallest Drop essentially that we had was 18 but The vast majority or at least the last Few have led to a 50 52 and 57 drop you Can see right here here we go we have The cross building up you know a little Bit and then boom We dump right here we Have the cross we're actually mid dump Right here we have the cross we dump Right here we have have the cross we Dump so pretty much what we're seeing is We're either already in a dump and Continue to dump or we rally for a Little bit and then dump and this data You know is taking us all the way back To the very beginning of 2021 and you Know you guys can see right here we are Having the bearish cross again so does This mean we're looking for another 50 Drop I mean I'm not trying to freak

Anybody out but this is just what They're saying and the fact that we're Seeing all these coins hit the exchange Does that mean what we're setting up for And like I said I am still in the Neutral stance right now what I would Need to get back into bullish territory Would just honestly be to break Minimally above 17 400 which would put Us back into this Blue Zone where you See we had a lot of buying right here Every time we'd go in here you know Price would get bought up price would Get bought up price would get bought up And it also coincides with getting back In this area right here right where we Had a little bit of that retest before We moved to the upside so you know Obviously if we just look at this Falling wedge pattern not assuming we Were going to fall 50 but if we were That level the bottom would take us down Here base basically to about fourteen Thousand dollars even there is a lot of Buying uh support at around the Fourteen Thousand five hundred dollar level but As I showed you on the vpvr Unfortunately the majority of the volume Is down lower sub 14 which would Actually put us outside of this falling Wedge right so not trying to freak Anybody out that's just what we're Looking at Um we still just have to kind of wait

And see right we're still just hanging Out in this area but like I said this is Pretty interesting uh again shout out to Trading shot for noticing this will History repeat I mean we've had how many Indicators on the channel that are all Saying bullish things so this is a Bearish indicator the question in General is do we trust any of these Indicators given the current situation That's going on with FTX and the Contagion right so that's it for me Today guys once again wish I could come Here with more positive news I mean hey Hey we do have uh we do have Tim Draper Right he's saying 250 000 by the first Half of next year so that could be Bullish right maybe possibly I don't Know we'll see Tim Draper that's a bold Move on on your part so that's it for me Today guys thanks again uh you know Friendly reminder again if you do want To go follow me over on Tick Tock I have 99 followers I would like to have a Little bit more Um I'd like to start posting more Content over here so I'm gonna keep Putting things on there daily and Hopefully that'll grow and you know you Can watch crypto zombie on Tick Tock now So that's it for me thank you so much For coming back to the channel you guys Rocky the reason that I make these Videos I love you you're awesome and

Remember if you do want to learn how to Trade or if you do want to actually Learn how to secure your crypto I mean On the on the other flip side if you Want to just take it off the exchange And put it in a cold uh cold Hardware Wallet I also have a tutorial popping up Right here right now you can check that Out for free guys so thanks for coming Back you guys rock my name is kdub this Is crypto zombie until next time stay Crypto and of course peace out Thank you