Foreign What's going on everyone it's k-dub here With another episode of crypto zombie Welcome back to the channel hope you're Having a great day today now you may Notice that I don't exactly sound too Great a lot of people have been asking Me where the heck I've been well super Quick I'll give it to you it's a Two-parter I apologize that I couldn't Put videos out in the past week Basically in a nutshell Um they needed an extra speaker for one Of the Miami conferences so I flew down I filled in the spot last minute while I Was down there of course you know there Were some parties and stuff like that so I don't know what happened down there I Don't know if it was just you know you Know the um they had the art basil week Whatever was going on I ended up just Coming down with the worst flu that I've Ever experienced in my entire life I've Never experienced something this intense And it was not covid I got tested it was Just some kind of a flu going around and I was pretty much just bedridden for the Entire week I had to fly home early I Could not move I could not speak I could Barely get out of bed so just yesterday I started feeling a little bit better uh You know I got up I was trying to you Know just start eating and go I went I Tried to go to the gym I I was still a

Little bit too weak today is the first Day that I finally feel good enough to Start bringing you guys content so again I do apologize that I was missing for a Week here guys like I said I have just Never felt anything like that and it was Not covered I got tested so I don't know What it was it's some kind of crazy flu That's going around and apparently like Now I'm hearing other people are getting Sick as well so I hope you guys are Doing well Um it's like I've never experienced any Type of illness like that before I am Better now so I'm here and I'm gonna Continue to make you guys videos like I Said please bear with me understand this Wasn't because I wanted to abandon you Guys I literally uh my my head was Killing me I couldn't move my eyes Um literally my vision went blurry in One of my eyes it was absolutely crazy Guys so I'm feeling much better today I've been having a lot of soup and you Know drinking water and stuff so we got A lot of things to talk about today now I understand that there were a lot of Things that we missed over the past week I can't cover everything that went on But I do want to highlight some of the Key aspects of what happened right so First of all we do have what happened With Sam and SPF now there were a few Twitter spaces and the question is did

Sam actually kind of accidentally admit To uh you know fraud because they kind Of caught him in a bit of a circle here And he did sort of Spill the Beans Without Really spilling the beans also At the same time his ex-girlfriend Caroline has been spotted in New York City now everyone thought she was in Dubai and then Hong Kong now she's here It's been confirmed apparently why is She here is she looking to rat out Sam That's a big question that everyone's Asking right now what does this mean and There are actually a lot of U.S Politicians that are pretty scared about That right now so we're going to talk About that I also do want to talk about Bitcoin at the time of this video Actually being above seventeen thousand Dollars now if you do did watch my Previous video the last video that I put Out literally eight days ago I know over A week ago we were talking about having This Bitcoin bounce to around 17 500 Right now we technically almost got to That level we missed it literally by About sixty dollars but this was the Move that we were expecting I am going To go into some very specific uh you Know charts letting you know how I feel About the Bitcoin price at the same time I also want to go over the Genesis Situation it turns out that they Actually owe more money than we thought

How is this affecting Gemini should you Start taking your money off the exchange That's what I want to talk about and Something else that I need to mention I Know lots of stuff right it's my first Video literally in a week Um I want to also talk about I lost my Train of thought here oh December The Futures contracts right now are Showing us something that we've actually Seen before and although there is Massive negative sentiment right now Like let's be honest everybody thinks That the Bitcoin price is gonna like Crash to ten thousand or nine thousand Dollars I'm gonna actually talk about a Similarity and why it could actually be Showing us something very positive and On top of that there is one legendary Trader you guys might be familiar with He's actually uh pretty well known for Being a Bitcoin bear he's recently come Out and uh kind of said that he thinks That people are being way too bearish And he doesn't like he he literally says That there's no reason that Bitcoin Should be below twenty thousand dollars Even with all the fud and even with Everything going on with the Fed so We're going to talk about that if that Sounds good to you guys I know this was A super long intro today you guys can Understand why you know tomorrow's video We're gonna get right into it so that

Being said guys thank you for sticking Around I do appreciate it hope you Hopefully you understand without wasting Any more of your time let's dive in Let's actually start with the charts Because I want to talk about Hearts it's Been over a week right now so the first Thing that we can obviously notice right Here is that we are actually above this Trend so this trend was holding us down Now this is on the linear this is not on The log and if I zoom in right here Right if we zoom in zoom in zoom in a Little bit closer you can kind of see That okay we missed it you know by a Couple ticks right here but ultimately You could you could pretty much say that We did in fact attempt to get that Bounce and we are in this range and we Almost almost hit the target of right Here around that 17 540 level and really Basically in a nutshell that was just Taking this Wick here dragging it over And looking at this uh candle close that We had right here on November 22nd so if You were able to actually get in that Trade from the last time that I posted The video then you actually should be in Pretty decent profit I know I didn't Make any updates but that is actually Where we ended now remember we were also Discussing the fact that these are well Not this one right here but this one Down here could have been that bear fake

Out right and you can see we came down We retested this this downward sloping Trend bounced off it we got support Again on this upward sloping Trend and I Just want to point out that we are now Sitting completely above this box so There is a lot of accumulation in this Blue zone right if you take this Blue Zone and you kind of look okay we had a Little bit fake outs down here a little Bit of fake outs up here but this is not A fake out guys we are actually Consolidating very nicely sideways on This and we are looking to move upwards Now the next Target to the upside of Course is eventually touching that 17 550 60 dollars area that I spoke about I Still do think that we can make another Retest and actually if you were looking To take that long Believe It or Not that Was actually uh you could have done that This morning at that level uh really Retesting this blue zone right here so As long as Bitcoin can essentially stay Above pretty much 17 000 even at this point I think we're Going to be in the clear for a short While now the Target that I have after 17 500 is this area right here at around Eighteen thousand two hundred and the Reason for that is you can kind of see Right you have this consolidation back Here but then you have all of these Touches here you have this Wick down

Here and then you have this Wick up here Right so very very interesting I'm Talking about this yellow line right Here so I really do think that honestly At this point as long as we don't really Drop and hold below 17 000 significantly For over a day and I think at least from This point right here you're talking About a six and a half percent move Roughly up to about eighteen thousand Two hundred dollars and then I think we Would have to reassess it obviously uh Breaking that confirmation would be you Know coming down to this level and then Falling below sixteen thousand three Hundred but as I've been saying guys Um you know there's way too much Bearishness right now like look I get it The fed the rates the situation but you Have to understand that at this point The markets are pricing it in right it's Not a surprise anymore the FTX situation That was a surprise Celsius that was a Surprise right right now everyone is Very cautious everyone is taking coins Off exchanges everybody knows what could Happen they know what's going on with Genesis right now they know what could Potentially happen with digital currency Group now I'm not saying that if digital Currency group for some reason had to Liquidate their grayscale Bitcoin that That wouldn't affect the markets yes it Would obviously that would be a forced

Liquidation but I think a lot of the Negativity has been priced in and I Pointed out here on the charts that you Could see that you know we actually for The first time ever on the weekly chart Were actually putting in Um you know uh A bullish Divergence now keep in mind it Has pulled back we did have that you Know move sort of start to play out but I did want to just reiterate why I was Feeling a little bit bullish now let me Just throw out the cautionary you know Note right here is that on this falling Wedge pattern which we've literally had Here for multiple multiple months we are In fact coming down yet again at this Heart line and if I zoom in right here You can see that that's where we're Getting that resistance right so Breaking through that and holding above That I literally think I'm not kidding Guys that we could get Bitcoin back to Around twenty four thousand dollars that Is a absolutely perfectly realistic Possible Target right so that is Something to pay attention to however I Did just want to point out that if we Are and actually it's funny because we Are actually decoupling from stocks now It may not be the decoupling that people Wanted of course everybody would want Bitcoin to pump while stocks were Dumping or going sideways right we're

Kind of seeing a little bit of the Opposite but nevertheless we are seeing A little bit of decoupling but the thing That is concerning is this downwards Resistance that's been holding us down On the s p and you can see right here Perfect Resistance I mean if you were Shorting the s p that was a no-brainer Right I don't really trade traditional Stocks but if I was I mean that that was A no-brainer uh you know short but keep In mind right around 39.77 right here There is that potential that we could Break out and catch the bears off guard That is something to note because we Finally have that confirmation of what We've actually had it but I mean now we Really have confirmation on the Breakdown of the dxy and just to come in Over here something else I want to point Out is not only have we fallen out of The blue Zone but at the same time we're Also now having this previous support Acting as resistance for the dollar so You know I know that there's a lot of Doom and Gloom I know there's talks About recessions and stuff like that but You know you have to understand there is Still very very big money on the side Smart money that yes the recession does Clearly affect everyone but let let's be Honest who do recessions really affect More realistically historically of Course you know I'm sure some businesses

Get affected you know people that don't Know how to manage money but it's Usually the smaller guy right it's Usually lower class middle class Generally speaking upper class you know The wealthy the the extremely wealthy They usually can get by in these types Of situations and they're going to take Advantage and seeing certain things at These prices right they're going to take Advantage to manipulate these scenarios So obviously I've told you guys my Targets not too much to really look at Today uh you know holding above that 17 000 level basically does have us looking Towards this eighteen thousand two Hundred dollar level and by the way guys If you do want to uh trade I just want To let you guys know this week I Actually have a special uh bit get Promotion if you guys are interested on Top of the eight thousand dollars There's also a trading volume uh bonus As well where you can get up to an extra Ten thousand dollars and um if you've Already signed up under the link it's Fine it's applicable to you if you Haven't signed up yet you can check the Link below or you could just go to Bitget and you could just enter this Code nynl and they'll also apply that to You now keep in mind this is trading Volume right so like for example it says A hundred thousand you don't actually

Have to put a hundred thousand dollars On you understand it's just a matter of Trading with different leverage and Different tiers so you know you could be Doing a 10x with a certain amount you Could trade in out in out and it doesn't Matter you could do it with the same Amount of funds and still qualify so Some people think they actually have to Deposit that much money no that's not How that works and by the way guys as I Said you know you can't really trust any Of these exchanges I don't really know I Don't trust anyone all I know is that You know bitget is where I am trading Personally and they do have a proof of Reserves Merkle tree and they do have You know their assets that you can check Out if you want obviously be careful if You're not actively trading don't keep Your money on there I don't want to hear You say oh I said trade on bit get That's just what I'm using but you know Obviously they are attempting to be Transparent with their you know Customers so you know take it with a Grain of salt but as I said guys if you Want that bonuses those bonuses check it Out below so had to do a little bit of Ta hope I didn't lose some of you guys I Know some guys are not really into the TA thing that's why we do the news as Well so this is what we basically missed Last week so Sam was doing this Twitter

Spaces with a bunch of people and right Here we had Rand nooner who actually was Talking to him and asking him about the Um You know the Bitcoin and whether or not The Bitcoin actually existed or not and You can actually hear Let me just put I'll just play this right now this is Actually what Sam had to say so you can Hear that hear it right here we'll Listen to it together Because that makes things just too wide There were no more Bitcoin to withdraw Away customers like right like that I Know had Bitcoin balances because those Bitcoin actually didn't exist because it Was just emotional you were just letting Us buy emotional tokens that didn't Actually really exist Uh yeah or another way of phrasing that Because otherwise you would have had to Have the usdc somewhere Right yeah I yeah I I believe that what You're saying is in fact part of what Happened Okay so he says yeah I believe right Here what you're saying is in fact part Of what happened I'm sorry for the bad Quality but it was actually bad quality To begin with Um so he kind of admitted right there Essentially That you know the Bitcoin was fake Bitcoin and that they didn't have it so

I mean that is fraud right you're saying You have something and you don't have Something so that's part one then we Come over here and part two you have This uh part where um coffee Zilla Actually hopped on secretly he didn't Sam didn't know he was gonna be in the Interview and he asked him these Questions to which he essentially also Admitted potentially to wire fraud so Listen to this clip right here and Obviously shout out to all these people On Twitter that took the time to cut This up this is from you know Cass thank You so much Um so here it is so where was the Position It was in a separate sub account I Believe related to wire transfers that Had been sent you know to Alameda Research uh generally primarily to FTX Um having its own bank accounts So who controlled the secret stub Account I So where was the position so here's the Thing the what's so shady about this is Like literally this guy goes from being You know MIT graduate like Prodigy Wonder child you know like basically Genius mathematics physics all this Stuff to suddenly I don't know I I don't I don't know like how are you a CEO of a Company and you don't know how it was

Run you don't know where anything is you Know how like and like how did it become That successful you know what I'm saying Just completely randomly buy a fluke Right so many crazy things you know They're pumping up the ftt token they Own like 95 of it and yeah most of that Was obviously not real right just as an Example You know market cap very easily let's Say I have a hundred let's say I issue 100 million tokens of something right And then I I I own the majority of the Supply and then I buy one you know one Token for a dollar well the way that Market cap has figured out is you would Multiply 100 million tokens right by the Last purchase price which is a dollar Which would now say that the market cap Is 100 million but we know that's a lie Because I own 95 of it right so there's Just so many things going on here on top Of the fact that we have these fraud Allegations and you may remember this Girl Anna she she had that like Netflix Show Um she was the one what did she do right Here the convicted scammer who made a Name for herself by defrauding banks in Hotels for hundreds of thousands of Dollars in 2019 which by the way I Couldn't really watch the show because Her voice like just the way that that Girl talked uh just like really got

Under my skin and I guess that's how she Really talks in real life but anyway you Know scammers calling out scammers she Says about Sam he's just trying to save Himself that would be his defense if he Is going to get prosecuted you can see This seeds of that already referring to The claim that the FTX founder didn't Know that Alameda the exchange's trading Arm was over leveraged which Realistically like come on like you know Sam was involved in everything you can See right here you just want some like More like fuel to the fire Arkham Analysis flows showed that FTX Us in the Final few days before the collapse found That Alameda withdrew most of the funds At around 204 million this was literally Days before the collapse now this was Only referring to the U.S arm of it That's what they were analyzing but Let's be honest do we really think it Ended there you know we know that they Had a back door Now someone over on Twitter pointed out That they saw uh Caroline right here in A coffee shop in in New York City right So uh Wall Street Silver says the only Reason you'd want to come back and risk Being arrested is because she already Has immunity an immunity deal to testify Against Sam Bachmann free now Sam has Been kind of like throwing Caroline Under the bus saying it was all Alameda

It was them I don't know what's going on You know that was you know it was every Like basically trying to put all the Blame on them and I think she's probably Had enough of it she doesn't want to go To jail so maybe she has some type of a Plea bargain and there is something Coming out of it right because you know They say it would be incredibly stupid For her to come back the only reason is That her lawyer has an immunity deal or Plea to charge with a minimum sentence Right I don't know maybe she's gonna do Some uh Community uh Community uh Whatever Community uh this is called Community Duty I don't know what I'm Saying um so this is a different angle Because at first I was like this is kind Of a blurry picture so look it turns out That autism Capital uh reached out and Said you know can you please confirm That this is in fact Caroline and it Turns out that the Barista behind the uh Bar right here one of these two Gentlemen apparently confirmed that it Was her maybe she paid with a card or Something like that and had her name on It and I guess there's a few people that Have reached out and said they'd be Interested to speak to this guy um I Think even bit boy might be one of them You know he's if you've been following He's been uh you know very active and Lots of other people ran and these other

Guys as well but we already know the Connection and I do not believe that Sam Is innocent personally I don't think He's innocent I do however believe that He and Caroline maybe potentially were Somewhat of Pawns in a way although I Still think they're Affiliated Affiliated or not I do think it goes a Lot deeper than just Sam himself and as We've gone over this connection multiple Times between you know her father Gary Gensler Um you know and all this different stuff The money that was donated to the Politicians uh Ukraine Etc so there is Definitely something bigger at play here And you know will it ever truly come out To light I don't know I hope it does I Don't know enough about it I only know What I what I see and what I hear online But you know like Molly uh Elmore Pointed out she says a lot of U.S Politicians are scared right now if SPF Was arrested and offered to make a deal Would he spill the beans on a large Money laundering operation using U.S Taxpayer dollars I mean do you think Sam Is really the kind of guy that wants to Like could you can you imagine Sam in Jail I'm just saying like have you seen The interviews of that guy does he look Like the kind of guy that you know I Mean maybe they give him some kind of Special treatment or something like that

But you know you had David uh Joel cat Schwartz from over at Ripple saying I Have to admit I thought the world would Turn on SBF and friends as soon as their Outrageous fraud shocking incompetence And mind-boggling greed became clear I'm Completely baffled at the level of Success that the concerted whitewashing Is achieving right for now for now right Until it comes out a little bit deeper Because don't forget Um eight members of Congress have tried To stop the sec's inquiry into FTX back In March 5 out of eight of them received Donations from FTX and I do believe if We come down here Bitcoin archive Actually shows you Um now Warren Davidson is on there which Is very interesting in Tom emmer I don't Know how deep this goes Darren Soto Right I don't know uh you know obviously He's claiming he's he's sent dark Um donations to the Republicans I mean It's just like come on man Um so you know obviously I'm tired of Talking about the SPF thing just as much As everybody else but that kind of sums Up a lot of what's been going on Um outside of just him going on his Interviews and running circles around Answering questions and really it's like It's kind of a waste like you know like He'll do like a like a 15 minute Interview and maybe like 20 seconds of

It or worth listening to the rest is Just him basically mumbling and just Completely avoiding the questions or Answering questions with questions or Saying not to my knowledge um you know Stuff like that so now let's talk about The situation with Genesis so it turns Out that Genesis and we already know That they're having issues they're one Of the biggest OTC crypto lenders loners In the in the space Reportedly they owe around 900 million Dollars to Gemini now Gemini froze their Gemini earn uh rewards right and now Customers who have their funds locked in Genesis have presented that Genesis now Uh cumulatively owes about 1.8 billion To Genesis creditors the list of Companies trying to recover funds from Genesis is rising Gemini has recently Formed a creditors committee to regain The Lost funds from the crypto lender And its parent company the digital Currency group now Cameron Winklevoss Who obviously is one of the co-founders Of Gemini a lot of people are saying Should you get your funds off of Gemini Again I can't stress this enough I don't Care if you're using coinbase I don't Care if you're using Gemini I don't care If you're using binance or buy bit or Femx or bitget or Koo coin or whatever Whatever you're using okay if you are Not actively keeping or you're not

Actively trading then take your funds Off of The Exchange get them on a cold Storage wallet and I think at this point You know obviously the earn products Were tempting clearly they don't work Clearly it doesn't make sense to get Eight percent right I mean where are These besides I saw some people offering Like 40 which is just insane how could You possibly have that if it's not low Here's something that my grandpa used to Tell me right if it sounds too good to Be true it probably is and now we know You know don't do these products and I've never promoted an earned product Ever on the like literally in the History of my entire Channel because I've always found them to be very Skeptical like it's literally free money Doesn't make sense now if you are doing Something on a decentralized platform Like let's say you're providing Liquidity for a liquidity pool and you Know there's fees like for example on Uniswap then that actually does make Sense because you like if you have Ethereum and you have a token and you Put it into the pool and you're Providing liquidity and you're allowing For other people to swap in and out but You are the liquidity provider and You're getting a percentage sure that Makes perfect sense that's that's Literally how things in the real world

Work but when you're just giving Somebody money and then just like oh Just checking your phone every morning Oh another eight percent like that is Weird Okay red flag but anyway side note So he updated this this was um This is literally this morning and they Say on December 3rd Gemini formed an ad Hoc committee with other creditors to Coordinate efforts Kirkland and Ellis Has been engaged as a council by the Creditor committee to Advocate on its Behalf returning your funds as our Highest priority and we are operating With the utmost urgency to appease Lawyers I must clarify that whenever Gemini is referenced in relation to Earned users it is acting as an agent on Their behalf this is true for all tweets And messages unless stated otherwise so What does this mean Well it actually means that if you were Using Gemini urn you probably should Have read the fine print because Gemini Earn which I have to say was very um Falsely advertised it should not have Been called Gemini earn it should have Been called Genesis urn But Gemini is allowing you access to do It basically because it really wasn't Gemini's really earned product really if You think about it um you know if you Come down here this guy a Bitcoin fly Says I'm not sure if it's good or bad

News and Omega Chad points out those who Didn't stake their coins to Genesis via Gemini are safe the terms and conditions Allow Gemini highlighting specifically That you risk losing your coins if you Stake them for yield hence it is Unlikely Gemini would collapse thus Overall still good news so it is not Good news for those using the earn Product it is good news if you're Worried about Gemini potentially going Under now of course anything could Happen but judging from this it just Simply sounds like Gemini earn and Gemini are really not the same and Really Gemini earned was somewhat Mislabeled and it should have just been Like hey as soon as you use this you're Pretty much we're working with Genesis It was false advertising and I do think Maybe that could be something you could Look into potentially but you know I do Think that Gemini will be all right I Would be quite shocked if they went Under considering that they're one of The only two exchanges to actually have To go through the rigorous you know bit License process which is pretty screw You know I could tell you it's it's Definitely pretty intense Um not a lot of exchanges want to go Through this so like I said I would be Quite shocked uh to find that out also We have this uh Buzz right here about

Twitter Twitter coin uh potentially it Looks like they may be getting rid of The lightning Network payments which Let's be honest nobody really used that On Twitter anyway and as much as I am an Advocate for lightning Network Um yeah the way that it was integrated With Twitter wasn't really wasn't really The greatest Um so basically they were saying that There was like this uh you know code and Elon was talking about how he's looking To uh integrate Fiat and uh Crypto into Twitter so I don't know Maybe they're gonna have a Twitter coin I don't really care personally it Doesn't really matter to me Um but yeah they might have a Twitter Coin coming out but nevertheless Elon Still is you know I guess I don't know If he's bullish but he's still a fan you Know of cryptocurrencies in some Capacity now let's talk about what this Backwardation means so December Futures Contracts this is what I was talking About in the beginning December Futures contracts are being Priced lower than the current bitcoin Spot price this condition known as Backwardation is relatively atypical for Bitcoin and is indicative of a large Amount of selling activity taking place In the last couple of weeks Futures Backwardation also creates an Arbitrage

Opportunity by buying these contracts Selling spot and profiting from the Difference as they converge by the end Of expiration so why should you care why Is this important well as into the block Points out times where Futures contracts Are in backwardation tend to align with Market bottoms Not calling the bottom here just saying Historically as happened in March of 2022 and may of 2021 a similar Trend can Be observed with highly negative funding Rates is Bitcoin bottoming or is Bitcoin At least having a short-term bottom in The sense that we do rally to that level Around twenty four thousand twenty five Thousand as I had said I do believe that Is a possibility now Talking about Joe Um over here now he's this huge whale Like really big Trader Um actually he did have a bad position Though he did have one position I Remember where he shorted and he got Publicly liquidated for about 20 million Dollars so I'm not saying he's the best Trader of all time but he does have a History of being a big whale Trader okay And he did have a lot of successful Trades I will give him credit where Credit is due he just had one really bad Trade that a lot of people remember so He says I rarely discuss price but the Sentiment is currently bordering on

Ridiculous let me say it straight There's no rational thesis for sub 20K Bitcoin at this point fear fomo ratio Got out of whack on the expectations of Another FTX level Black Swan event Unlikely act rationally he says uh even Oh this guy says even with the Genesis And digital currency at risk he says yes Relatively low probability of uh dcg Going Belly Up is priced in with Subjective probability assigned to it Much higher than rational due due to Fear probabilities are hard for humans I Know and he says right here prediction Bitcoin correlation with equities will Break in the most spectacular way when You least expect it he did this he said This back in July 5th and he said Bitcoin is coupled with stonks in the Same way that it's coupled with Coins there's no rationale behind this Other than trade five Speculator views And these tourists are all but gone Right most of the immediate speculators The get rich quick people they're out of The space right now right and you really The people that are left are the people That genuinely want to be here in fact That was something that I had said on Stage when I was talking was I actually Like everyone right now not that I don't Like you know normally everyone but I Don't mind the bear Market crowd you Know I like the people in the comments

Because the people that are watching These videos you're the you want to be Here you understand the value and the Proposition of the space at this time And so somebody says well does that mean We should buy altcoins and he says one Second guys my bad battery is going to Die let me just quick Swap this out Anyway guys so I think I got to get a New camera or a new battery or something Um so anyway he says yeah do you so are You saying that we should buy all coins Now he says no I'm saying it's time to Forget about coins there is no Reason whatsoever to expect them to Experience another bull market at least Their current crop there are always Idiots who fall for new shiny coin Narratives he says yes grossly over Valued coins like ether Doge Present a hurdle for fast Bitcoin Recovery however there is no rational Connection between Bitcoin and coin Performance there's just a fraudulent Narrative by coin Affinity scammers It's high time this narrative to blow up And man I gotta tell you guys uh this is Something really crazy so you know a lot Of people think I'm a Bitcoin maximalist Um I'm very close to being one I I do Appreciate some coins and in Bull Markets I do speculate on coins and I do Make money on coin I'm sorry I've always Made it very clear on this channel that

My goal is to accumulate as much Bitcoin As I possibly can and ethereum as well But for the most part the rest of them I Could tell you from experience guys in My seven years of being in crypto Almost every single altcoin you know With the exception of a handful I mean I Can literally name maybe five of them That actually survived through multiple Bear markets most of them just go to Zero Um or at least lose over 99 you know at The end of the day and you know look at The ones that were too big to fail Luna And I know it sucks because every cycle There's new people that come in and they Say no you're wrong you're wrong this Altcoin is different this is the one That's going to change it Guys I mean show me one like I'm happy I'm listening I'm not trying to like but Show me which altcoin besides really Ethereum which I don't believe ethereum Is an altcoin um you know you could you Know you can make an exception for some Things like cardano Um yeah I don't know I mean you know as Far as like what they're doing sure but I mean price wise like speculatively Price wise most of them don't recover You know I'm not saying there aren't Teams that are still working on projects But it's very rare that you ever see Those prices recover you know so you

Have to kind of separate the difference Between the project you know the Platform and the token if it's a you Know usually and and really what you Want to look for is layer ones layer Ones are really what you want to look For Um you know that's where most of the Value goes to and obviously we'll talk About all that again as time you know as The time approaches you know in the next Markets I'll we'll walk through it we'll We'll speculate we'll make money you Know we always make money on on some of These coins it's just at the end of the Day you know I mean just look at coin Market cap just just look at it Um but you know time will tell you know You could disagree with me now it's fine I'm okay with it I've had hate in the Comments before just be careful out There guys at the end of the day you Know building that Bitcoin stack Hey Thomas I I like Thomas's Channel he's Pretty cool Um yeah at the end of the day guys um You know Bitcoin and ethereum for me so Um you know the long term at least so That's basically that and uh I just want To point out Titanic crypto he did have A pretty cool chart here and he showed That if you just simply follow this uh Trend lines that you start from the Bottom it usually peeks out on the next

Run here and it's actually worked every Single time including the recent rally Which is pretty crazy so just to put it In perspective you know you have Bitcoin Sitting at around 17 right now that puts Bitcoin at around 170 000 which makes Sense because if you think about it you Know we went from 20 or like excuse me We went from a thousand to twenty right So I was a 20x then we went from 20 to 70 right so that wasn't as much and then Going from 70 to 1 to 170 makes sense Because now it's it's you know it's 70 Times 2 would be 140. so you are getting Those diminishing returns and you know At this point that's a 10x now I know That a 10x doesn't seem like a lot to You right like oh a 10x isn't going to Make me Rich well okay okay maybe not Like in the next cycle but it still Shows that Bitcoin continues Logarithmically over time and I don't Think like I mean do you guys really Think the FED is not going to Pivot do You really like how long we've gone over How long traditional recessions last Right I did that whole thing with Altcoin daily you guys watch that video If you didn't see it go back and watch My video Just Google altcoin daily Crypto zombie watch the video that I did You know why would this be any different I mean the 1930s were some of the it was Like basically the worst depression

Recession of the entire US history I Don't think we're gonna get that now I Just don't think it's gonna happen I Think we move faster I think the fed's Going to find themselves in a position And they're going to have to Pivot and You know I came over here to this uh Priced in bitcoin21.com it's a pretty Cool website and it basically Prices different Commodities and goods In Bitcoin you know over the past few Years and you know you could see that Yeah maybe short term you know some Things are doing well but like long term You know this column right here you can See that everything eventually ends up Dropping currency wise forget about it You know oil Um you know gold actually so this is Actually kind of interesting gold 14 Over the past five years but three years Ago was down 45 percent so I mean Obviously we know the cycles that Bitcoin goes in it's actually pretty Cool you can go over to parity right Here too and it shows you like how close Bitcoin is to the market cap of silver The fed's vet balance sheet it's just Pretty cool Um so yeah bitcoin's got to catch back Up to Silver I do think we'll end up uh Getting to that point but that's it for Me today guys I think that's enough this Is probably my longest video ever some

Of it was a rant some of it was me Talking about stuff but it's been a week You know so I missed you guys and um I Won't take up any more of your precious Time thank you so much again for Subscribing tomorrow we're going to get Into a lot more Nitty Gritty details I Just had a lot I wanted to cover today There's a lot of things happening I do Believe there are a lot of opportunities Still for trading and you know we were Looking at you know a potentially higher Price by the end of the year obviously We only have about 25 days until the end Of the year so you know are we going to Hit some of these crazy levels well we Might have had a chance because I mean If you have a look at what we were doing Here on the S P you know the s p has had Its nice rally back up to its you know Uh you know descending broadening Channel top Bitcoin however let's be Honest we got hit with Celsius and Voyager Luna FTX you know it's just it Was so many things on top of each other You know you could not have expected it But you do have to wonder you do have to Wonder is this a double bottom and are People just freaking out right now let Me know what you guys think let me know Are you bullish are you bearish are you Selling are you buying are you panicking Do you not care let me know what you Think I am back I'm feeling better guys

Expect me everywhere make sure that you Guys also I don't know if you can see This on your mobile but right here above Me you can actually follow me I have um You know Twitter I have I just started Using more Tick Tock and I will start Using Instagram although I don't really Know who uses Instagram but if you guys Are interested that's a place you can Also check me out so thank you so much For coming back to the channel you guys Rocky the reason that I make these Videos my name's kdub this is crypto Zombie next time this video will not be As long I love you get subscribed we got Massive content coming out and lots of Opportunities for making money I told You guys that we were getting way too Bearish and we literally missed our Target by like 30 bucks or 60 bucks Literally and I still think we're gonna Hit it at around 17.5 with the next at Around 18-2 with a possible ultimate Target of 24 000 before we need to Reassess the charts again so if you are Interested in learning how to trade There's like literally now fifty six Thousand dollars worth of bonuses Below In the description and if you want to Get a ledger Nano s check that out and Check out the trading tutorial and make Sure you get subscribed follow me I love You you guys are awesome until next time Stay crypto and of course peace out

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